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9 Aug 2013 15:18 in response to GARF

Garf, Firstly many happy returns of the day . I hope you have a lovely day.

Secondly, how lovely to have a sister that can make you laugh like that, and it's a quote worth remembering. I like it.

best wishes


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9 Aug 2013 15:20 in response to jules54


You are right, we need a huggy smiley!!!! anybody know how to make one???

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9 Aug 2013 17:25 in response to GARF

Happy birthday Garf hope its a good one I always like Brians quotes but I also like yours today...Susanne

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9 Aug 2013 20:18 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Annabell and Susananne,

Thank you both very much for the birthday greetings.  Right now I am full to bursting with Chinese food which I have eaten on top of birthday cake that was made for me by someone at work.  I CAN'T MOVE!

Sending best wishes to everyone from the birthday boy. 


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9 Aug 2013 20:58 in response to GARF

Happy Birthday Garf!  Mmmmm, Chinese!  Hope you are having a great day, Katielouie x 

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10 Aug 2013 08:16 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

Hope you had a great day yesterday. Today's quotation by anonymous is a tongue in cheek one about exercise.

"The only exercise some people get is jumping to conclusions,

running down their friends,

side stepping responsibility,

and pushing their luck".

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Brian

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10 Aug 2013 10:10 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian ,I like todays quote so true too,When Rusty and I were out for our morning walk today we met a nice lady whose hubby was in hospitalwhen Tony was in, he passed away on 9th feb (Tony fell asleep on 5th feb at home with me and our children by his side )the lady said she wasnt with her husband at the time and is devasted our GP said far to many people die in hospital alone I wonder what persentage it would be anyway Shirley and I are meeting up once a week for coffee so we keep in touch which will be good for both of us ,.Brian my father was a carpenter when he first started out he made coffins  he also made lots of our toys and furniture I still have my dolls house that im going to let Hollie my grandaughter have soon, the guitar that you made is brilliant so perfect and it shines.The weather is not bad a little dull but 20degsany way baking time now family coming later so must dash hope we talk again soon ....Susananne...

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11 Aug 2013 09:00 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning everyone

Susananne, Pleased you liked yesterdays quotation and thanks for the comments re the guitar. Here is todays; another one by anonymous.

"Don't think you are on the right road just because its a well beaten path".

I don't know why but this reminded me of some years ago when I had taken my wife out for a drive to Kent one Sunday afternoon. We were trying to make our way back home but somehow ended up doing about a four mile circular trip about three times before I finally managed to sort out where I was going wrong. I did feel a right idiot (No comments please) It did cause great hilarity for my wife when we finally got home and something I was reminded of many times for several years. So I know exactly what this quotation means, believe me. Brian

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12 Aug 2013 08:32 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning everyone,

Here is today's quotations and yes it by anonymous once again.

"A friend is like a four leafed clover; hard to find and lucky to have".

This is spot on. I must be very lucky for I have made so many virtuaul friends in the time I have been a member of this forum.

Good friends stay by you when times are tough and can lift your spirits and offer comfort when we need support. And that's what this site is all about. We all have both good and bad days but our friends are there to share them with us and I believe they help us cope with all the rocks that life throws at us.

I know they have mothers day and fathers day, how about a national friendship day?

Have a great week everyone, and thank you for your friendship, Brian

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14 Aug 2013 08:49 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning all,

And here in Sunny Sussex it a really nice morning. Anonymous is the author of today's quotation.

"Prepare and prevent, don't repair and repent".

This reminds me of that old saying "A stitch in time saves nine". Both of these are so true. The amount of times when in the past I have put of off making a small repair and which later on has turned out to be a major repair because I left it too long.

Have a great day, Brian.

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14 Aug 2013 11:45 in response to woodworm

Great advice Brian!

Along the same lines, it reminded me of  something my partner had seen and shared with me:

"Ladies, if a man says he'll fix it, he'll fix it! There is no need to remind him every 6 months about it!!"    

(made me chuckle, so true in this house any way!)

Best wishes, Meerkat

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15 Aug 2013 10:20 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi everyone,

Meerkat, I think that quotation also applies to our house. My wife is always reminding me of jobs I have said I will do. My reply is that I didn't say when I would do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is today's quotation. I think we have had enough of quotes by anonymous for a while so I have searched out several by known authors. Today's one is by Charles M Schulz.

"Sometime I lay awake at night, and I ask, where have I gone wrong.  Then a voice says to me, this is going to take more than one night".

In my case, it would probably take at least a month if not more

Please take care everyone, Brian

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16 Aug 2013 08:05 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi folks,

Today's quotation is by Mahatma Gandhi and is so true.

"Where there is love, there is life".

Love is a only a small word but for just a small word mean so much. I think the word love is not mentioned enough in our modern world. Love encompasses so many things

Love of life,

Love of children,

Love of all the beautiful things that surround us and which so often we all take so much for granted

Love for our families,

I could go on and on, and often do, for which I apologize.

Anyway I have rambled enough for one day, take care my friends and hope you all have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend, Brian

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16 Aug 2013 08:30 in response to woodworm

Brian please don't stop rambling.  I know I am not the only one who finds them somehow comforting.

I have a quote that has absolutely nothing to do with love although it does have a little to do with life.

"You're never too old to learn something stupid."

I can certainly attest to being someone who regularly learns something stupid and ultimately pointless.  Knowledge is a good thing though. ----- isn't it?

Best to all.


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17 Aug 2013 07:38 in response to GARF

Good Morning Everyone,

Today's quotation is by Laozi; don't think I have ever heard of them before.

"A good travellor has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving".

Garf, I was visiting our next door neighbour (To give her a book I had just finished writing) some months ago and her great granddaughter was there. It was the first time she had met me and kept asking questions about my books and where I got my ideas from. She was only about eight years old.

Her grandmother was a bit embarrassed about it and told her to stop asking so many questions but I replied that I didn't mind. For asking questions is a very good way of learning. I told her a lot of important discovery's had been made because people asked questions. All of the question were well thought out for the spur of the moment questions. So I am in total agreement, Knowledge is a very good thing Garf.

Hope you all have a peacful and relaxing weekend, Brian

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18 Aug 2013 08:40 in response to GARF

Morning everyone,

I came across this quotation  and I thought of Jules and her love of reading books. This one is by Mark Twain.

"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience; this is the ideal life".

I have always loved reading. I think it's a great form of escapism for when we read a good book we forget about all the troubles that life throws at us, even if it is only for a short while.

I am lucky that through my grandchildren badgering me to make them up stories, I am now developing skills I never knew I had by writing my own books these days.  and enjoying every minute while doing so. In a way it's like doing a jig saw puzzle for you have to find ways to link the various parts of the story together.

In a way, we are all readers for we are all reading The Book of Life.

Take care my friends, hope you all have a peaceful day, Brian.

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18 Aug 2013 10:17 in response to woodworm

Thanks Brian, great quote and very apt as I have just come indoors having been reading in the garden for the past hour or so!!  Hubby has now come down for breakfast so back to routine.  You are so right about 'losing yourself' in a book and its lovely for your grandchildren as well as yourself that you find such pleasure in the written word.  Maybe one day your virtual friends will see you 'published' and in the bookshops. Hope you and Mrs B are having a pleasant weekend. Best wishes  Jules xx

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18 Aug 2013 14:25 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian ,thankyou for todays quote very apt .Brian what would we all do without you to brighten our day I dont know ...Susananne

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19 Aug 2013 07:18 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning folks,

My quotation for the day is by Albert Scwieitzer and is as follows:

"Sometimes our flame goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being".

I really like this one .

As it's the start of another week, I just want to wish you all a very peaceful and relaxing week. Take care, Brian

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20 Aug 2013 09:03 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi everyone.

I don't recall hearing this mans name before but I do like this quotation. It's by Markus Zusak.

"Sometime people are beautiful,

Not on looks,

Not in what they say,.

Just in what they are".

I thought that quotation describes a lot of people on here very well, apart from the part where it mentions, "Not in what they say". For some of the reply's I have read on here are so beautifully written and convey so much help and support that at times, it make me quite emotional. All I can say is Markus had never read any of the reply's on this great forum.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day, Brian

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20 Aug 2013 09:20 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian thankyou for todays quote (LOVELY)Just got back from a lovely walk with Rusty and Jan and her greyhound Jessie and the weather is lovely today  21degs at the moment.Later im going over to St Stephens about 6 miles away to see my son Justin and Sarah his wife whose birthday it is today and Hollie and Tom,are you and Mrs Brian doing anything nice today ,hope you have luck with your bookand the editor.Take care Brian and thankyou again ....Susananne

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20 Aug 2013 09:34 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Like this quote and have not actually read this author though his books are very popular (perhaps I should give him a try next time I need a new read). As an Aussie I am sure he would have a sunny outlook.

Had some good news re Mum yesterday in that the DWP have agreed Attendance Allowance (backdated to when she went into care) and will continue whilst she is still self-funding so when I visit her this morning it will be good to pass this information on to her (gives me something to talk about!) and also means I can clear the arrears with the care home who have been very patient and understanding.  (Pretty sure the Finance Dept at Social Services may have made enquiries as to why she was not getting this benefit and the chap at the DWP was brilliant and explained everything so clearly to me I actually felt like a cloud had been lifted).

Hope you have a relaxing and peaceful day.  Regards Jules x

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20 Aug 2013 10:04 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I am so pleased to read about the attendance allowance. This must have come as a big relief to you Jules. You were overdue a bit of good news.

I am impressed that you knew this about this author and that he is an Australian.

Not long got back from our weekly main shop and guess what, I have picked up a pack of salted peanuts. My wife said she told me to get some nuts for the birds but I think I must have misheard her. Ha Ha. She said yet another excuse and told me she thinks I only hear what I want to hear which is something I cant argue about. I look at it this way, it's no good get older if you don't get craftier.

Have a great day and hope you find time to relax in the garden today, Brian

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21 Aug 2013 08:24 in response to jules54

Good morning folks,

The quote for today is by another person I have never heard of, Anais Nin.

"Luxury is not a nessecity to me, but beatiful and good things are".

My wife can be very suspicius at times. For I read this quote to my her and told her she was both beatiful and good and she turned round and asked what I was after???????????

Sometimes us men are greatly misunderstood.  Your all supposed to say ohhhhh now ladies. If we dont say anything nice to our wives, we get accused of lack of appreciation but when we do say something nice, our motives get viewed with great suspicion.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, best wishes as always, Brian.

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21 Aug 2013 11:28 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

I seem to remember a while back you mentioned that, although you had told your wife that you would perform a task in the house you didn't actually say when you would do it.  Well my wife has quietly mentioned to me on "several" occasions how she wishes someone would repair the zip on her handbag ever since I said I would do it.  She is now happy as I completed the task this morning before going to work.  I have tried to get away with saying that this covers any wedding anniversary gift for today but I don't think she fell for it.

Which leads me to a quote that everybody knows but I think applies mostly to husbands -

"Never volunteer for anything"!

Take care everyone and happy anniversary to my wife.


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21 Aug 2013 15:44 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

After 15 yrs working in the book department maybe I have learnt something after all as I also recognise Anais Nin as an author on our shelves.  Have just found out I am on the rota for Bank Hol.Monday but we had no plans (just in case) and we have to work them between us.  Would you believe we are now gearing up for Christmas!!  Suppose we are lucky they close for Christmas Day. Take care and have a peaceful week.  Jules x

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22 Aug 2013 10:40 in response to jules54

Hi everyone,

Today's quotation is by Albert Einstein.

"Life is like riding a bycycle. To keep your balance,you must keep moving".

Mr Einstien had obviously never met Mrs. Brian, for she always keeps me moving. No matter how many jobs I do around the house, she always manages to find me another, and another, and another.

Being perfectly honest, I do need her to "Organise me", for I do have this habit of trying to put things off until tomorrow. Although please don't tell her that for she would never let me live it down

Take care my friends, best wishes as usual, Brian

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23 Aug 2013 10:56 in response to jules54

Good morning everyone,

This is the last quotation I had copied out so will have to find some more now.      This one is by Chuck Palahnuir.

"You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past".

When he writes about our mistrust of the future, I think it's because we have no idea what the future holds for any of us. Little did I know years ago that when I offered a lift to this young girl, she would one day become my wife.

I think I had better shut up before I start rambling on yet again.

I hope you all have a pleasant day, take care as always, Brian.

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24 Aug 2013 07:29 in response to jules54

Hi Everyone,

I had to search out some more quotations yesterday and came across this one by somebody named Kalu Kalu.

"The things you do for yourselves are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others are your legacy".

I think this is a wonderful quotation/ statement, because it's so true.

I hope you all have a relaxing and peacful weekend. Thinking of you all, Brian.

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25 Aug 2013 08:12 in response to jules54

As it's raining here, I will just say morning all today,

This quotation is by Dr Seuss.

"Thay say I am old fashioned and I live in the past, but sometime I think progress progresses too fast".

This is me to a T.  I happily admit to being old fashioned about some things like manners. I always open the door for my wife.

And I often think progress in certain areas is much too fast. You buy something to day and next week it's out of date.

Hope you all keep dry today, Brian

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25 Aug 2013 09:34 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian ,I hope all goes well with the charity event  and the weather clears up for you ,Its lovely here in Cornwall at the moment but oops rain is forcast for later ...I think manners have been forgotten by many these days ,But my darling Tony for as long as I can remember always held doors open for me and others, he pulled my chair out for me to sit down at the table  and opened the car door for meuntil I got in when he would close it he was a real gent and oh god I miss him so much it dosnt seem to get any easier sorry to moan Brian ...Hope you and Mrs Brian have a nice day ...Susananne

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25 Aug 2013 10:50 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susananne,

Thanks for your reply. You have no need to apologize for stating the truth.  You were both so in love and had a truly great relationship so I can understand what you say about missing him. It must be almost like losing a part of yourself. So please don't worry about having a moan amongst your friends and I don't regard what you said as a moan, more a statement of truth.

Hope the rain holds off Susananne. We have had two really wet days here in Sussex. Take care, sending kind thoughts your way, Brian

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26 Aug 2013 10:24 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning everyone,

Today's quotation is by somebody unknown.

"Let your heart guide you. It whispers so listen closely".

I think we all need to listen and be guided by our heart rather than our head at times.

Hope you all have a peaceful Bank holiday. Take care, Brian.

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27 Aug 2013 08:06 in response to woodworm

Good morning Brian and everyone,

Although the last quote is true I'm afraid that in recent months I have wished that my heart would stay quiet and let me get on with things.

Sorry!  Feeling very off today, more than usual.


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27 Aug 2013 09:47 in response to GARF

Good morning folks,

Garf I am sorry to hear you are not feeling good today. I have selected a happier quotation for today. It's one by Simon and Garfunkle

"I've got nothing to do today but smile".

Oh how I wish that were true. This could apply to me some days, but not today.  My dear wife is still in bed as she has eaten some dairy products (Mainly cheese) and has been sick for the past two days as a result.

So I have been promoted albeit temporarilly to head cook/ chef, bottle washeruper, and procurement officer ( a posh name I have given myself which really just means I had to do the shopping today) Mind you my cooking is restricted to baked beans on toast and oven chips and I even manage to burn the toast and undercook the chips!!!!!!!!!!!!.

So there is a big incentive for my wife to get better as soon as possible. When I did the shopping today as my wife was not there to keep an eye on me, I did get my self one or two treats. I also lost the receipt so she couldnt check up on what I'd bought.

Anyway Take care best wishes to all, Brian

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27 Aug 2013 12:57 in response to woodworm

Oh Brian you make me laugh did you realy lose the receipt .Im so sorry your wife is poorly and hope she feels better soon or you will loose weight .Not so sure about todaysquote its sometimes hard to smile  My Tony had a lovely smile and smiling eyes but I watched the light go out in them ,through his cancer journey ,he did smile but not with his eyes do you know what I mean .I hope mrs Brian will be smiling again soon and you of course.....Susananne

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27 Aug 2013 16:55 in response to GARF

Hi Garf

Sorry to read that you are having an 'off day'.  They seem to hit us hard from time to time and it turns our emotions upside down.  Your forum buddies are here should you want to chat further but in the meantime just wanted to wish you more peace in the coming days and do take care of yourself.Jules xx

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27 Aug 2013 16:57 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

I just wanted to appologize for writing such a negative comment after the latest "Amazing Quote".

As you know I haven't been myself for a while but I have been particularly bad today after a very vivid dream last night that I was having a celebratory beer with my Dad because his treatment had finished and he had been told that he was now free of cancer.  How great that would have been!

In the meantime I love the title you have given yourself and I have to admit personally not yet managing to get promoted beyond "Procurement Officer's Assistant", otherwise known as "trolley pusher"

Take care.


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27 Aug 2013 17:14 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Just wanted to say do hope Mrs B is soon  up and about not only because I wish her well but also she needs to keep her 'naughty' husband in check. Now let me see was it bags of nuts or frozen chestnuts this time!!  Mind you doing all that Mrs Mopp work you must deserve a little treat.  Take care of each other.  Liked today's quote and can be honest and say today I have smiled quite a lot.  Will try and update/start a new thread but suffice to say hubby's check up went okay today.  Chat elsewhere soon. Jules xx

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27 Aug 2013 17:44 in response to GARF

Hi Everyone.

Susananne, I didn't just lose the receipt, I destroyed it as it could be classed as incriminating evidence.   I can just hear a voice asking, Does the defendant plead guilty or not guilty. I can see myself standing meekly before my wife saying "Not guilty my lord". I can hear her reply booming out over the court room, The defendant is found guilty as charged and will be sentenced to two weeks hard housework as punishment, under my strict supervision.

Garf, You have no need at all to apologise. We all have days when we are not ourselves. Some dreams are so realistic when we wake up it take a while before we realize it was just a dream. But the after affects stay with us for a day or so sometimes.

I am not normally even allowed to push the trolley round so you are at least a level above me.

Jules, like you said about me getting to know you the same applies;you are getting to know me to well. Mr Tesco doesn't have frozen chestnuts unfortunately. But a big bag of Pistachios and one of salted peanuts were listed on my receipt, hence it had to disappear just like the nuts have and will over the next few hours.

Glad that your husbands appointment went okay and hope the visit to your mother was a good one too.

Take care my friends, talk again soon, Procurment Officer Brian.


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28 Aug 2013 08:20 in response to jules54

Good morning folks,

Today's quotation is by Mahatma Gandhi.

"There is more to life than simply increasing it's speed".

When I was a young lad, (All right I know that's a long time ago folks, theres no need to rub it in) when I was at school, time seemed to go by so slow and I can remember saying "Roll on the holidays". I can still hear my grandmother saying, "Don't wish your life away for when you get to my age you wish it would slow down". I didn't believe her then, but boy oh boy, has she been proved right.

One thing that cancer has taught me is that life is to short and precious to waste time on things you don't enjoy doing. I have tried to slow my pace of life down and to concentrate on the things I enjoy doing, Like chatting to my friends on  here.  That's why I love this quotation.

Hope you all have a good day, take care, Brian

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28 Aug 2013 11:31 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian I hope your BOSS is feeling better today and todays quote is a good one makes us think of our younger years too Well what a morning so far I took Rusty to the park he was enjoying his run when he suddenly stopped and was in agonywitha disslocated toe on his left foot had terrible trouble getting him home limping and crying had to go straight to the vets so she popped it back and put it in plaster he can pitch on it again now but have to take him back to see the vet on Thursday it could pop out again she said he had painkillers and is asleep now poor boy of course I panicked like a fool so Brian what did you cook for tea yesterday or should I say burn ha ha ,Hope you have a good day .....Susananne

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28 Aug 2013 18:33 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susanannen,

Haven't had much time to get on here today. Mrs Brian is still in bed but has eaten a little more today and has managed to keep it down. Had my appointment at the opticians today and no change so wont have to find money for new glasses. I did manage a burnt offering of chips today but I tell you what Susananne, I have a lot more respect for the work my wife does as I cant multi-task like she does. Don't know how you ladies do it.

I am so sorry to hear about poor Rusty. that must have been very painful for him and a fright for you too. Hope he is soon better.

My local cancer charity have their AGM this evening and the charities 80 mile Motor Bike ride is on Sunday.

Take care best wishes as always, Brian

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29 Aug 2013 07:29 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning everyone,

This quotation could have been written especially for me and was written by Michael Cunningham.

"One always has a better book in one's mind than one can manage on paper".

I always buck the trend just to be awkward for sometimes it happen the other way too.

Susananne, I hope Rusty is feeling better today and hope his visit to the vet goes well. I don't suppose you are able to go for your normal walk with him like this.

My wife must be feeling a little better today for she has started to organize me again and has mentioned certain things need doing round the house. That's a sure sign she feeling more herself

Take care everyone, Brian

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29 Aug 2013 11:10 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Another great quote for today! They say that there's a book in everyone don't they? And you're living proof as you write books for your lovely grandson! Am I right in thinking you write other books too?

Good to read that your wife is feeling a bit better and organising you on the domestic front! I hope your recent bout of Brianitus hasn't caused you too much discomfort. I wonder if it will clear up when your wife is back to full strength?

Take care and hugs to you and your wife, Jo xx

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29 Aug 2013 14:12 in response to woodworm

Great quotes!

I wish to add one that I created for my website:

Here it comes:

Have a wonderful day!

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29 Aug 2013 14:18 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi Jo,

Yes I have now written about 32 books not including those I have done for my grandson. I started with just children's stories but have now branched out into writing stories for grown ups as well and I am learning and hopefully improving all the time. I have a further eleven I have started and ideas for another five.  They are only forty to eighty A5 page books but it's something I do enjoy doing. It's almost as good as reading a good book but the main difference is I can decide which way the story develops.

Take care and thanks for the kind words, Brian

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30 Aug 2013 08:19 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi everyone,

The quotation I have for today was written by Elizabeth Gilbert and concerns emotions.

"Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts and you are the slave to your emotions".

Emotions are a powerful force and are something we have no control over. But I believe we are all the better for having them. I have met a couple of people in my life who seemed to be immune to emotions and to be quite honest I found them very cold, dispassionate and unfeeling people; It was almost like I was talking to a machine.

Emotions can vary vastly from day to day.The most powerful ones I have experienced are when a new life is created like when my son was born or when we lose someone we love like when my mother passed away. These two emotions were at opposite ends of the spectrum and were completely different. For when my son was born, I was on top of the world, but when my mother died, I felt a part of me had died with her. But emotions are a part of us, wither we, like it or not and help shape who and what we are.

Take care everyone, hope you all have a stress free day, Brian

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31 Aug 2013 10:42 in response to Meerkat@65

Hi Everyone,

Our dear Meerkat said a few day ago she thought one day I would write a quotation of my own. So I thought, lets prove her right.

" "I love you" are just three simple little words that lifts our hearts more than any other three words could ever do".

These three words are in my humble opinion not used enough in the world today. We take it for granted that our loved ones know how we feel about them and while that is probably true, it's still so nice to hear those three words spoken. I heard a country song recently and it was very cleverly written. It was about a young man and his father. He knew his father loved him because he was always doing things for him but the father just couldn't say those three little words. In the end the son hugged his father and told him he knew how much he loved him.

Over the years I have lost both of my grandparents and I deeply regret, I never told them I loved them. I know they knew it but I will always regret not telling them.

So if there are people reading this who find it hard to say those Three Little Words, just take a few moments to stop and think, for I don't want anyone to feel regret like I do.

Take care my friends, hope you all have a peacefull weekend, Brian

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31 Aug 2013 12:07 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

A beautiful quotation for today by Brian! Wonderful!

Brian, you are so right; these three little words are not always said enough as some people do find them hard to say. (Guilty as charged! I find it difficult to say it to some of my closest family members.) Your wise words have certainly made me determined to tell my loved ones I love them, more often!

Although some may say 'Actions speak louder than words' , in this instance, these words say so much more! Thank you Brian x

I hope you're managing to have a restful weekend and your lovely wife is feeling on better form.

Best wishes, Jo x