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21 Jul 2013 08:16 in response to jules54

Good morning everyone,

Today's quotation was written by Anonymous and is all about hugging.

"Hugging has no unpleasant side affects and is all natural. There are no batteries to replace, it's inflation proof and non fattening with no monthly payments. It's non taxable, non polluting and is of course fully refundable".

A hug is one of those simple things that we derive so much pleasure from. When I see my grandchildren, they always give granddad a big hug. It always make me feel about ten feet tall.  (As opposed to ten feet wide)

Hope you all like this quote, Brian.

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21 Jul 2013 08:33 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi everyone,

Because one of the quotations made Susananne cry, I have decided to post two quotations on here today and this second one has a bit of humour about it and yes, you've guessed it, It's by our old friend Anonymous again.

"Why do men chase women they have no intention of marrying? The same urge that makes dogs chase cars they have no intention of driving".

The only woman I am allowed to chase these days is my wife. Unfortunately, she can run faster than me these days , Brian

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21 Jul 2013 16:07 in response to woodworm

Brian thats funny it reminds me of Benny Hill do you remember that tv prog it was a few years ago now .....Susanne

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22 Jul 2013 09:14 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi folks,

Yes, Susananne I remember it well. They don't make programmes like that anymore do they?  Well I have another Anonymous quotation and again it's a humorous one. Hope you like it.

"Women say men are all the same, but they have no problem in telling you how different you are from Mel Gibson".

I am not going to add anything to this as all you ladies might gang up on me, so I will keep quiet.

Have a good week ladies, Brian

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22 Jul 2013 09:41 in response to woodworm

Ha Ha Brian now if you had said Jonny Depp well maybe, thing is no one could match up to Tony he was every thing  to me...Its dull and misty here in Cornwall 20 deg had a lovely walk cool for a changeRusty had a run in the park when we got back Button had caught a tiny mouse it was dead but she was playing with it poor thing hope you and your wife are well today.....Susan

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23 Jul 2013 06:55 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning all,

Continuing on with quotes by Anonymous that have a touch of humour in them which make me smile. I shall have to remember this one next time I have to fill a form on which demands to know my age.

"Your not 40, you're 18 with 22 years experience".

I would have to alter the 40 years part quite substantially and adjust the other figures accordingly.

It's cloudy here in West Sussex this morning and a lot cooler too. Take care Brian

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23 Jul 2013 09:09 in response to woodworm

Like this one - personally think my mental age is way below my physical age (still growing up  some might say). Had a terrific storm here last night but all dried up now and sunny though I believe more storms due.  Got the housework done before the heat hits and now hogging the fan as hubby has gone into work today.  Hope everyone has a good day.Jules

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23 Jul 2013 13:04 in response to woodworm

I like that quote Brian I think our grandchildren keep us young (but wear us out )even when my youngest one Tom asked how old I was I told him the truth and he said ooh thats realy old isnt it na na so I said I was 20 on the inside ha ha ,hope your day is good ,weather started dull but now sunny and 24 dgs hope to talk soon Brian ....Susananne

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23 Jul 2013 16:38 in response to jules54

Hi Jules/ Brian/ everyone,

Like todays quote Brian and yes it's very adjustable to any age don't you think.

Jules, Have we met before my dear cause you seem to come out with a lot of things I have said/thought in the past. Todays one being Internally I am still waiting to grow up.!!! Beginning to think I might have left it too late. !!!

Early morning thunderstorms and rain here in Cumbria today, cloudy and still hot and humid. My back went on Saturday so the gardening is having to wait. My 2 grown up kids are coming to see me this weekend so am excited,especially as it might be the last time I see my daughter before she has her baby.

Hope you all have a good week.


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23 Jul 2013 17:04 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel

Its never too late!!  My hubby's mantra was always that he was Peter Pan (we even had a mini Peter Pan on his birthday cake 2 years back - pre diagnosis) but on good days he still is young at heart (even managed a few kicks of the football when we had our grandson last weekend and took him out to local park).

So sorry to hear you  have back problems(very painful - had this a few years back and really struggled for about three months till it righted itself - doc diagnosed trapped nerve). I was told very gentle exercise was okay (maybe lifting a wine glass will help) though nothing strenuous.  Can imagine you must be really looking forward to seeing the kids - hope you have a lovely time catching up with all their/your news.  Expect your daughter has not been enjoying the heatwave - my daughter has had several dizzy spells and is having to spend much of the time indoors with the fans blowing. Approx 12 weeks to go.  Her little boy is very excited and has taken to putting his little cars on the bump and waiting for'his baby brother'  to kick them off!! - it works sometimes too.

Wishing you a relaxing (probably through necessity) week and fun at the weekend. Take care of yourself Jules xxx

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24 Jul 2013 13:40 in response to Annabel

Hi everyone.

One of things on here is since joining this great site, is the amount of new friends I have made. Not just friends but really nice friends. So when I came across this quotation by Anonymous I though I would like to share it with my good friends. 

"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've ever had".

Sometimes when get true friends get together, words arnt necessary for you know each others thoughts and feelings.

Annabel, I do hope your back is soon feeling better for it's not until you've had a bad back that you realize how much you use it. Sounds really painful so do hope you feel better quickly.

Tale care everyone, sending best wishes to you all, Brian.

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24 Jul 2013 17:58 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian thankyou for todays quote ,so true  I talk to my friend Jan every day we walk our dogs together sometimes,she has a black greyhound a girl called Jessie my Rusty is fawn ,and I talk about my new friends like yourself Beryl Jules Sarah and so many others to mention she came in for a coffee yesterday and I showed her some of your quotes she laughed at some she thinks its lovely that I have virtual friends and that it helps being able to talk about feelings like you cant always do face to face with someone so many thanks Brianfor making Jan laugh ..The weather is realy dull at the moment and we have had a few light showers and some sunshine and 19 degs now ,  hope you and your wife are well keep up the good work Brian,hope to talk again soon  Susananne

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25 Jul 2013 07:36 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Folks,

Here is today's quote and it by Anonymous one again.

"Skiing is the only sport where you spend an arm and a leg to break an arm and a leg".

Susananne, I am so pleased your friend Jan laughed at some of these quotes. I have to admit that until the lovely Sofia started this thread, I never had much appreciation of quotes. But that has all changed now.

We have at last had some overnight rain and it has been more bearable temperatures here.

Take care everyone, Best wishes to you all as usual, Brian

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25 Jul 2013 08:16 in response to woodworm


I just thought I would add to your SKIING quote.

A few years ago I was installing a complete new bathroom and en-suite shower room in a house just outside Chichester.  All the parts and materials for the job were kept in the garage and it took me a couple of days to notice the most amazing case of forward planning I had ever seen.  On the garage wall were a couple of brackets that held a pair of skis, a pair of ski poles and ------- a pair of crutches.

I never did ask the owner if she had needed all three sets.

Take care all.


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25 Jul 2013 09:41 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

Thanks for that, I did have to laugh at that. Your mention of Chichester, well that's where my sister lives. I knew nothing about her until the time we found my father in Canada. I managed to find her after debating with myself for several months. She is so like my mother, same zany sense of humour and the same sayings. At times when I meet up with her or talk to her on the phone, it's almost like talking to my mother.

Hope you had an enjoyable holiday and nice to hear from you again. Take care, best wishes, Brian

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26 Jul 2013 07:51 in response to GARF

Good Morning  Folks,

Anonymous is the person who wrote today's quotation.

"Everyone smiles in the same lanquage".

It's funny how a simple thing like a stranger's smile can make us feel good and brightens our day. A smile costs nothing and it's one of the few things the government hasn't yet put a tax on.   Give them time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all have a pleasant and relaxing weekend, Brian

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26 Jul 2013 10:30 in response to woodworm

I like that quote Brian ,although there are some people look at you as if your stupid if you smile at them ,but I think you use less muscles to smile than frown or is it the other way around ,we have had some much needed showers in Cornwall but sun trying to shine now and 20degs.I am going to my son Justins for lunch so will be trampolining with Hollie and Tom my grandchildren they always say I need practice ha ha I hope you and your wife have a lovely weekend ...Susananne

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27 Jul 2013 10:58 in response to SUSANANNE

Good morning everyone,

Thanks Susananne. I have another quotation I would like to share with you all. It was written by Anonymous once more .

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home".

Builders can make a home like a palace but that doesn't mean it will be homely. I have been in a few houses in my time where people have spent a fortune on furnishings and decorations but I have just not felt comfortable or at ease. In each case the owners gave me the impression of being cold and uncaring people and this was reflected in their home. On the other hand I have been in houses where as soon as I stepped through the door I could feel the warmth of the people living there as it was reflected in by the manner in which they had furnished their home.That's the only way I can describe it.

So this quotation rang a bell with me as soon as I read it.

Hope you all have a pleasant weekend, Brian

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28 Jul 2013 08:57 in response to woodworm

I've just been reading these inspiring quotes and now feel I should share my own personal favourite by Abraham Lincoln:


Sadly, none of us know how long we will be blessed to live on this earth but I do believe that if we can all live each day as if it were our last, making the most of every opportunity that presents itself but making sure that we take time to love, help and support all those we encounter in our everyday lives, we will have nothing to regret at the end, whatever age we have reached

That is all  xxx

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28 Jul 2013 14:42 in response to woodworm

Brian I forgot to say I loved yesterdays quote ,like you say home is where the heart is ,and I know what you meen ,some homes feel warm cosy and inviting whilst others just dont feel homely .Heavy rain in Cornwall at the moment and 18.5 degs brrrr,I have just got back from visiting my son Dylan who treated me to a pub lunch minus alcohol as he lives in Bodmin 10 miles away and I had to drive.I hate doing things and going places without Tony its so hard, I do try to enjoy things but thoughtsof him  are never far away ..looking forward to tomoros quote ...Susananne

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28 Jul 2013 16:59 in response to SUSANANNE

Good afternoon,

Thank you Cazzkins for that great quotation. I love that one.

Susananne I am glad you liked yesterdays quote.

My quotation for today is about retirement. Before I retired people said to me I would be bored while others said exactly the opposite. Well I have never been bored and I now have trouble fitting everything in. So today's quotation by Anonymous is very apt and also very true.

"The Moneys no better in retirement but the hours are".

Susananne I can understand what you say about not doing things or going place without your Tony. It must be very hard for people like you and Beryl and I do feel for you.

During my life I have come across couple's who do nothing but argue and even I can see, there is no love there at all. So it anoy's me that people who have had such a close and loving relationship lose their other half while these people don't. Life's just not fair at times.

Take care everyone, best wishes for the week ahead, Brian

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28 Jul 2013 18:11 in response to woodworm

Thankyou Brian or your kind words .Do you know our family gp ,Tonys oncologist ,Drs and nurses in the hospitals he was treated all said the same thing that they noticed what a very loving couple we wereand said he was a dignified gentleman ,and we loved each other so much ..whereas our next door neighbours both sides are always arguing and fighting its so annoying......Take care Brian.....Susananne

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29 Jul 2013 14:53 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi everyone.

Sorry I'm a bit late today with the daily quotation.

I going to let you all guess who its by and it isn't me I promise.

"An angler is a man who spends rainy days sitting on the muddy banks of rivers doing nothing because his wife wont let him do it at home".

I will soon have to go and find some more as I'm running low

Have a nice day. Brian

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29 Jul 2013 20:21 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

I came accross this quote today written by your friend "anonymous".

"Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue. Live with it!"

It reminds me of an ald joke about pigeons and statues but I don't think we should go there.

Take care all.


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29 Jul 2013 22:31 in response to GARF


I love that one, shame you can't share the joke.

best wishes Annabel.

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30 Jul 2013 07:05 in response to Annabel

Good morning all,

We are still with Anonymous. Over the years I have found this quotation to be true.

"Kindness, like a boomerang always returns".

Have a peaceful day everyone, Brian

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31 Jul 2013 13:05 in response to SUSANANNE

Good afternoon,

Today's Anonymous quotation apply's especially for all you gardeners.

"May all your weeds be wildflowers".

I'm no gardener but this year we had a primrose suddenly appear in our garden courtesy of a wild bird I suppose. This pleased my wife no end as she love primroses,

and me when I behave,which is not very often I must admit.  At least I hope she does

Take care everyone, best wishes, Brian.

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31 Jul 2013 17:20 in response to woodworm

Oh Brian, todays quote is so sweet lovely that your wife loves primroses and one springs up in your garden I have bluebells that just popped up that wernt planted by us so maybe the birds brought them too .Brian im sure your wife loves you even if you are naughty sometimes she wouldnt have you any other way .The weather is terrible thick drizzleall day Rusty and I went for a walk and got soaked 18degsat the moment so cooler too ..Take care Brian ,look forward to your next quote ...Susananne

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1 Aug 2013 07:56 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi everyone,

Glad you like yesterdays Quote Susananne. Our anonymous friend has written a whole load of great quotations and here ia another.

"Life is the most important thing in the world; you cant live without it".

Whilst I cant argue with the logic, I would add that in my opinion, love comes a very close second place. At a time when most of our news coverage concerns mans hatred and violence towards his fellow men, the love that people on here show towards each other and for their family goes a long way to offsetting the bad news we are bombarded every day of our lives. Some years ago a comedian said I have just watched the greatest horror show of all times, The Ten-O-Clock News. I thought how true that is. That's my thought for the day. Take care folks for it's supposed to be very hot today. Best wishes to you all, Brian

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1 Aug 2013 16:28 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian thought you would like to see these pictures of Rusty and Button will chat later .....Susananne

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1 Aug 2013 16:52 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susananne,

What a lovely dog and cat you have and lovely photos you've taken of them. They must give you great happiness and enjoyment and a lot of fun, Susananne. For most of our married life we have had a cat and we both do miss having one.

I am proud of you for figuring out how to put pictures on here so well done.

I bet its been hot down in the west today.Thank you for posting the pictures.

Take care will chat again soon, Brian.

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1 Aug 2013 18:14 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian sorry for brief message earlier my daughter Melissa came to visit today then after lunch my two sons Justin and Dylan came too so it was Dylan who showed me how to put photos on here so cant take all the credit but I think I know what to do now so will try again another day ..I do like todays quote but like you I think Love is the right word too ..Weather is dry today but not so sunny and 20 degs in Cornwall we all went for a nice walk with the dogs Dylan has a Jack Russel called Freddie and Justin has a Labrador 4 months old called Teddie so the dogs had a lovely time chasing each other about .I  am so sad for you and your wife ,you would love to have a cat but those evil so and so s make it so you darnt have one when there are so many needing a lovely home and love that you both can give its sad ,anyway im glad you like the photos Tony took them a few years ago now.....Hope to talk again soon Brian .....Susananne

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2 Aug 2013 11:39 in response to SUSANANNE

Morning everyone,

Today's quotation is again by anonymous and is about growing up.

"You can tell a child is growing up when he stops asking where he came from and starts refusing to tell you where he is going".

I remember our son asking this sort of questions but I chickened out and left it to my wife.

Take care, Brian

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4 Aug 2013 13:22 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I didn't get on here yesterday as I had a four hour cancer meeting plus travelling time.

Anyway I'm back. Today's quotation relates to birthdays and is by ANONYMOUS.

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey round the sun. Enjoy the trip".

Have a peaceful day, best wishes, Brian.

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5 Aug 2013 13:20 in response to SUSANANNE

Good afternoon. folks,

Here's today's quotation by Anonymous.

"One thing I like about stones in my path is when I cross them, they become my milestones".

I think this equates this site when we have treatment. I know there were times in my treatment when I was waiting for tests or results and when they were complete it was like the quote says, another milestone had been passed and it was then on to the next one.

Best wishes to you all, Brian.

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5 Aug 2013 22:24 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian how are you and your wife today and I see your neighbour is doing well what a relief for you I love the daily quotes too,oh heck Button is trying to sit on the computer naughty girl .Rusty and I had a nice walk rain stopped this afternoon for a while Rusty met one of his girlfriends a black greyhound they play together in the park lovely to watch she is called Jessie thenwe walked about a mile around the block,keeps Jan and I fit .I see you worked with wood Tony did French polishing for a while ,he enjoyed doing that  .Well I am looking after Hollie and Tom in the morning until4ish so hope its dry and they can play in the garden ..Hope to talk again soon Brian Susananne

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6 Aug 2013 11:48 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Everyone,

Today's quote is yet another by anonymous.

"Happiness is an unexpected hug".

A few weeks ago my wife and I saw a lady we hadn't seen for some years and she hugged us both which surprised me as she didn't know me that well. But it turned out she knew more about me than I thought for she is in regular contact with a neighbour of ours. She knew about my cancer and about my good results.

Take care everyone, Brian.

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6 Aug 2013 12:13 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian I like todays quote, but a hug from Tony is what I miss amungst other things .The weather is a lot better today but we may just have a shower ,at least Rusty and I had a nice dry walk today we went out at 8 15 am got back 10 00am met lots of other lovely dogs and owners .What are you up to today ,do you still do any kind of woodwork  Brian ,you cant beat the lovely smell of freshly cut wood can you .Hollie and Tom are playing swingball in the garden so must go and get some lunch for them now talk again soon ....Susananne

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6 Aug 2013 12:55 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susananne,

Pleased that you had a nice walk today in the dry as well. In answer to you question, I mainly do woodturning but at the moment I am making a display board for the local charity I belong to so that when they attend an event they can display their information much better. Cedar of Lebanon and Western Red Cedar both have nice smells to them, but the one I like most is French Lime. When you put it through a circular saw and it gets a little warm, It smells much like fresh baked bread. The only problem is it always made me feel hungry.

Some years ago I made a solid body electric guitar and won a bronze medal at the Woodworker show at Alexander Palace Which I was very surprised and pleased about in equal measure. See picture below.

Take care Susananne, best wishes Brian

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6 Aug 2013 13:10 in response to woodworm

Lovely quote and very apt for me today as the Care Home Manager did just that this morning when I went to pieces whilst visiting Mum (have given more details in repsonse to Mickied on another thread).  Think Hugging is the new 'kissing' in my life now.  Jules  - need a symbol for virtual hugs

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7 Aug 2013 14:43 in response to woodworm

Wow Brian the guitar you made is amazing what sort of wood is it made from ?and can you play it ?.The weather has been nice today 23dgs but just decided to cloud over I do hope we dont have rain .My son Justin and Sarah and Hollie and Tom live in a viliage called St Stephens about 6 miles outside St Austell where I live and its carnival night so me Dylan my other son and Nina my daughter have all been asked to go over watchand then a B B Q after so that will be nice.I cant believe My Tony has been gone 6 months yesterday ,it just feels like last week its awful being without him ..But Brian how are you today and is your neighbour settled now, are you still in and out ?dont wear yourself out will you she is very lucky to have you next door its so nice having good neighbours isnt it .hope to talk again soon Brian ....Susananne

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7 Aug 2013 15:41 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi Susananne,

Thanks for the compliments. The main body is a red timber called Utile and the white parts are Maple. The neck is beech while the fretboard is Dalbergia, one of the rosewood sub-species. Many years ago ( more than I care to admit to ) I used to play in a group. We had a lot of fun but never made any money. But these days my fingers are sadly not as flexible so don't play much these days Susananne. Our neighbour is feeling better although she's still a bit shaky. I hope you have a great night and the weather stays fine. I can feel the pain in your voice regarding your loss and I do feel for people like yourselves who have lost their other half. I am off to see my grandchildren tonight and will have to make up a story for my youngest grandson. Take care Susananne, best wishes, Brian.

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9 Aug 2013 08:21 in response to SUSANANNE

Hi everyone,

I have yet another quotation by anonymous.

"Women get the last word in any argument.  Anything a man says after that is the begining of a new argument".

As I am well outnumbered by all the lovely ladies on this forum, I am not going to add my own thought on this one Instead I will keep my thoughts to myself

Have a good quiet and relaxing weekend, Brian

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9 Aug 2013 08:38 in response to woodworm

Lovely quote today Brian. My hubby does not do 'arguing', just turns his ears off.  Is that why I have arguments in my head that never get solved I wonder!! Jules xx

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9 Aug 2013 08:53 in response to woodworm

HI everyone,

I love that last quote Brian. Also I think I will join you in keeping my thoughts on this quote to myself.  In the meantime today is my birthday and I just wanted to share the wording on a card my sister in North Wales was "kind" enough to send me:

"No longer a wreckless youth, more like a youthless wreck!"

Charming! Although it did make me laugh when I read it.

Have a great day all.


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9 Aug 2013 09:06 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

Just wanted to send happy birthday wishes to you Garf.

My son is always sending me comical cards like the one your sister has sent you and nearly every one is to do with my age. So I keep telling him, I like a bottle of wine that's maturing with age. Last time I said that, he replied by saying two things. One was that I am gathering dust and two that I'm begining to look like a bottle of wine, bigger at the bottom that at the top. I cant even win an argument with him let alone my wife.

I notice that in just a few days time you will have been on this site for a year now and you have given so much help to others during that time.

I love what is on you card and it certainly applies to me

Take care, best wishes to you, Brian.

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9 Aug 2013 09:29 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,

I don't turn my ears off, but my wife tells me I have very selective hearing in that I only hear what I want to hear. I'm not saying anything as it might incriminate me

Take care, Brian

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9 Aug 2013 13:12 in response to GARF

Happy Birthday Garf. Hope you have a good day and enjoying being wreckless. Jules xx

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9 Aug 2013 14:55 in response to woodworm

Thank you Brian and Jules very much.

I intend to try and finish work a bit early, visit a friend and then go home to be wreckless with a Chinese Takeaway.

Best to all.


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9 Aug 2013 15:15 in response to woodworm

Another old favorite Brian, one my husband quotes to me on a regular basis. Can't think why????