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3 Jan 2013 15:56 in response to sofia

Good afternoon,

This is my quote for today. It's by Henry Ford.

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind not against it".

I hope you like this one. Best wishes to all, Brian.

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7 Jan 2013 09:35 in response to sofia

Hi Everyone,

Been very busy for a few days but like Arney said in one of his filme "I'm back".

My quotation for today is by Vince Lombardi. It's only a short one but quite appropriate for this site.

"The greates accomplishment is not never falling, but in rising again after you fall".

During our cancer journey, wither as a patient or a relative or friend , we all have good and bad days, somedays coping, other days not. Thats why I think this quote suits this forum so well. I have heard many people say they feel really low then a few days later, they say they feel much better although still having the same problems as before. As Sofia said once, "All achieved by the comfort of a word".

Take care, Brian.

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9 Jan 2013 11:22 in response to sofia

Hi Folks,

My quote for today is by Cullen Hightower.

"Laughing at out mistake can lengthen our life, laughing at someone else's can shorten it".

We all make mistakes, we are after all only human, and goodness knows I've made more than my share. But I feel if we can laugh at them, however annoying they may be, it lessen the impact of our actions. Laughing is good for us anyway, at least that's my excuse.

Best wishes to you all, Brian

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9 Jan 2013 15:26 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

That is terrible true! Sometimes it's impossible don't lose ourselves to depressed feelings. I feel  as a "Bipolar" person since I started chemo. Sometimes i'm so happy, everything it's terrible "ok" because i'm feeling ok and with hope, and other times, all reality and fears appeared and I can't ignore...and then my fight starts again, to concentrate myself on the important thing "my cure".

But it's not easy and as you know, december was a terrible month for me...all things happen and the trauma about one year ago etc I felt very weak and easily disrupted and it happened: on day 26 th I started my 3th cycle and the 3 cycles were a step, so in that time I was at peace, and during a year I don't feel peace. When 3 cycles reach the end, comes a new examination and more decisions - pressure- and will perhaps operation that can kill me or end up with my legs, literally. So it was terrible, and to complicated matters, people around me went back to hurt me, and despite knowing what is important to me, I let two spoiled and immature girls hurt me, again! And that cost me a week of depression:I lost my will to do the things I loves, I stay away from this place, I didn't do anything; during 3 days I just stayed in pijamas, nor put my wigs! I felt anger and all bad feelings on those days...I didn't feel so bad for a while.

It passed now. But I know that I will have good and bad days, which is normal, but I hope that won't be so bad like those were...

Tks for keeping the amazing quotes.

Love, Sofia

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9 Jan 2013 16:17 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

I have just read your post and as usual you write with such emotion and feeling it is impossible not to be affected by it.  I hate the thought that someone hurt you enough to make you so depressed that you found it hard to find the strength to keep fighting.  "YOU HAVE TO KEEP FIGHTING!!!"  If you feel that way again you must let us know so that we can try and help you find yourself again.

At the moment I am trying to create a drawing for you based on your "LADY CALLED LIFE" but I have to admit it isn't going well since it is many years since I picked up a pencil and used my imagination to try and create something but I will keep trying.


Although it has to be said that some stepping stones can be a lot higher than others.

Please take care.

Garf. x

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9 Jan 2013 16:34 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

AHAhA really, you are drawing "the Lady" I could not imagine...yes it's really difficult because I guess she needs to be the mix of a great beauty but at the same time her body language and some parts of her needs to be hateful, dark, evil.

So you are an artistl that's great !!

Love, Sofia

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9 Jan 2013 16:40 in response to sofia

Oh Sofia,

I am so sorry to read your latest post and that people have hurt you again. People like that annoy me very much and to do that to you again is for me unforgivable, especially when you were feeling low anyway. I can understand why you felt so low at the moment so we will just have to try and cheer you up as we have missed your words of wisdom on here. I think when someone like yourself has cancer, it is inevitable that you will have highs and lows but please let us know and we will do all we can to help lift your spirits just as you have done for many others in the past few months. As I write this to you I am having yet another hot flush as a result of my Hormone therapy which finished several months ago. The same thing happened to me when I was writing to Mickied and I told her I must be the only guy in Sussex that has to have an Electric fan on in winter to cool me down.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofia, please take care, sending you best wishes and hoping you soon feel more like the Sofia we all know and love, Brian

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9 Jan 2013 16:54 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

I just stay away from here because on those days I don't have energy to did anything. I tryed to write on here and on "my book" it was impossible...when I was with anger and other bad feelings I can't write, I can't function

I come here everyday to read and sometimes i feel the need to answer but I can't do much more... I blocked

But I will not let anyone else hurt me again. I'm too good to get away from people. I will protect me

love, Sofia

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16 Jan 2013 12:07 in response to sofia

Hi all,

Have been so busy the last few days, I haven't had time to add to this thread. This latest one is by Abraham Lincoln. As this thread was started by Sofia and I know she likes reading this I will have to try harder to add to it more regular.

"I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down".

I wonder how many people have found themselves in that same situation and they succeeded merely because others believed in them. I do  believe that when people have faith in us, we can accomplish more than we would have normally been able to do without that faith and belief backing us up.

Take care everyone, Brian

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17 Jan 2013 11:38 in response to sofia

Good morning everyone,

I saw this quote this morning and relate to this one so much. It's by Anonymous (whoever they may be)

"Children seldom misquote. In fact they usually repeat word for word what we shouldn't have said".

This has happened to me so many times when my son was growing up and on many occasions caused me acute embarrassment. I wonder how many others have had the the same thing happen to them.

Have a good day, Brian.

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17 Jan 2013 20:01 in response to woodworm

Hello Brian,

Your quote reminded me of a time when we had a picnic with Dad and his wife, my sister and me and my stepbrother and stepsister.  My sister announced midway through her sandwich, 'Look at that fat bird over there' - she was referring to the overfed birds that were hovering around the picnic tables.  Instead our eyes fixed on the rather large lady sitting at the picnic table next to the 'fat bird' and we all nearly choked on our sandwiches for laughing.  It is a story that my sister has been reminded of ever since!

Anyway, its cold up north, I'm away back down to the fire, Katielouie. 

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18 Jan 2013 14:09 in response to katielouie

Hi Folks,

I found this quotation today and how appropriate it is for this site. It's by William James.

"Act as is what you do makes a difference. It does",

Sometimes just a kind word or two, or even a laugh can help people on here more than we think possible.

Best wishes to everyone, Brian

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19 Jan 2013 15:13 in response to katielouie

Hi Folks,

This quotation is by Taylor Swift.

"This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change".

My wish is that this year large strides are made in the treatment of cancer that have less side affects than present treatments.


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20 Jan 2013 10:20 in response to katielouie

Morning everyone,

Its snowing slightly as I write this latest quotation out and more is promised. My grandchildren will be so pleased as all three of them love having snowball fights which is why I wont be going near them today. I would probably end up looking like a snow man for their aim is much more accurate than mine as I have already found to my cost.

Today's quotation is by one of Sofia's favourite persons, Steve Jobbs and is as follows:-

"In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side for evermore, that's what friends are for".

Most of us have friends, but just as Steve Jobbs has written, a true friend is someone who will stand by us whatever happens. It doesn't matter who we are, we all have need of good friends at times.  I feel so sorry for those who have no friends at all(or family) for they must feel so alone. When my mother was in the last few weeks of her life in hospital,there were several elderly people who never had visitors at all according to my mother. So I aways said hello to them and spoke to them so they didnt feel so alone.

Take care in the snow and if any of you have to go out, travel safely.

Best wishes, Brian

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20 Jan 2013 12:01 in response to woodworm

This is a lovely one and so true.  We too have snow flurries and my garden is once again pretty having been cleared of snow yesterday by my grandson and his Dad to make a snowman who is grinning at me through the window. Did not quite get the snowdog companion but had a visiting fox yesterday who played like a puppy in the white stuff.  Have been out as far as our bird feeding area to top up with goodies and am walking to visit my Mum's care home after lunch(~takes about half hour normally but in my new zebra wellies I may slide along a little quicker) which should be refreshing!!!  Like you Brian when I visit her I often end up chatting to the other residents who are with it (and some who are not) and also the staff who are doing such a valuable job. Stay warm and cosy all. Depending on how much snow falls today could make getting to work interesting tomorrow.Jules

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22 Jan 2013 11:27 in response to jules54

Good morning all,

Have been searching for quotations for this thread and came across this one. It's by Charles Dikens.

"The most important thing in life is to stop saying "I wish" and start saying "I will". Consider nothing impossible, then treat possibilities as probabilities".

There are so many people in life who have succeded where other have failed because they have adopted a similar attitude to this.

Have a good week everyone, Brian

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22 Jan 2013 11:34 in response to woodworm

It's a really good thinking Brian and remindes me another quote:

"nothing is impossible, there are just things infinitely improbable!" Laplace Demon

Love, Sofia

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22 Jan 2013 12:49 in response to woodworm

Hi all,

Brian, your last quote has reminded me of the screen saver that is on a computer screen that can be seen by the members in the Health Club at the site where I work.  It reads---


It is relevant for people doing a work out but it's also relevant to so many other people.


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29 Jan 2013 18:27 in response to GARF

Hi Everyone,

Here is my latest quotation and its by Margaret Peters.

"Time has a wonderfull way to show us what reall matters".

The latest news on my father in Canada is not good. My sister told me the doctors still don't know what is wrong but one of them think it may be his prostate cancer coming back in other areas so still very worried.

On a brighter note, my 13 yr old granddaughter phoned me on Saturday to tell me she has won second place in a story writing competition. I am so proud of her.

Take care everyone, Brian,

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29 Jan 2013 18:40 in response to woodworm

Hey Brian,

Congrats for your little writer ans sorry about your dad's news =s

Love, Sofia

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29 Jan 2013 18:45 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Thank you for your thoughts. I hope all goes well for you when you see you doctor tommorow. I will be thinking of you

Love Brian.

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29 Jan 2013 21:37 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian

Sorry to read the news regarding your Dad and hope you have more information soon  as the not knowing is almost as bad as knowing if that makes any sense;, am thinking of you all asI type this but  having trouble concentrating (see below and that may explain why!!)

. Seems you have passed on you storytelling genes to your grand-daughter, how wonderful and how proud you must all be of her.

Have to say the whole family are cream-crackered after spending the day clearing  my Mum's rented flat. We all mucked in(even hubby drove me over and did what he was able to manage (he was frustrated he could not do more whereas I was delighted he was even there!!!  I am working all day tomorrow as we have an in-house audit to carry out, so the boys are going back to finish off  which should take about a couple of hours.  It was hard and I now have lots of boxes to go through but at least I can do this in the comfort of my own home and when I can cope with it.

Take care, Jules

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31 Jan 2013 09:31 in response to woodworm

Hi, not sure if this been posted before, and I am not normally into poetry,

But for many of us struggling in so many ways,

this poem from Dylan Thomas seems

Most appropriate, look it up.....

'Do not go gentle into that good night.........'

Keep raging!

Re: amazing quotes

31 Jan 2013 12:45 in response to Peewee

Hi Everyone,

As a lot of you may know I have three amazing grandchildren who I love dearly. Right from when they were very young, I have been making up stories for them, which I have to say I have enjoyed doing. So the nickname they have for me is story granddad. My granddaughter used to have a particular saying when she wanted me to make her up a story and is as follows.

"Come on granddad, make me up another story please. After all, that's what granddads are for".

When she was younger, I truly believe that she really thought that was the only purpose granddads had in life was to read their grandchildren stories. But although she is only thirteen she had already had one of her short stories publishes and has just won third prize in a big competition. I am so proud of her. This is what she has set her heart on doing when she leaves school and at the moment I don't think she will change her mind. She writes under the name of Dragon Soul Jess on a site called Movellas.

I like to see young people with a particular ambition and I hope that she succeed's in her aim.

Take care folks, best wishes, Brian

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3 Feb 2013 16:51 in response to sofia

Hello all,

As a huge fan of motorsport I am primarily a Formula 1 follower but I also enjoy other disciplines including American NASCAR.  The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup campaign went down to the last race of the season and was won by a very young man called Brad Keslowski.  In his post race interview he commented on how difficult it had been for him in his even younger years as he was constsntly told in school that - "he wasnt strong enough" or "he wasn't big enough" - or - "he wasn't fast enough".  He went on to say that he still isn't strong or quick or fast enough unless he has his team and family with him and said this ----


It was so nice to see someone so young and actually very wealthy appreciate how much he owes to the people who support him and the words themselves are very true.  Whatever problems people have or don't have, life is so much harder without the support of others.

Best to all,


Re: amazing quotes

3 Feb 2013 17:05 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

Thanks for posting that, it's so true.

Kind regards, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

4 Feb 2013 15:38 in response to GARF

Hi Everyone,

I have my quote for the day and its by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature".

If that is true, and I do believe it is, then I consider myself so lucky to have found a lot of masterpieces of nature on this great forum.

Thank you my friends, Brian

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5 Feb 2013 10:37 in response to GARF

Hi folks,

I found this quotation today and it's so true. This one is by Robert Louis Stevenson.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seed's you plant".

I like to think that the seeds he was referring to are seeds of friendship and happiness for all of us on this site need good friends to help us through our daily lives.

Have a good day everyone, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

5 Feb 2013 15:30 in response to woodworm

Hi all,

This is something I heard on the radio in the car this morning. It is a line from a song that used to be in the charts around twenty years ago.  Don't ask me who the artist was beause I can't remember I only know he was an American rap artist. Not usually my kind of listening but that doesn't take anything away from the lyric,

"Life is a big game and you have to play it with a big heart"

There are plenty of big hearts on this site who will understand!

Best to all,


(Brian, how is your Dad if you don't ind me asking?)

Re: amazing quotes

5 Feb 2013 16:00 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

Thanks so much for asking about dad. Since we spoke last he has been in and out of hospital several times. He is having yet more tests today to try and find out what the problem is. One doctor seem to think the growth they have found on his pancreas is cancer, while another one seems to think it his prostate cancer recurring. I didn't find out until a few days ago my dad has had several types of cancer in the past, including bowel cancer. His strength has amazed me and my admiration for him is growing by the day at how he has kept on fighting. They did let him out for a few hours on Sunday but  he is back in again. My sister has said it doesn't look good  for him as whichever doctor is right it looks like cancer has come back again.

I've also broken a pubic bone in my groin area and it's so painfull. I am restricted to upstairs as I cant get downstairs for the moment so feeling a blooming nusance as it is making so much more work for my poor wife.

I liked your latest posting on this thread. I also loved the drawing you did for Sofia, you are very artistic and should do more although I expect having the spare time is a factor. Sofia has so much to go through at the moment and is such a nice person, like so many on here. I hate to see her so low at times.

Anyway thanks again for asking Garf. I do really appreciate your concern and I did manage to pass on your message to himand he said thanks. Best wishes, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

5 Feb 2013 19:48 in response to woodworm

Brian I am sorry your Dad is so unwell at the moment and that neither of his doctors have anything good to say about his condition. And I am also sorry about you being a prisoner in your own bedroom.  Perhaps your wife could make you a big flask of tea to save her legs a bit going up and down the stairs while you stare at the torture that is daytime t.v.

I hope there is some better news for you and your Dad soon.  Recover well.


Re: amazing quotes

9 Feb 2013 12:37 in response to GARF

Hi everyone,

Thanks for that Garf. I am glad to say I was able to get back downstairs yesterday but still not that mobile yet. It has been both an embarrassing and painful experience, one I shan't repeat again I hope.

Anyway I have let this thread slip for a few days, sorry Sofia, but have just found this quotation which I think is a brilliant one. This is one written by Peter Davies.

"Motivation is like food for the brain. You cant get enough in one sitting. It need continual and regular top ups".

I think a lot of us one here lose a little motivation from time to time. But coming back on here somehow gives us the extra boost of motivation and helps keep us going on.

On a more comical note, part of this quote reminds me of my wallet, It needs continual and regular top ups, Just like my brain as well!!!!!!

Have a good day folks, best wishes, Brian.

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9 Feb 2013 14:18 in response to woodworm

Brian, at last I have pinned you down to find out what has been amiss with you. I knew you had a period of not posting and then found you again but no reference to what was wrong with you. Now I know and I send you lots of sympathy and hugs to get better. I should imagine its an excrutiating pain!!!! As you say we feel bad that we end up putting more work on our other halves. My latest problem is I've got my old back injury playing up and I need my husbands help to get dreesed. I manage the rest of the day but getting ready in the morning is the worst. I suppose that although I'm okay in bed everything stiffens up overnight!! He ho I am so looking forward to being my normal self again(whatever that is!!!lol.) So whilst you are crawling around in agony think of me crawling around behind you. I'll be the one picking up any cake crumbsLOL>xxxxx Annabel

Re: amazing quotes

9 Feb 2013 14:49 in response to Annabel

Hi Annabel,

Thanks for the reply and for your kind words. Have managed to get back downstairs yesterday and can at last begin to put my right leg in the ground but can not put any weight on it yet. It's still very painful.  Tried two different lots of painkillers from the doctors but both caused bad side effects so making do with good old paracetomol. Getting back to normal slowly, or as my wife would say as near normal as possible as I don't think she believes I have ever been normal and she probably right?????? I mean, what sixty nine year old would attempt to do the splits????? Lol.   Honestly Annabel, I don't know what I would have done without my dear wife's help this past week or so. She has been brilliant.

Sorry to hear that on top of everything else, you suffer with a bad back. That can also be excruciatingly painful, so I do feel for you Annabel. I have seen your reply to Ann (Afaith) and do feel for her having to make such a difficult decision. There are so many lovely people on here including yourself, and I feel privileged to be able to talk with you all.

Thanks again for your kind words, best wishes Brian

Re: amazing quotes

10 Feb 2013 09:19 in response to Annabel

Good morning,

Get this one written out early today This quotation is by Sarah Dessen.

"You cant always get the perfect moment. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can under the circumstances".

Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday. Best wishes, Brian

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17 Feb 2013 09:52 in response to Annabel

Hi everyone,

I apologise for neglecting this thread for a few days. This quote is by Anonymous.

"Home is where you can say anything you like cause nobody listens to you anyway".

I just bet the reason why this person wanted to stay anonymous, is so they don't get into trouble when they get home for writing this quotation in the first place.

Take care my friends, best wishes, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

17 Feb 2013 10:14 in response to woodworm

Brilliant - and so true! Wishing all a peaceful weekend. Enjoy the sunshine.Jules

Re: amazing quotes

17 Feb 2013 17:13 in response to woodworm

Thank you so much Brian!  I so needed something to lift my spirits a little today and that quote was just the tonic.

How is your, shall I say "sports injury" coming along?


Re: amazing quotes

17 Feb 2013 18:10 in response to GARF

Hi Jules and Garf,

Glad you both liked that one. Each day things are slowly returning to as near normal as I will ever be for as my wife says, I have never been normal!!!

I managed to visit our next door neighbour yesterday and even managed to drive the car to our local shop. So hope it wont be too long before I am able to chase the wife round the kitchen table once again

Take care both of you, Brian

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18 Feb 2013 10:45 in response to GARF

Hi Folks,

There have been a lot of people on here recently who have a mother who is seriously ill or have lost their mother recently, so as a tribute to all our mothers and how much we owe them, when I came across this quote I knew I just had to share it with you all. It is unknown who wrote it unfortunately.

"I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine - She helps me grow, prosper and reach great heights".

There's nothing much I can add to that except to say, I know my mother helped shape what I am and I owe her so much and miss her greatly.

Take care, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

18 Feb 2013 11:09 in response to GARF

Hi, it's me back again,

Just having posted a quotation regarding our mothers, I felt I had to post one about our fathers. It's also sad that it's not known who wrote this, it just said, written by anonymous.

"Any man can be a father, but it take someone special to be a dad".

Garf, I hope you like this one, for it's so true.

Regards to you all Brian

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20 Feb 2013 11:48 in response to GARF

Hi Everyone,

Todays qoutation is by Margret Peters.

"Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters".

I think this is so true.

Best wishes to all, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

20 Feb 2013 12:25 in response to woodworm

Thank you very much Brian,

You right in how correct the quote is and I like it very much. What a shame the writer is anonymous.


Re: amazing quotes

21 Feb 2013 13:46 in response to GARF

Hello again,

Today's quotations was written many, many years ago but is still as true today as it was then. It's by Sophacles.

"Grief teaches the steadiest mind to waver".

As time goes by and we all get older, it's a forgone conclusion that at some stage in our loves, we will all feel grief. For some people it will happen when they are young, for others if we are fortunate we will not feel it until we are older. But I don't feel that there is any age when we are properly able to cope with the loss of a loved one. As we get older we may have family of our own who can help but it is still the most painful experience we may ever have to face. One thing this site had taught me there is no right or wrong way to grieve and we all have our own ways of trying to deal with our loss and this varies quite considerably from person to person.

But I think most will agree, shareing our loss on here with others who know the pain involved, make it more bearable just to know that people on this great site that we may never meet, are there and offering help and support to all who need it.

Take care everyone, best wishes to you all, Brian

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23 Feb 2013 11:22 in response to GARF

Hello once again,

I have just found this quotation and I would like to share this one with you all. It's by Marcel Proust.

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our soul blossom".

I have honestly never looked on the people who make us happy as gardeners but the more I think about it the more truth I see in  it.

Have a good weekend everyone, best wishes to you all, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

23 Feb 2013 12:12 in response to Moderator_Renata

Coming from a slightly different perspective,

                                         - "Those who control the present, control the past

                                            and those that control the past control the future" -  George Orwell

Re: amazing quotes

24 Feb 2013 11:08 in response to gaspacho50

Hi Everyone,

I have today's quotation and it's by The Dali Lama and reads:-

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from our own actions".

Over the years I have met a few people who just look so miserable and often for no particular reason. They have never smiled or laughed or given even the smallest indication of enjoying life. I would just hate to live my life like that. I know all to well from reading so many stories on here about the rocks that life throws at us, that life is not easy sometimes, but life is made for living and to spend all of it being miserable like those people, is something I could not do. But we do have to work for happiness just as the quote states. I have to say on a personal level, I am happier now than I have ever been and am really enjoying my life.

Kind regards to you all, Brian

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25 Feb 2013 10:36 in response to gaspacho50

Hi Folks,

Time for another quote. Today's one is by Patti Davis and concerns grief.

"Life lesson 3. You cant rush grief. It has it's own timetable. All you can do is to make sure there are lots of soft places around - beds, pillows, arms, laps".

This is so true and I have the feeling this person is speaking from experience.

I did look for life lesson's 1 & 2 but couldnt find them.

Take care my friends, Brian

Re: amazing quotes

25 Feb 2013 20:04 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

So true about grief having it's own timetable and that it can't be rushed.  Grief also has a tendency to remind you that, just when you think you might be on top of it you find that you just aren't.

Take care.


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27 Feb 2013 13:18 in response to GARF

Hi Folks,

I have another quotation I would like to share with you all. This one is by Helen Keller and reads:-

"Alone we can do so little. together we can do so much"

This applies to so many things in life, but I fell it particularly applies to this site. When we are suffering pain, either as a patient or a carer, we often feel so alone and distressed. But with the help of so many wonderful people on here offering help and support, it enables us to get through some very difficult and painful times much easier than we could have done solely on our own.

Take care everyone and keep on doing what you are doing, best wishes to all, Brian