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AML - consolidation chemotherapy

19 May 2017 12:23


My fiance has been diagnosed with AML in February. He went through 2 cycles of induction chemo. Now in remission and with good bllod results. So he was advised to go through consoliditation chemotherapy. Initially made decsion that he wants to do this asa soon as possible. Then his friend contacted him with his friend who was supposed to help with his diet and everything has changed. My fiance was advised by this person that as he is in remission he should not go through this 3rd chemo and instead he should change his diet compeltely (for life) and this will stop cancer coming back. The person my fiance spoke to told him as well that consolidation chemo is so toxic that si causing organ failures... I was gobsmacked how anybody can mess up with cancer patient head so much. and how irresponsible it is. Now my fiance has second thought about this chemo. Is anybody here who could share thoughts and experience about consolidation chemotherapy, especially in leukaemia case?

Re: AML - consolidation chemotherapy

22 May 2017 14:28 in response to Bee_Za

Hi Bee_Za

Thanks for posting. I am sorry to read about what has been going on.

Firstly it is important for me to say that your fiancé needs to speak to his medical team as soon as possible about what he is considering.

The main evidenced based treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) is chemotherapy. There are two phases to this treatment the induction phase (getting rid of the AML cancer cells) and then the consolidation phase (stopping the AML from coming back). This treatment has been shown to work through extensive research and clinical trials.

Diet alone does not treat AML effectively and should not be used as alternative to conventional treatment.

If there was the evidence for using diet the medical team would be using this as a standard treatment but they are not.

You can read more about treating AML on our website here, or on Bloodwise here. We also have information on the possible side effects that you can experience from these treatments which you also asked about in your post.

I hope this has been helpful, and you are able to get your fiancé to speak to his medical team as soon as possible. If you or your fiancé would like to speak to a nurse you can give us a call on 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Best wishes,