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Anal squamous cell cancer

14 Apr 2018 09:02 in response to Lyndylou67
Hiya Lynne, they have given me stuff automatically, my first lot of Diprobase was given to me by the lad who does my radiotherapy, then on Monday last they had automatically booked me to chat to the skin care nurse she gave me more Diprobase, the potty and organised my morphine gell. They have to prepare that so it takes 3 days, then when I went for radiotherapy on Wednesday they had it ready for me. Then on Thursday I'd got an appointment booked with the fem care nurse, again done automatically.. I can't believe it's almost over, I know things can start getting a bit worse from now on, but I just take one day at a time. You will soon be where I am now, good luck, I will be thinking of you. Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

14 Apr 2018 17:15 in response to Suzym
Hi Sue, Don’t let it worry you too much about it getting worse before it gets better, it really all depends on how your skin is now. My Radiographers told me that they tell people this as standard as if their skin hasn’t broken meaning it can get worse when it does. Mine however had already broken so never really noticed it getting worse after it finishes but what I will tell you is that when you hit that special day and turn the corner your skin heals up really quickly. It’s amazing how quickly it regenerates but what I wasn’t prepared for is how tight the new skin felt as keep applying tons of cream as soon as you can! I am just over a month post treatment and have been managed to do a bit of weeding in the garden today so things do get better!!! My thoughts are with you all Best wishes

Anal squamous cell cancer

14 Apr 2018 23:33 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi lynne

great to meet you the other day I m not on here much at the moment but have been thinking of you , what time are you having your pic line in on Monday? I ve been up there every day visiting text me if you want to meet up for coffee in Macmillan love Gilliebean x

Anal squamous cell cancer

14 Apr 2018 23:48 in response to gilliebean

Hi everyone 

have been thinking about you all and hope that you are all coping in your various stages ,I m getting stronger everyday but it does take it's toll! If anyone gets the acid reflux ,I have found purely by accident really that a protein shake works ,I take lansoprazole when I wake up and wait at least half hour ,then have a Cambridge shake ,chocolate works for me but not with laxative as they do several !  I add twice the ammount of water and blend it then sit and drink it slowly I wait at least half an hour before I have a cup of tea and then just be sensible with the eating tomatoes seemed to be setting it off so I m leaving them our for now ,I don't eat meat and I would advise not to have cheese as it's a strong flavour . I seem to be good for the rest of the day and take Gaviscon before bed. One day I did a test and didn't have the shake and it came back!  Obviously the shake is not for dieting I had them in the cupboard as I use them when I am away so that I know I m getting all the necessary vitamins. I swear there is something in them that settles or lines the stomach ,I was suffering so much and tried one to see if I could keep it down as I was bringing every thing up and couldn't believe it when it worked!  Maybe if you don't try that one you could try another make it has to be worth a go!  Hope it works for someone else! Anyway I have some family issues just now with a sick relative so that's why I ve been quiiet unfortunately it's the dreaded cancer again! So am up the hospital most days .love to you all and best of luck to you Lynne for Tuesday call me if you need me!  Love Gilliebean x

Anal squamous cell cancer

15 Apr 2018 10:01 in response to gilliebean
Hi gilliebean, good to hear from you....sorry to hear you had been having problems with acid reflux and have a poorly family member. I wish them well. Hopefully you reflux will sort itself out soon. I haven’t had this problem at all. I seem to have got away with side skin broke down badly by week 5 but this thankfully has all healed. I am getting stronger each day and not feeling so tired ....even did some gardening yesterday. I hope everyone is managing well with their treatments and side effects they may be encountering. I think of you all’s been such a wonderful little group to keep in touch with. Although I don’t post that much I read messages as they come in and it’s comforting to know your not alone. Lots of love Mandy. xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

15 Apr 2018 10:39 in response to L27
Hiya, It's Sunday morning, tomorrow is the start of week 5, I'm in a bit of pain this morning with a sore bottom, so slapping on the morphine gell. See how it goes as the day goes on. Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

16 Apr 2018 11:43 in response to Suzym

Hi Sue,

Just saw your last post, I hope the morphine gel helped. I’ve been thinking of you this morning and wishing you well for this week. Take care, lots of love Lisa xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

16 Apr 2018 11:46 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne,

Just a quick message to say good luck, been thinking about you today. Today is the first step to recovery and beating this thing. We’re here for you! Keep us posted.

Sounds like you had a lovely last day of work and had some very thoughtful gifts. You’re obviously highly thought of. 

Lots of love 

Lisa xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

16 Apr 2018 12:41 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa

thank you have butterflies the size of elephants! Just getting ready now.  Will let you know how my first week goes,already have slapped on the calendula cream I was given.

well here goes....eeek!

Lynne xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

16 Apr 2018 18:58 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lisa,

Thinking of you.  Hoping it's smooth sailing this week.

Big Hug,  Sheri XX

Anal squamous cell cancer

16 Apr 2018 19:12 in response to Lyndylou67

Wishing you all the best Lynne - sooner you’re started sooner your finished - take care xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

17 Apr 2018 03:11 in response to lisa1975
Hi Lisa, Wishing you all the best, I hope your treatment goes as well as mine, I've 4 days of chemo left and 7 sessions of radio, except for first thing in the morning for a couple of hours no real pain after that. Keep slapping on the cream and bathing your bottom. Thinking of you, Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

19 Apr 2018 11:32 in response to Suzym

How is everyone?

I'm feeling miserable today! Just received a curt letter from Payroll saying that my full pay ceased on the 13th April and my half pay will cease on the 13th June.

The last thing I need right now is money worries and now it means I’ll possibly be returning to work way before I am ready and well enough! Not happy!

Trouble is, I know at some point I will be having further treatment for this liver secondary, but I don’t have a clue, how long off that is, what they’ll do and how long i’ll need to recover after that!?!  Just fed up.

Lisa xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

19 Apr 2018 11:47 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa

Thats not so good last think you want to worry about. I know they’ll say oh it’s standard letters but really a wee belter t of compassion and common sense should be used. At the Maggies I go to there are benefit advisors who help you see if you are entitled to any benefits while you are unable to work - I think MacMillan offer a similiar service it is definitely worth checking out and one man I know gets a work pension  but was also entitled to a benefit - can’t remember the name of it - do you have any of those services near you? 

I think they make it really difficult to put people off so if you can get help I’d try.

How are you doing apart from that?

Ive had a rubbish week too - I’d b en getting wee floaters in my eye for the last few weeks and kept getting it checked and told they’d go away but on Tuesday my optician had a more detailed look and sent me straight to the eye hospital where they found two wee tears in my retina so had to get it lasered there and then! 

Honestly if it’s not one thing it’s another so Iwas  feeling pretty sorry for myself :-(( but then I remember that my treatment is over and I’m in remission so gave myself a shake and getting on with it lol!

you take care and see if you can get any advice

Sands xx



Anal squamous cell cancer

19 Apr 2018 12:10 in response to lisa1975
Oh Dear! poor you ...try not to worry too much as I am sure there is some kind of benefit that hasn't been mentioned yet. Do ask! As you say you don't know how you will be feeling or when you want to return to work so its best to try and get everything covered while you can....wishing you all the best and speedy recovery. Mandy x