Together we will beat cancer


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31 Aug 2013 13:30 in response to woodworm

Well done Brian.  You are so right and saying them makes it real .  Hearing them is just wonderful. Why is it that adults find those three little words so hard to utter whilst children bring such joy when they show us how to do it!  I hear them regularly from children but cannot remember the last time an adult said them to me. 'MUST TRY HARDER' will be my personal quote of the day as you REAP WHAT YOU SOW .

Hope you and  your wife are having a peaceful day and that Mrs B is feeling much more herself.  Jules xx 

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31 Aug 2013 16:17 in response to woodworm

What a beautiful quote Brian ,Tony and I said I love you more than once a day ,how I miss those words my children say love you mum as do my grandchildren I LOVE YOU MEANS so much to us ,my friend Jan said I love you as my friend and hugged me when we walked out a few days ago  it makes you feel warm inside ...Love having you as my virtual friend Brian and big hug for you and Mrs Brian ....Susananne

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31 Aug 2013 16:34 in response to jules54

Hello Jules hope all is well with you and so glad hubby got on ok at his latest appointment lovely weather here today ,I have been redoing my hanging baskets (panseys and ivy and a tiny tiny fir) .How is mumkeeping I hope you have a good outcome when you next see social worker  and I bet you are getting excited about your daughters new arrival, not long now is it .Jules I must just say I LOVE having you as my virtual friend    Susananne

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31 Aug 2013 17:29 in response to SUSANANNE

Thanks for your love of virtual friendship which is reciprocated.Honestly amazed at how much support flows through this site.  Have been in and out of our garden all day today and only just come indoors to get dinner on the go.  I have managed to tie my honeysuckle back (it was in danger on laying on the lawn after neighbours cut the ties to the fence), mowed the lawn and done the edges. Then flaked out in the chair for a bit. After lunch (indoors for mid-day heat/lunch) I put my feet up and finished my book and there was not a cloud in the sky so had to put on more sunscreen - apparently there will be more good weather next week. How is poor Rusty doing?

My daughter is due mid-October and our grandson (5 in Nov) is very excited.  I can see a lot of hard work for us all in the weeks to come!!  My Mum's situation is in limbo and if I dont hear something from the social worker soon I will be writing another letter as still no response to  e-mail or the forms I have sent back- common courtesy is short supply these days.

Sadly today have just learned that another long term friend passed away this morning.  He had many ailments but developed cancer about four months ago.  Thankfully never suffered any pain and slipped peacefully away with his family around him.

Hope you have a peaceful weekend and that Rusty will soon be fully recovered.  Look after yourself Jules xx

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1 Sep 2013 12:26 in response to jules54

Hi Everyone,

Today's quotation is by John Lennon.

"Living is easy with eyes closed".

All I can say is anyone who does this is not really living. I have met some people in my time who seem to go about with their eyes closed and also with their ears shut as well. They never get to see the beauty that surrounds us and makes life worth living. I enclose a picture of a water fall my son sent me just to show what I mean.

Take care everyone Brian.

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2 Sep 2013 12:58 in response to jules54

Hi Everyone,

The lovely lady named Meerkat spoke about me writing a quote of my own which I did. I have a taste for it now so hear is another one.

"Appreciation of what we have always seem to double when we no longer have it".

While my dear wife has been laid up, I have come to fully appreciate all of the things you ladies do in running the home, cooking, shopping, washing, ironing,  housework ect, ect.

I have been ending my day absolutely kn------ed. As soon as my head has been hitting the pillow I have been gone in an instant.

So this quotation is my way of saying thanks to all you ladies on here and for all you do, which includes in my case the way my wife organises me and that takes some doing at times, trust me.Thank goodness she is much better today.

Have a peacefull and relaxing day, Brian

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2 Sep 2013 13:24 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian I hope your wife is feeling much better today ,she will be proud of the way you coped and cared for her .Your quote of the day is so very true I miss my Tony so much for so many reasons ,he was loving ,loyal hardworking so proud of me and our family he was amazing  Rusty has been back to the vet and had his dressing changed he has to keep it on for three weeks ,and then wear a boot ev ery time we go out and have a run after that he is still on limited exersize poor boy he just wants to run .Well the weather is beautiful weather here today I hope you have the same and can maybesit outside and relax a bit I think you need a rest ...Take care Brian and please give your wife my good wishes ....Susananne

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2 Sep 2013 17:54 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Not only many books from the pen of Brian, but more wise and wonderful quotations too!

Forgive my following paragraph of ramblings, but there's a reason for it!

Many (many!) years ago, when I was seven, I lived with my maternal grandparents whilst my parents went through a rather tricky divorce.

I was an avid reader, but, there were very few, age appropriate books at my nan's house so I used to read copies of my grandad's Readers Digest magazines and these little books by an author called Francis Gay: The Friendship Book, The Fireside Book. I loved reading the anecdotes and verses. One for each day! There was usually a 'message' in the stories too.

I obviously shared the fact that I loved reading these little books with my nan (or maybe she noticed that I always had my nose in one!) but each year, she would include one in my Christmas present!

I had forgotten about Francis over the years, but recently, my partner started buying The Sunday Post and one day, while flicking through, I came across a section written by Francis Gay. A story for each day of the week! I was immediately transported back in time to my Nan's house!! It's now part of my Sunday ritual to read the anecdotes for the week!

So, the point of my rambling is this Brian, Your writing style reminds me so much of Francis Gay's style of writing. Not just your daily amazing quotes for us to read, but the way you reply to the people who post on here.

I do hope you see this as the compliment it is intended to be, Brian. In a nutshell (well you do like nuts!) I love reading your posts!!

Take care, and I hope you haven't overdone things today. Glad your lovely lady is much better today, Jo xx

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2 Sep 2013 18:09 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi Jo

Just to say you can still buy those little books today - both the Fireside Book and Friendship book come out every Christmas and I used to buy them for my Mum (she not reading very much recently but used to love  the little sayings and poems too). Jules xx

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2 Sep 2013 18:44 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

Thank you for telling me about the books!  They're certainly going on the list when my kids ask what I'd like for Christmas!

Thinking back, I'm sure some of the content of the writing may have 'gone over my head' as a seven year old! But nonetheless, I remember reading all the entries, but skipping over the ones that didn't hold my interest!

I'm guessing you work in a book shop? (Detective deduction based on Brian's comments about lifting books and your obvious love of reading!) What a fantastic job! I used to spend hours wandering round our local Waterstones! Spent a fortune too!

Hope you manage to get a restful night's sleep tonight, take care, Jo xx

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2 Sep 2013 18:55 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi Jo

I work in a book department of a High Street Chain and it was my love of reading that took me there on a whim some 15 yrs ago ( I worked at home as a Proofreader for many years whilst the kids were growing up and would have kept going but sadly computer technology took my place).  My love of books remains (but retail is not what it used to be!!)

Enjoy your evening. Jules xx

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3 Sep 2013 07:09 in response to Meerkat@65

Good morning Jo,

Thank you for the compliments; I was quite taken aback by them. I loved the bit about the nutshell.

My wife has been buying both of those two books for a number of years and has quite a collection of them.

So on to today's quotation. I haven't had time to look up any new ones for a couple of days so that's why your having to put up with ones by me.

This one is about the importance of words.

"Kinds words meant for us, wither written or spoken live on in our hearts and encourage us to pass kinds words on to others for we know the good feeling it gives us".

Take care my friends, have a great day, Brian

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3 Sep 2013 07:45 in response to woodworm

Morning Brian

Thanks  for 'your' quote today.  I am at present trying to find words in my head to tell Mum (visiting this morning) as gently and kindly as possible that social services are still of the view that she does not need to stay at her current Care Home and that it has been formally 'referred' to the Board to 'consider' if they will agree to funding this course of action (enabling her to be put into Sheltered Housing (with care package) as they are not prepared to consider any type of residential home. My emotions fell apart whilst on the phone to the social worker and my poor hubby came home to find a 'wreck'. If there was a positive to any of this (not for my Mum certainly) I slept in front of the tv for 2hrs and then 5hrs last night - sheer exhaustion taking over.

Your capacity to find the rights words on this thread makes its title 'amazing quotes' so very apt.

Was pleased to read on another post that Mrs B is feeling better and hope each day finds her stronger.  Take care. Jules xx

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3 Sep 2013 10:05 in response to woodworm

Good morning Brian,

Thank you for another thought provoking quote. So true too! Words are such powerful instruments.

I was very interested to read that your wife has a collection of Francis' books; though she's very lucky to have her very own 'real life' Francis living at home!

Have a good day, Brian.

Fond wishes, Jo xx

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4 Sep 2013 10:33 in response to Meerkat@65

Good morning, folks,

It's a lovely September day with not a cloud in the sky. One of those days that makes one feel good.

I have still not yet found time to search out new quotations so have had to put my thinking head on this morning. My wife Is getting better each day but yesterday said something that worried me. She told me I have done a better job of buying the fruit and veg than she does, so hope I am not going to end up with the job full time. I just told her it was more luck than judgement, but not sure she took this on board

"We don't always find out who our true friends are until we experience major problems in our lives".

Since joining this great forum, I have read on many occasions where people have posted that when they have been diagnosed with cancer, people who they thought were good friends have deserted them in their hour of need. But they have also said they have found friendship and support from the most unlikely of people. A good friend is one who will stick by us no matter what, at least that's my definition. I feel so lucky to have many virtual friends on here who I know would do just that.

Hope you all have a peacefull and relaxing day. Brian.

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4 Sep 2013 10:40 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian, What an amazing quote, it is so, so true.  Another thing that someone said to me which has really helped me with my own problems is, "Life throws many terrible things at us, we either let them consume us or we try to find the strength to move on".  

Brian I hope you that whilst you are (as usual) taking the time to support others on this site, that you are also taking time to enjoy the sunshine.  Hope x

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5 Sep 2013 11:52 in response to Hope23

Good morning everyone,

I still haven't got round to searching out new quotations so here is another one of my own.

"Laughter lifts our spirits and is better tasting than any medicine I've ever tasted".

As I am known as Woodworm I am always happy when I'm making things out of wood, (even if its only sawdust) but I'm happiest of all when I have been able to make someone laugh or smile.

Take care my friends, Brian

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5 Sep 2013 12:53 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Well you've certainly put a smile on my face with your latest quote. Thank you!

Hope you and your lovely lady wife are enjoying the sunshine.

Best wishes, Jo xx

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6 Sep 2013 11:10 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi Everyone,

As it's raining today, I thought I would relate to you not just one but three linked quotations by Bob Hope, hoping it will make someone smile.

On turning 70,

"I still chase women but only downhill"

On turning 80,

"That's the time of you life when even your birthday suit need pressing"

On turning 90,

"You know when your getting old when the candles cost more than the cake".

I hope you all have  a peaceful weekend, Brian

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6 Sep 2013 12:06 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, many smiles on these. My last birthday cake had just four candles so managed enough puff to blow them out (and maybe they were referring to my mental outlook!!! rather than my physical age). Forced inside due to showers at present so have taken down all the net curtains and cleaned windows inside (rain doing the outside).  Providing the venue for my daughter's baby shower Sunday(her mother in law's running the show) so have 20+ visitors (half I have never met!!) so good reason for a clear out and tidy up.

Hope you have a restful day and peaceful weekend. Jules xx

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6 Sep 2013 12:53 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I don't believe the bit about your mental outlook for one minute, for you always offer wise words to us all on here which are much appreciated. I would just add though that you do appear to be a person who is young at heart. Sounds like it could be a busy weekend for you and hope it all goes well.

Mrs B is nearly back to normal but I have had to try and rein her in a bit as I don't wont her overdoing things. At least now she is no longer in bed, I do have someone to talk to beside myself!!!!!!!!

Have had some more work to do for our wood club the last couple of days as we start back next Wednesday.  Have also two more books finished now; only have to print and bind them. I always let our elderly next door neighbour have a read of them and also give a copy to my granddaughter. She is doing very well at archery. My granddaughter not the neighbour that is. She now holds several junior club records and they haven't finished totaling her scores as yet and she also holds a couple of jr county records so am very proud of her for she only started about Easter. She is attending one more big shoot on Sunday so hope she will do well again

Take care Jules, have a great weekend, Brian

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7 Sep 2013 07:50 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Your grandaughter  is doing very well with her archery and you can be a very proud grandad. Its lovely when they have something to aim for and she must really enjoy it.  Well done too with the continuing  writing - I think your secondary 'name' might be bookworm. You have been kept very busy with your interests and the time must fly by with so much to fit it.  Very pleased to hear that Mrs B is feeling better but you are so right to get her to take it slowly so she can build back her strength.  I expect you are very pleased to transfer the 'apron strings' in certain areas.  There will be 'beady eyes' keeping a watch on those 'nut attacks'.  Our treat for the weekend comes in the guise of ears of corn!!  Hubby returned from work on Thursday with 6 corn on the cob straight from his workmate's allotment. yummy.  Aiming today to get outside and prune the roses back.  In the end we did not get much rain yesterday and the afternoon was quite bright but I wanted to finish up indoors.  Went to bingo and had a little win so that will pay for next week. Hubby went with his friend and watched the England game at the pub (not a huge footie fan himself but still enjoys the night out).  Sadly he lost one of his drinking pals (of many years ago) last week and has his funeral to go to this Thursday. (He had been in ill health for quite a few years and then contracted liver and bowel cancer six months ago and sadly surgery could not save him).  Think it will be quite difficult for my Hubby as he will be seeing quite a few people he has not met for a good few years but as he says paying his respects overrides this.  He will go with another friend and support  the family.  Take care. Jules xx

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7 Sep 2013 09:28 in response to jules54

Hello everyone.

Thought I would chip in with a quote today.

I found this today which I thought relevant after young Mr Bale became a very wealthy young footballer, (not that I am a particular fan of the sport).

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag it's tail!"    Richard Friedman

Going away for a few days now including a trip to London so take care everybody and see you soon.


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7 Sep 2013 09:35 in response to GARF

Hello Garf,

How are you? Hope you enjoy your hols.  In reply to your quote, my dog has a very waggie tail indeed (Pookie, a little black staffie, 8 years old), just as well as we are trying to do the house up a bit at the mo, and hence, we are totally skint!! Kathryn

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7 Sep 2013 10:10 in response to jules54

Hello Jules ,lovely to have a win at bingo ,a friend of mine goes everyThursday and Sunday evening with her sister and they havnt had a win in ages but they enjoy the evening nothing stops them from going ,and like you I love corn on the cobwith lots of naughty butter ha ha ,my cold seems to be hanging around and this damn cough keeping me awake at night what a pain Rusty is doing ok in bandages for another week then has to wear a suppotive boot when he runs and plays he is wondering why he cant run at the moment bless him .Glad hubby is doing ok but sad and hard for loosing a friend life is a battle sometimes but we amazingly seem to cope however hard ..The weather in St Austell is horrid rain again started late afternoon yesterday and hasnt stopped ,I was hoping to do a bit of gardening today ,my grandson was going to prune my ornamentle peach tree whilst I do some baking Lucy his girlfriend likes helping me and learning at the same time bless her then tomorrow my son Dylan is taking me out for lunch ..I see things are still a little in the air regarding mum what a worry for pity you cant win the lottery and things would be easierfor you or even a big bingo win ,anyway Jules take care and hope you have a lovely restfull weekend .....Susananne

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7 Sep 2013 10:25 in response to GARF

Great quote Garf. Enjoy your hols and hope the sun shines for you. Jules xx

Re: amazing quotes

7 Sep 2013 11:07 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

That is a wonderfully true quote, love it. Certainly applies to our dog Chessie.

Hope you have an enjoyable few days away in London.

best wishes

Annabel. xx

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7 Sep 2013 11:40 in response to jules54

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about a quote for today and as we always talk about the weather, decided to write one about it.

"The weather plays an important part in our lives. Not only does it give us something to talk about to strangers but it also decides "weather"  we get up or "weather" we stay in bed a bit longer".

Thanks for the the reply Jules. I have come up with the idea for a story for my older grandson this morning which I am quite looking forward to writing. I have just asked my son to get him to find a name that my grandson likes. I have finished my paperwork for my wood club now. So pleased to hear you had a win at bingo last night. I know it's a good evening out for you but it's an even better night if you have a win. I have never won anything in my life; cant even win the booby prize!!!!!!!  Your talk of ears of corn reminds me of one of our late wood club members. He used to carve a field mouse half way up an ear of corn and they were about six inches tall. When I first met him about twenty eight years ago he was selling these carving for 75 pence. After giving him a strong talking to I managed to get him to price them at £1.50 which was still too cheap. he died about ten years ago and never increased the price again. He was a lovely guy. When several of us went to his funeral we found out he used to do so much for his local village, like going round and cutting some of the elderly men's hair. The British Legion club in the village had a whole load of wooden shields he had carver with the different cap badges on them all round the wall.

Anyway hope you have a great weekend take care and will talk again soon, Brian

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7 Sep 2013 12:03 in response to GARF

My dog Rusty oh and me ..we love that quote  hope you enjoy your trip and come back refreshed...Susananne

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8 Sep 2013 08:42 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susananne

Nice to hear from you and I am glad that Rusty is progressing but it must be very frustrating even for a retired greyhound that he cannot enjoying running!!! Do hope your cold and more importantly that cough soon clears up. I swear by honey/lemon before bedtime to keep disturbances down but its so annoying at night.

We were very lucky with the weather yesterday, though considerably cooler than of late we only had one shower (trust me to be out with our little grandson shopping at the time - we looked great when we got back home!!), so I was able to finish tidying the front garden,clipping the miniature conifer hedging and pruned the roses in the back though we still have lots of lovely buds just opening on our white peace rose (its been in the garden ever since we moved in 36 years ago but though the stems are very woody it still produces wonderful blooms.  Sounds like with the weather you were having, more baking than gardening would have got done. We are told its rain here by mid morning today so had my washing out early (though it looks like from now on it will be the launderette as the washing machine making very funny noises  and we are expecting to have to replace it). Luckily the launderette is only 10 mins up the road so it will do in the  meantime.

I have a busy afternoon ahead and we are the venue for my daughter's baby shower (mother in law doing the 'throwing') as her friends are local and we have the bigger lounge.There should be around 20 of her friends/relations. First one I have ever experienced!!  She is only 5 weeks from her due date and our grandson is very excited. All being well he will be settled into Reception class just beforehand and one she is safely delivered it will be all hands on deck (as and when called upon). Our son in law is a wonderful daddy and very hands on and has a week off planned (he is in a new job - only been there around 6 weeks  so could not qualify for paternity leave).  I will have a week too and our son and girlfriend are also planning a week on during the first month so they can give her a hand too.

Well most of the housework has been done and just waiting for hubby to surface so that we can get his breakfast out of the way.  He is going out for the day with our son in law and grandson to watch the banger racing in Aldershot and all being well they will bring dinner in with them.

Hope you are feeling a little better today and look forward to chatting again soon.  Jules xx

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8 Sep 2013 12:58 in response to jules54

Hi Everyone,

I have struggled to come up with a quotation for today but have finally come up with this one for Jules and all who love reading a good book.

"Reading is not only a good way of educating our children but it is also good for us grown ups too. For a good book can transport us to lands we may never visit and sights we may never see".

In addition it helps us to forget our everyday problems and worries if only for a while. I am so pleased my son and daughter in law have encouraged my three grandchildren to read. All three have a love of books and this pleases me. My youngest grandson who is only eight, wrote me a little story the other week. It was only about five sentance's long but I was so proud when he gave it to me.

Hope you all have a good day, Brian.

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8 Sep 2013 19:44 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, this quote is so true and I love losing myself into a good story and loved reading to both my children and now to my grandson too. Jules xx

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13 Sep 2013 08:08 in response to jules54

Good morning folks,

Today's quotation is from an unlikely source, British Telecom.

"It's good to talk".

This was used as the slogan for an advertising campaign many years ago, But it is so true on on this site. When we or someone we love get diagnosed with cancer, It's so scary. But by talking to each other on here, we soon realize we are not the only ones having to deal with this and that other people have the same fears and feelings

Have a great day everyone, Brain

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15 Sep 2013 11:14 in response to jules54

Good morning all,

I have at last managed to find time to look up some more quotations. This is one by Joseph Campbell.

"You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else's path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else's path, you are never going to realize your full potential".

We all have to make our own way in life but there is nothing wrong in being inspired by someone we respect and admire and learning from them.

Take care my friends, Brian.

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16 Sep 2013 08:37 in response to jules54

Good morning everyone,

It's a lovely day here at the moment. Todays quotation is by Mathew Buckley.

"One of the secrets of life is to find joy in the journey".

Since I had my cancer, I can honestly say I am enjoying life more than ever. I believe thats because it's not until we stand to lose everthing we love that we truley appreciate what we have.

When I was given the good news my psa was the lowest that can be measured it was almost like I had been given a new life and I am determined to make the most of it.

Hope you all have a peaceful, pain and stress free week, Brian

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17 Sep 2013 07:27 in response to jules54

Good morning everyone,

Today's quotation is by Philip Pullman.

"You cannot change what you are, only what you do".

One thing cancer has taught me, Is that is I need to ignore the inconsequential things in life and concentrate on the things I think are more important.

Take care my friends, Brian.

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18 Sep 2013 14:52 in response to woodworm

Hi everyone,

Thought I might try and give Brian a day off from finding a quote for today so I looked and found this by anonymous.

"A bus station is where a bus stops!  A train station is where a train stops!   At work I have a work staion-------"

All the very best to you all!


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18 Sep 2013 14:54 in response to GARF

Well done Garf - you bought a smile to my face with this one. Hope all is well with you.Jules

Re: amazing quotes

18 Sep 2013 20:08 in response to jules54

Thanks for the reply Jules and glad I was able to make you smile.

Things so-so at the moment and I expect to add to my "In a bad place" thread in a few weeks.

How are things with you right now?  What with shopping in the rain and your gardening it seems you are able to keep yourself busy.  At least busy enough to stay out of trouble!

Sending my best to you and your family.

Garf. x

Re: amazing quotes

18 Sep 2013 23:06 in response to GARF

This quote has probably been on this thread already, but just adding it again as we used it on a wee photo we gave to people at my hubbys funeral:

Don't cry because it's because it happened.

And that is what I'm trying to do.......every

Re: amazing quotes

19 Sep 2013 06:54 in response to GARF

Morning Garf

That so-so feeling can be very draining so hope you  have some good support around you and do post sooner rather than latter so your online buddies can do their little bit in support.  Just writing it all down seem to be quite therapeutic even if it cannot solve the problems.  My hubby is plodding on doing his best to cope with the situation he finds himself in. Still prefers to not talk but now I have accepted that side of his character will never change, homelife is more comfortable and dare I say it, a new normality has descended as we go about everyday life's other stresses and strains. We are only a few weeks away from the due date of our second grandchild - a new life always an uplifting thought.   I am back to the doctor myself next month (when I have found the time to fit in my repeat blood tests!!) so they can see if my healthier eating plan (most of the time) has had any effect on my cholesterol level - a little too high six months back or whether it will be on the tablets route.

Take care of yourself. Virtual hugs.Jules x

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19 Sep 2013 06:56 in response to Beaker83


Beautiful quote to start my day - very poignant and I have written it in my diary to keep it in my thoughts.  Thank you.Jules xx

Re: amazing quotes

19 Sep 2013 09:37 in response to GARF

Love this quote Garf and it's one I have never heard before. Thank you.

Annabel. x

Re: amazing quotes

19 Sep 2013 09:38 in response to Beaker83

Hi Beaker, this is such a wonderful quote. like Jules I might just keep this one.

Thank you.


Re: amazing quotes

19 Sep 2013 10:12 in response to Annabel

Good morning everyone,

Many thanks Garf and Beaker for those two great quotes. I have one today by the country singer Jimmy Buffett.

"It take's no more time to see the good side of life than to see the bad".

This is so true. Since having cancer, I always try to concentrate on the good things in my life and I am extremely lucky for I have so many things to be thankful for. Cancer has taught me how precious life is and not to waste time on the bad things.

Best wishes to you all, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

19 Sep 2013 10:59 in response to Annabel

Jules, Annabell thank you so much and Beaker what an amazing quote that is.  Jules I will try and take your advice and update a little sooner than a few weeks.

What you are about to read is not a simple quote but a post that SOFIA wrote here in November last year.  After reading it I saved it on file to read to myself whenever I am feeling sorry for myself as a reminder of how lucky I am and just how strong one young person can be when faced with cancer-- ( I hope you can read it o.k. as I couldn't figure out a way of making it bigger)

Sofia has only been here once soon after her operation earlier this year and she has not replied to emails so I am very concerned for her.

Wherever and however she is her strength is an inspiration to us all.


Re: amazing quotes

20 Sep 2013 11:21 in response to GARF

Good morning everyone,

Garf, I also am concerned about Sofia. She was such a regular on here and always had nice words to say. I remember the last thing she said was she was cancer free and since then nothing. As you say a truly inspirational person.

Here is todays quotation. It's by Santosh Kalwar.

"Don't become someone else just because you are hurt. Be who you are and smile, it may solve all the problems you have got".

I had never read this quotation before but I always try to smile. My wife has often said she doesn't understand me for nothing ever seems to worry me or get me down.

Hope everyone has a relaxing and peacful weekend, take care, Brian.

Re: amazing quotes

22 Sep 2013 14:01 in response to GARF

Good afternoon folks,

Here is today's quotation and it's by Oliver Weadell Holmes.

"It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that make a a life worth living".

Take care my friends, best wishes to you all, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

26 Sep 2013 14:25 in response to woodworm

Hello everyone,

Thought I would give Brian another break and get a quote in for today,

"Worrying is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but it doesn't actually get you anywhere."  - Van Wilder

Obviously this is absolutely true but unfortunately Mr Wilder doesn't provide us with any instructions on how not to worry in the first place.

Take care everyone.


Re: amazing quotes

26 Sep 2013 14:46 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

I like that one. Thanks for posting it. Hope you are okay today Garf. Just arrived home from taking my wife out for a ride in the country

Take care, best wishes, Brian.