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4 Apr 2018 09:15 in response to Suzym

Hi sue,

you sound my kinda gal! Never a truer word spoken. Laugh lots, stay positive and keep busy.....looking forward to the better weather when it arrives! This will uplift spirits...thinking of you bum buddies always..Mandy xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 Apr 2018 03:14 in response to Suzym

Hi Suzy,

I didn't receive a notification of any activity on this site until today.  I've been thinking about everyone and wondering how everyone was feeling.  I thought it was quiet due to the holiday.  I'm sorry to hear that you have been having a bad week.  My diarrhea got so bad during treatment that I had to be hospitalized, but I never had much of a warning (no stomach cramps) until it was happening.  Gross and embarrassing!  I keep a chair by the toilet so I can lay across it if I have one of those bad days.  I also found it helpful to hold a pillow when I was so sick.  My tummy never cramped until AFTER treatment.  Now I'm getting terrible tummy aches.  I still blame one of the chemo nurses for pointing the radiation equipment too high, but of course the doc says "no way".  I saw a Gastro doc a couple of weeks ago and hope to have some answers tomorrow.  I'm 6 months post treatment and it's gone on way too long.  My docs kept referring me to each other not knowing what to do.  

That's a long time to deal with mouth sores.  And a long time to be at an appointment.  It hurts to sit on our bums.  They shouldn't keep us waiting!  Monday's were always a long wait with new patients coming in.  I try not to schedule on a Monday now. 

It is scary (I'm still scared because I expected to feel better than I do).  But the docs really took care of me during treatment and I'm sure they will take good care of you.  The blood tests are super important.  I think if I had followed their suggestions I would not have had such a hard time with it.  I was too ill to sit through a 2 hour orientation so they gave me the binder instead.  I was too sick to read the binder until I was almost through with treatment.  They suggest eating 5 small meals throughout the day.  It's hard to get into that mind set.  Don't worry.  The docs will monitor you closely.  

It would be so fun for you guys to come to Texas!  Of course my dream is to come your way.  Let's do both!

Big hug, Sheri


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5 Apr 2018 03:30 in response to Mandydk

Hi Mandy,

I didn't know about the warm water trick.  My radiology oncologists suggested a Squatty Potty.  I actually spent a lot of money on one and can't position my self correctly on it.  So I squat on the potty seat.  He said it puts your body in a position for easy elimination.  I don't weigh much so I don't think I can hurt the potty seat.

And my medical oncologist said to take stool softeners with the pain meds.  Normally one would not take them on a regular basis, but I am not going to worry about it.  It's really painful if the stool is not soft and super painful and causes other problems if I get constipated.  Such fun things to talk about.  

The exhaustion comes and goes for me.  I can make it a couple of hours and then it hits if I am out and about or cleaning the house.  But I'm okay after I rest a bit.  I don't think that has changed for me.  I believe it's always been like that since treatment started.  But I'm probably not your typical case.  I think Sandy was healthier going in and didn't struggle as much (or just isn't a whiner like me). 

May is right around the corner.  It won't be too long before you will have your results. 

Thank you for your encouragement.  Big hug, Sheri

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5 Apr 2018 03:31 in response to Mandydk


Anal squamous cell cancer

5 Apr 2018 03:33 in response to SandsJ

What fun!  Yahoo!

Anal squamous cell cancer

5 Apr 2018 09:17 in response to texasgirl

Hi Sheri, I haven't  been getting all the notifications either so every now and again I just log in and check.

I do feel for you, you seem to have suffered the most I think. I find it so frustrating that things are not getting better more quickly, sometimes it's as tho  the Drs are not sure what they are dealing with.

I've actually only had two days of diahorrea,  other times I've found my body is saying it wants a poo but I have to sit there for about 15 minutes till I feel it' safe to get up. And that's when I get cramps too. The trouble is I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be feeling.

Always thinking of you and looking forward to meeting you all  one day in the not too distant future.

Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

6 Apr 2018 05:06 in response to Suzym

Hi Suzy,

I think we all have had a rough road (including you), but it feels so much better when there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  My bathroom has become my most frequented room and I'm afraid to go out and about because I've had some unfortunate incidences in public.  At home I get my hands washed and out the door and a few minutes later have to start again.  

I realized today that I have been saying things out in the open here when I could have taken a more discreet aproach.  I hope I haven't embarrassed anyone.

Are any of you ladies having tummy issues?  I had tummy issues during treatment but not tummy aches.  The tummy aches (intestine area) started after treatment.  I saw my surgeon today and she thinks it might be from the pain meds.  I cut back on the amount a couple of months ago (mostly because they keep me awake at night).  They don't completely knock out the pain, but I can't imagine going without them.  So I'm fretting over that because the tummy aches are almost intolerable.  Will have another PET scan and CT scan as soon as the insurance will cover it just to make sure nothing was overlooked or came back.  It's been 6 months so they should approve it. 

Mandy, I found out today that there isn't a blockage like I thought.  The radiation can cause the area to atrophy which makes it feel like there is blockage.  Physical therapy can help, but the doc wants me to get stronger before attempting it.  I can't imagine it being so phycially demanding that I couldn't tackle it now.   I'm almost afraid to find out what it's all about.

I'm rocking my new Nancy Reagan hair cut.  Not at all what I hoped for (I was hoping for more of a Twiggy look) but it's the best we could do with what was left of my hair and it's definitely better than no hair.  The oncologist said that most people do not loose their hair with this treatment.  His physician assistant said that I would loose my hair.  It did not come out in plugs like some of the ladies I've seen in the waiting room.  It kept getting thinner and thinner and thinner until I just had a super thin, whispy layer over super short hair that was left or new growth.  I wonder why it didn't completely fall out.  The chemo nurse said my hair loss was due to malnutrition.  I slowly cut it shorter and shorter and now there's nothing left to cut.  I'm thinking of maybe putting a couple of pale pink highlights in it so as not to be mistaken for Nancy Reagan's sister.  

This is my third or fourth attempt at posting.  I keep going back to other pages to search for the latest joining and then I loose my post.  duh!

It is so fun to think about meeting alll of you.  Something to dream about.

Big hug, Sheri

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6 Apr 2018 05:23 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne,  I agree that it helps to stay busy if you are feeling up to it.  It makes the weeks go by faster.  It seems to take forever to get to the next step or to get to day 1 of treatment.  

Lisa, I'm saddened to hear that you will have additional treatment to go through.  I have found the doctors and nurses to be amazing.  There will be some scary times, but they know exactly what to do.  You will remain in my thoughts.

Just wanted you ladies to know that I'm thinking of you.

Sheri xx


Anal squamous cell cancer

6 Apr 2018 07:57 in response to texasgirl
Hi Sheri My potty wasn’t expensive it was a flatter version of a trug from a garden centre for works wonderfully for me. I didn’t or haven’t needed to spend ages on the toilet so just sit in the warm water when I feel I need to go and work wonderful for me. Mainly I think it has eased the pain when going but also keeps me clean without too much wiping which is still extremely tender. I didn’t think tiredness would effect me but I feel doing too much takes its toil. It sounds like too much and your body will tell you. Please go easy on yourself. You have been through a lot and giving your body time to recoup will pay off in the long run. I think you are doing well and don’t be too hard on yourself, I think you are doing well. Give yourself a big pat on the back! I am sure things will get better for you...maybe slowly but you’ll get there...thinking of you always xx

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6 Apr 2018 11:12 in response to Mandydk

Hi Girls


Thanks for for the helpful tips re pooing! I too spend all my time worrying when is it going to happen and how bad will it be when it does and I haven’t had treatment yet! Will invest in a squatty botty. Talking about our bots is something I’d I  thought that would happen but I guess it’s the nature of the beast.

Have just had an ultrasound scan on my thyroid and there is another lump! They took a biopsy there and then, nice needle in the neck! I will get the results a week Monday. Dr said that hopefully it’s benign as they generally are but even if it is cancer it can be treated, another wait!

i keep hoping that I might wake up from this nightmare at some point.

feeling sorry for oneself.

take care all xx

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6 Apr 2018 11:19 in response to SandsJ

Hi Sands


im in Portsmouth and as far as I know my chemo will be liquid but administered first inthe hospital then a pump at home. I think the hospital has a support group, they have large Macmillan centre there which has been useful. I tend to rely on this little group and although different cancers 2 friends have been on the train to Cancer Central and they have helped me.

Sorry Sands are you officially in remission yet, sometimes I can keep up with all the posts!


take care Lynne.xx

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6 Apr 2018 14:21 in response to Lyndylou67

Hello girlies,  How we all doing?  I've not been on here lately as dealing with a poorly Mother.  My treatment is finished and I have had CT and MRI scans and so far all is well.  I have been discharged from Northampton Hospital and referred back to Leicester for consultaion and examination under anathestic.  (Oh the joys). I asked if I was cancer free but was told that you have to be clear for five years before they tell you that.  Love to all you bottom warriors and keep your spirits up. Jane xx

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6 Apr 2018 19:53 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lindylou

i also like you had thyroid lump found from pet scan , had the needle in the  neck to take the cells and then they had me in within 2 weeks and took half the thyroid totally unrelated to the other cancer, strange you have the same! I have finished treatment but still go back every week for picc flush as I still have mine in. Good luck for your treatment I live near you if you want to meet up have pm you love Gilliebean x

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6 Apr 2018 21:24 in response to gilliebean

Hi Gilliebean

where about are you?

yes that is strange about thr thyroid. I was told that if it is cancer they would wait for my bum to be treated first before they did anything, they said they are slow growers.

Lynne xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

6 Apr 2018 22:07 in response to Lyndylou67

Thank you, Mandy for the encouragin words.

Lyndy, I would send you this squatty potty but it would probably cost as much as the potty cost to mail it to you  It's sitting in my closet waiting for me to find someone that could use it.   I'll try to check with the Post Office on Monday.  You live in Wales, correct?


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6 Apr 2018 22:37 in response to texasgirl

Hi ladies, I haven’t posted for a few weeks as I ended up being admitted to hospital. Unfortunately week 5 chemo really didn’t agree with me and my sickness/ vomiting became hard to control. As I couldn’t hold down any medication at all I had to have them administered by iv drips and drivers. The other issue was I couldn’t keep the glasses of water down before radiotherapy sessions so I needed help as otherwise I would have missed sessions and would have them tagged into the end and I certainly didn’t want that as I had my end date engraved in my mind. I am now 2 weeks post treatment and came home today. Although things got really tough at times and there were many tears I want to tell you all it is possible to do this. The area of burns surprised me as my “front bits” were affected far more than I could ever have imagined. When my skin was so sore I felt like there was no end in sight but as we are all told around 10/14 days after treatment finishes the skin begins to heal and boy it does it quickly!! There is now no more pain having a wee!!! My BM aren’t painful as such but I have a horrible “need to go” sensation all the time. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was another batch of piles, that’s what started this journey off in the first place with a pile removal. I was on plenty of pain killers to make things manageable, it’s important that you ask if you need something else, don’t suffer. I also had a portable bidet - well two actually and as I have said before they were the greatest purchase to allow me some relief. So much so, I even refused to be admitted unless my bidets could come!!!!

Another thing that I wasn’t prepared for was being given a pack of dilators, these must be used 3 times a week for 3 years to try to stop my lady bits from closing up or shrinking to the degree that it would be “out of action”. I got upset when I was given these as I just thought this journey would be ongoing more than I thought. 

Glad to be able to read you are all getting on ok Best wishes

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7 Apr 2018 08:43 in response to L27

Hi ladies,

Wow what an amazing group of strong, supportive and  brave women. I am so glad I found this forum.

I had my 9th radio yesterday, so far I am just worn out, my bloods were low before I started any treatment, so with chemo, radio, typical ‘bum’ blood loss and then a heavy period on top, I wonder if I’m more tired than I should be? I sit waiting for radio and see people coming for their appts in work attire, or just looking good, hair done make up on and I’m sat there feeling and looking like **** wondering how they’re doing it? Hahaha

I had a bad morning on Wednesday, sat eating my breakfast, suddenly thought, oh, I need the loo.... did not make it, (sorry if too graphic) sudden diarrhoea, ended up standing in the shower and stripping off, was gross and the panic then that this could happen if I was out! (Horror!)

I told my consultant and he’s given me meds, but was concerned that he didn’t want me to go the opposite and get constipated as that would be worse, he said keep to a bland diet, so far since that Wed morn, although I’m loose, I’ve had no accidents! Phew

The extra toileting over the last few days has given me a sore bottom, amazing how even the softest toilet roll is like sandpaper when you’re a bit tender! Already got my bidet, so may start to use that. And keeping slathering the cream on. 

So glad of 2 days off from the hospital. My consultant said that week 3 is the easiest week... anyone agree/disagree?  He said, chemo is out of your system and radio is not bad that week. We’ll see.

L27, you sound like you’ve really had a tough time, glad you’re home and doing well, congratulations for getting through.

Everyone else on here, have a lovely weekend, whatever you are doing.

lots of love to all

Lisa xxxx

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7 Apr 2018 09:42 in response to lisa1975

Thank you Lisa, it has been tough but it was “doable” and very emotional when I got to ring the end of treatment bell. I have met a friend for life where I was treated, as someone was having exactly the same treatment and it was found in the same way so have shared our experience together. I agree about seeing others in work attire etc, as I was saying goodbye to people at radiotherapy yesterday I saw a lady in work uniform and thought ****** hell- how are they still working. I suppose it affects us all differently Fool look on the journey everybody- you will do this. Keep supporting each other and keep strong Best wishes

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7 Apr 2018 09:57 in response to texasgirl

Hi Sheri

fhank you for the offer but I think it will be too expensive to send. Also I going to buy a portable bidet at the same time so don’t worry, but thanks anyway.

Lynne xx

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7 Apr 2018 10:03 in response to L27

hi L27

Oh my poor you sounds like a really rough time, hopefully you have now turned a corner!

i have heard of the vaginal dilators, they were mentioned in my info pack the hospital  gave me. Sound awful but I guess another thing that has to done. Not been offered  them yet but I m stil, pre-treatment a the moment.

take care

Lynne xx

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7 Apr 2018 10:20 in response to Janelucia

Hi Janelucia

great to hear from you and that’s good news. Sorry your mum is poorly hope she’s in the mend soon and hopefully ou can concentrate on getting your life back to “normal”

take care Sandra x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 10:27 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne

take all the support you can from whoever loo

six weeks after my treatment finished I had an examination and my consultant says the tumour was gone but that I would get an MRI after 3 Months which I had in Feb and got told on the 8th March that it was clear it was as only when I then asked about what to say for travel insurance purposes that the doctor says yes you can say you are in remission / I’ve to get three monthly check ups for a year then if all good it’ll go to 6 monthly and I think they said that would be for three years!

so I’m just trying to get back to “normal” and builf my fitness up as i still get really tired.

i hope you get on okay with your treatment and know there is light at the end if it all 

take care and keep in touch


sands x


Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 10:38 in response to L27

Hi L27 (sorry don’t know your name)

what a rough time you have had you’ll be glad that the treatment is over although to be honest I found the few weeks after if finished really tough. But you get there.

i had the most amazing specialist nurse who gave me the “sex talk” and the wee bag of dilators I was mortified but we did have a good giggle when she said that if you are having sex twice a week you wouldn’t need to use them well the state my lady bits were in that wasn’t happening Lol! 

however like you about two weeks post treatment I really felt I turned a corner and everything started to heal up and I had morphine gel and oral morphine which definitely helped I was told with everything you’re going through you needed to tell them if you were in Pain as that could be managed.

i hope you continue to feel better and get you’re strength built up.

take care Sands x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 10:46 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa

glad you found us it’s an amazing wee support group!

my treatment was slightly different as I had one intravenous chemo on day one followed by twice daily chemo tablets along with the 28 radiotherapy treatments -and I was lucky as the chemo didn’t affect me too badly - by week three / four it was the tiredness for me and the skin breaking down but with good pain meds , lots of cream and I used swabs rather than look paper you can get through it. Be kind to yourself take all the help and support offered by friends and family and sleep as much as you can.

So agree about other people looking fabulous and I was walking in like John Wayne without his horse took me all my energy to wash my hair never mind any make up lol however thats me coming up 6 months post treatment and if you’d told me back then that I’d be back to going on holiday and living my life normally I wouldn’t have believed you.

i still sometimes get the desperate need to go but it’s got better I always just make sure I know where the loos are where ever I am.

take care and ask any questions one of us will hopefully be able to answer.

Sands xx

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7 Apr 2018 15:35 in response to SandsJ

Can I ask any of you get a really itchy bottom x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 15:59 in response to Janelucia

Oh yes I did :-() 

the nurse gave me a really good cream I’ll try and get the name for you x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 17:09 in response to Janelucia

Hi Janelucia 

I was so pleased to see you back on here as I d been worried about you, yes my Goodness itchy bum drives me crackers!  Sorry to hear your mum not been well. Hope you are feeling better now as the last thing you said were you were suffering with the burns after! Yes me too the worst time! But come through that now. Glad you re ok apart from the itchy bum of course love Gilliebean x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 17:17 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne 

have sent you a friend request on here if you want to meet up I m in Pompey too can't do Wednesdays as I m normaly at hospital having picc flushed. Unless you happen to be up there on a wed! I ve got some bits you may find useful ie picc line waterproof cover for shower I only used it once I just used to hold my arm out the way you are welcome to it and a cushion with a ring in it!  If you want them . Send me a pm and we can go from there if you want love Gilliebean x


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7 Apr 2018 17:24 in response to Janelucia
Hi Janelucia, yes I've got a really itchy bum! I'm day 15 of radiotherapy, burns not too bad at moment, it's more painful to poo plus the itchy bum. At the moment I'm only using Diprobase cream, but I'm going to need something stronger soon I think. Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 17:42 in response to SandsJ

That would be so good.  When it itches I always worry its the cancer coming back

Anal squamous cell cancer

7 Apr 2018 17:49 in response to Janelucia

Hi JaneLucia the cream was called Aqueous Cream BP and also Intrasite gel think it was morphine based - I’m the same every little twinge and I’m worried hopefully in time this will pass xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 06:46 in response to SandsJ

Okay ladies.....all of this dilator talk has me worried that it's going to happen or has happened with the/my bum as well.  I saw one of my docs a few days ago.  Continued good news as she did not feel any tumor (only scar tissue) and said there was no longer blockage.  I was surprised and asked why it feels like it's blocked (among other signs that it could be) and she said that the radiation continues to burn for months and months and causes it to atrophy.  I asked if there was anything that could be done about dashing to the potty or not making it to the potty.  She explained that everything we eat goes around and around and eventually stops in the rectum which is the area where it stays until one has the urge and can get to the potty.  So it burns the area that allows one to have control of when to go, but it also causes the area to atrophy which makes it hard to go when your body is telling you it's time.  There is physical therapy that helps with the control issue (she will not order it until I get stronger).   Has anyone dealt with this or had a discussion with a nurse or doc?  I'm hoping that since things are going through there on a regular basis that it won't get worse (smaller or close!!!).  What do you ladies think?

No one offered me any vaginal dilators.   I'm going to tell myself that they thought I wasn't well enough to be interested.   : 0  )

x Sheri


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8 Apr 2018 06:47 in response to texasgirl

Glad you are feeling better and have the worse behind you, Janelucia.  We were worried about you.

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 07:38 in response to texasgirl

Like you Sheri nobody’s mentioned a dilator to me before treatment or after. I haven’t had my appointment with the Dr after treatment yet but maybe it’s something that will be brought up. Regarding the blockage you feel and worry isn’t as large as before the tumour...this is exactly how I feel. Since treatment it feels smaller but it’s very tender and guess it’s inflamed outside and inside so hoping this is the reason. Everything you say does I guess makes sense from your recent meeting so fingers crossed this is the case. The idea of it all closing up is a worry though. I remember when l had my first PET scan and a lady was in the adjoining cubicle wiating to have a scan after some radiotherapy treatment and was relying the problems viewing clarity of the area that the tumour was in after treatment because of the scar tissue the radiotherapy had it makes sense but still a bit of a worry I know. Are you or any of the girls on the site on one of the trials at the hospital? I agreed to complete forms before, during, after etc? x Mandy

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 08:00 in response to Mandydk
Morning girls, In regards to the dilators they automatically booked me an appointment with the "fen care chat" nurse for Thursday this week coming, so I'm guessing that's about the dialator thingy... but I'm sure I read that you use them a couple of weeks after treatment finishes when things stop being so sore. I haven't been asked if I want to join a trial. Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 08:06 in response to lisa1975

Hiya Lisa,

Are you ok? You haven' posted for a while. Are you finding the treatment hard going?

Sue x

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 11:06 in response to Suzym

Hiya Sue,

Thanks for your message, I’m doing OK. How are you? 

Completed week 2, my bottom is a little sore and very itchy, began using the bidet yesterday and it was bliss! Then slathered myself in cream!

Lots of chat on here about dilators, I was told before treatment that once radio is over, I’d have an appointment to discuss their use. To re-stretch the vagina and enable future intercourse. The way I feel at the moment, not sure I want anyone near my nether regions ever again hahaha

Last day of my anti fungal tabs today but don’t feel like the thrush in my mouth has fully gone, my nose is sore and always bloody inside. Anyone else have that?

lots of love

Lisa xxxx



Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 11:36 in response to lisa1975
Hiya Lisa, Glad your doing not too bad, I've just finished week 3 and am the same as you, my bottom is sore occasionally not all the time, and very itchy. I'm only using Diprobase cream at the moment and the occasional ibuprofen. Tiredness not too bad, the journey to the hospital causes a lot of that and I can have a room in the hostel but to be honest while I feel well enough to do the journey I don't want to stay. I too had a really sore mouth and just managed with a mouthwash and I've had the nose thing too. Not looking forward to the next lot of chemo which is a week tomorrow.....might need the hostel then. I don't have a sex life at the moment lol, and I don't particularly want one either lol. I do have a fem care chat next week tho. We are getting there Lisa slowly but surely. Sue xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 12:13 in response to Suzym

Hi girls

All this sex talk on a Sunday made me giggle!

i was told that the dilators were not only to help with the sexy stuff but also for when getting a smear or internals - aren’t us girls just so look all the things we have to endure!!

with regards to my bott I did ask about it “closing g up” but they said that as you are stull pooping that’s enough to keep it flexible - I still have that feeling that there’s Something there although ive been assured the tumour is gone but I have a few skin tags / I suppose we will always worry.

It’s stopped raining here at last so think might venture into the garde today

hugs to you all

Sands xx

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8 Apr 2018 12:37 in response to Suzym

Hi Sue, it’s nice to have someone at roughly the same point in treatment, yes I must admit, I too am dreading chemo week again! but we can do it!

You do have quite a drive! How long does it take you? My journey is from Holywell to Clatterbridge so usually takes about 40 mins, so all in all it can be up to 3 hours a day! My husband always takes me as we went for late appointments (5.45pm) to enable him to still work and be there for me, my family live on the Wirral and my mum and sister have come up most days to keep me company and help out. Their support has been amazing. 

Keep strong

Lisa xxxx

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8 Apr 2018 12:44 in response to SandsJ

Hi Sands,

I hadn’t even thought about my bum closing up, haha, but that makes sense and that I suppose yes, if it’s still working then it’s being stretched.

I think it must be really hard once treatment is finished to believe that it’s gone! And to have to just rely on others to reassure you.

Enjoy your garden whilst its dry!

Lisa xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 12:53 in response to lisa1975
Hiya Lisa, it takes us about 45 minutes each way (depending on traffic), it's straight down the A55 so it's not a bad run really. They didn't ask me what times I prefer so they are all over the place., and if I have other appointments as well it can sometimes be a long day. Well I'm off now to meet my friend for afternoon tea! Sounds posh doesn't it? ain't lol it's at the garden centre!!! Sue xx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 12:53 in response to L27

Thanks L27,

I bet ringing that bell was incredible! The day I was at my planning apppintment, I heard a bell ring in the distance and I filled up, was so emotional! 

Its good to hear from people have got through it, I think it is a very tough, intense treatment and odd in that I felt really well with cancer. You’ve had an extra tough time but how lovely to meet someone going through the same as you, yes that experience will certainly give you a friend for life! 

Question for you, how was your first week of chemo? Where you really unwell then too? Or was it just the second cycle that your body reacted to?

take care, 

Lisa xx

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8 Apr 2018 12:54 in response to Suzym

Ooh enjoy!! Xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 12:57 in response to Lyndylou67

Hi Lynne,

A bidet is a must, get one in preparation, I began using mine yesterday and it was very soothing.... 

How are you doing? 

Lisa xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 14:19 in response to lisa1975
Hi Lisa, I also had treatment at Clatterbridge. I would have been there at the same time as you on Thursday just gone. I was still staying in hospital and I came down to congratulate a friend I met during this journey have her last session and to be there to ring the bell!!! I was at Laurel at the time you would have been there- small world!! Best wishes xxxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 14:28 in response to L27

Oh wow, that’s amazing, yes a very small world! 

The staff there are fab, mind you I’ve found everyone there to be brilliant. 

Best wishes xxxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 14:29 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa 

The first round of chemo made me sick physically on the Wednesday night but went into triage Thursday morning and had an injection in the tummy and got stronger anti sickness tablets and off I went, I was ok then and had no more problems....however week 5 I was sick from the Monday evening. I think it may have been that I wasn’t given 4 steroid tablets when bottle was attached like I did on week one. Had same injection etc and other things but sickness didn’t stop, so much that I was actually sick numerous times after drinking my water before treatment. The poor student always ended up dealing with me and my little sick bowls. I guess my body was just stronger during cycle one than week 5. 

Wishing you all the best xxx

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 14:32 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa, 

Have you been over to Maggie’s, they are amazing over there also. Do you recall us being there on Thursday? 

Anal squamous cell cancer

8 Apr 2018 16:33 in response to lisa1975

Hi Lisa

im ok just getting every ready for when treatment starts, I’ve really benefitted from being in this group as I have managed to pick up lots of hints and tips for the others who have or are going through treatment. I’ve only a week to go. Although apprenhensive I just want to get started.

Hope you are feeling a bit better.

take care Lynne.xx