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22 Nov 2012 14:50

This chat connect so many people, so many life stories... some stories are completly nailed on suffering.

we try to help ourselves here and try to help other people, only by the comfort of a word which is spread by the amazing internet.

today i remember that would be great to share a quote that i really love from a man who I really admire:

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can  only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots  will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something -  your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me  down, and it has made all the difference in my life".

Steve Jobs


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22 Nov 2012 15:55 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Thank you for sharing that quote with us. what a great idea Sofia. Perhaps other people would like to continue this thread with thier own favorite AMAZING QUOTES. Just as you say Sofia, sometimes we can obtain comfort by words and that has to be a good thing.  I cant think of anything myself at the moment, brain box needs another spray of WD4O as it's getting a little rusty from all the rain we have had the last few weeks.

I hope you are keeping well and that you are once more the Sofia that we all know and admire. Please take care, best wishes, Brian

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22 Nov 2012 16:09 in response to woodworm

i'm glad that you liked Brian. Steve Jobs has  another good quotes that would be sense to share here, the way he speak about death and life but despite the deepness of those quotes I thought the word "death is to dark to came to that chat one more time.He is very inspiring!

And i'm fine, my body is reacting well, i didn't vomited...barely had side effects, which is pretty amazing

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22 Nov 2012 19:54 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

What a great idea for a thread!

When I was in school we learnt about Helen Keller and something that she said stayed with me:

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light".

I'm looking forward to reading some others


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22 Nov 2012 20:11 in response to Moderator_Renata

Tks for sharing Renata!

Well the idea came from Brian, I just share a quote an he made it an "initiative"

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25 Nov 2012 09:58 in response to sofia

Hi everyone,

I came across this quote and thought it was quite appropriate for this site. Its by C. S. Lewis.

Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another,        "What you too?         I thought I was the only one".

When we or someone we love hear those horrifying words,  "Its cancer I'm afraid", one of our first feelings is that we tend to think we are the only one suffering from this cruel disease. And then when we come on here, we find so many others suffering from the same thing, also feeling the same thoughts and problems as ourselves.  Many people have found comfort and friendship in talking to others, travelling the same pathway, and I thought it brings it home how true this quote is.

If you have a quote that you like, please share it with us and keep this thread of Sofia's going, for I think she had a great idea by telling us about the quote she liked.

Take care everyone, kind regards Brian

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25 Nov 2012 11:17 in response to woodworm

Good mornig,

I loved "your" quote Brian, it make so much sense. That's why I feel people "here" as friends!



P.s: today is raining (even in Portugal)!

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25 Nov 2012 11:30 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Well in that case, I shant come to Portugal to visit you today Sofia, for at the moment the Sun is shining brightly here in the south east of England, even though it's not that warm.

Take care and I hope you have a great week. Keep smiling, Kind regards Brian.

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25 Nov 2012 11:45 in response to sofia

Hi all,

I have used this quote on here a few weeks ago but I don't think it would hurt to add it to this thread.

"Life only deals you what it believes you can handle!"

I understand that some people aren't that keen on inspirational quotes and I don't always put much faith in them myself on occasion but for as long as they help others then they can only be a good thing.

sofia I am really glad you are feeling well during your treatment.

Best to all.


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25 Nov 2012 12:04 in response to sofia

Hi Guys

I don't know who said this originally but my mum would quote it all the time and has passed it down to us all which I find myself remembering and passing on also now. I think it's quiteappropriate for the site!!


Ann x

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25 Nov 2012 15:59 in response to Afaith

Hi everyone,

Just to add another quote I came across today which I like and I hope you will all like too.

The flower that blooms in adversity, is the rarest and most beautiful of all.

It's by Walt Disney which surprised me

Kind regards Brian.

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25 Nov 2012 21:16 in response to GARF

Tks Garf!

i'm really glad of feeling so fine that i'm really enjoy my days because i know that it could change soon...

love, Sofia

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25 Nov 2012 21:18 in response to Afaith

Tks Ann, your mum is very wise.

Love, Sofia

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25 Nov 2012 21:19 in response to woodworm

Brian you are inspired today

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26 Nov 2012 09:11 in response to sofia

Hi Everyone,

Sofia, you are so kind as always, thank you, and I hope you like this quotation.

Last night I came across this little gem and thought it very appropriate for this forum.

I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.

Its by somebody I have never heard of before called Maya Angelou.

The main reason I thought this so fitting for this site, is that many people lives are dramatically changed by cancer but no matter what problems it has thrown at them, underneath they are still the same person. But others see them in a different light. It is often said we are at our best when our backs are to the wall and I firmly believe that.

It's often not until we, or someone we love is faced with serious illness that we show who we really are. The fighting spirit, grim determination, compassion, bravery, love and courage that so many people on this great site show in times of need, come to the surface and I think far from reducing people, It brings out the very best in us. During my life I have on several occasions had to reappraise my opinion of people I have know for years because of this.

Anyway I have rambled enough for today, best wishes to you all, kind regards, Brian

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26 Nov 2012 11:36 in response to woodworm

Nice one Brian!!

I came across this in my favourite book by Henry Drummond.

For life, with all it yields of joy or woe

And hope and fear,

Is just our chance o' the prize of learning love,-

How love might be, hath been indeed, and is.

Have a lovely day everyone!!Ann

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26 Nov 2012 12:20 in response to woodworm

OH Brian you really choose the good ones! I identifie me so much with "your quotes" ...I feel so much comfort when I read that someone thohugh so deeply, so understanble to us, people who deal with cancer!

You made the repair from that good quote which is from Walt Disney...he is so sensitive person, his movies are so full of good messages and emotions and he has such an amazing quote for us too!

Tks for keeping sharing Brian it make me feel like when we eat a candy and read the message which is wrap it

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26 Nov 2012 12:22 in response to Afaith

Yes Afaith, the fear and hope make us love so much every important thing we have

You a share a good one too!

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26 Nov 2012 17:38 in response to woodworm

Brian I didn't see your comment before about come to Portugal (I don't know how!!), I would be glad that you visit me someday

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27 Nov 2012 07:14 in response to sofia

Hi everyone,

My quote for today is by Mark Twain.

"The best way to cheer yourself up, is to cheer someone else up".

I am trying to find quotes that are applicable to this site, and thought how when we hear good news on here, it cheers us all up and seems to make the load we carry a little lighter. Yesterday Sofia, your posting about how you talked with your friends, and how at last they understand some of what you have had to try and deal with on your own, cheered me up a lot. I hope that from now on you get all the help and support from them that you deserve. Thank you for telling us that yesterday.

Incidentally, the comment you made about reading the wrapper when eating candy, made me laugh out loud. you have still got a good sense of humour, Sofia

Please, take care everyone and have a great day, kind regards, Brian

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27 Nov 2012 14:30 in response to woodworm

Ahah Brian, actually I am too greedy and glutton and only think of chocolates so I made ¿¿a direct analogy with chocolate Bacci

Today I remember a new quote to share!!

A lovely and respectable man who was one great theater  actor from Portugal (and also tv but he don't really like acting on tv because he always defended that only on theather we see real representation), named Raul Solnado, share some important thoughts during an intimate interview, shortly before dying.

He said "When I die I want to be remember as a cool guy! And please, all people make me a favor: please, be happy!"

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27 Nov 2012 15:18 in response to woodworm

Think this ones applicable!!

May your trails be Crooked winding lonesome and dangerous,

leading to the most amazing view!!

May your mountains rise up into and through the clouds!!

Edward abbey.

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28 Nov 2012 00:34 in response to Afaith

Ann, tks for keep posting!

I hope that people feel some comfort, cause I feel some pleasure to know that you and Brian are taking some minutes in your days to find another quote, and I'm enjoying read such deep quotes! I will wait for your next quote

Love, Sofia

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28 Nov 2012 01:00 in response to sofia

"Promise me you will remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

A. A. Milne

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28 Nov 2012 01:03 in response to sofia

Bless u Sofia

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain!!    Joseph Campbell   Glad you enjoy!! Will await yours too!!

Much love Ann x

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28 Nov 2012 10:15 in response to Afaith

Hi Sofia,

Here is my qoute for the day.

Never be afraid to do what is right, especially if the well being of a person  or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way. 

Martin Luther King.

I think this quote is relavant to this site and to life as a whole as there are so many people having to deal with major problems caused by cancer. We should all try to do what is right and help each other and not look the other way when someone needs help and support. I do not feel that is a problem with this site as there are so many on here really suffering, either as a patient or as a carerer but who despite all they are going through, still find time to help others on here.

Have a great day everyone. Kind regards, Brian

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28 Nov 2012 11:43 in response to woodworm

"Among other wonders of our lives, we are alive with one another,

we walk here in the light of this unlikely world that ins't ours for long.

May we spend generously the time we are given.

May we enact our responsibilities as thouroyghly as we enjoy our pleasures.

May we see with clarity, may we seek a vision that serves all beings, may we honor the mystery

surpassing our sight and may we hold in our hands the gift os good work

and bear it for whole, as we  were borne forth by power we praise

on this one Earth, this homeland of all we love."

John Daniel

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28 Nov 2012 11:52 in response to woodworm

And another one from my dear Steve Jobs:

"My favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time"

Yes, I agree!Time is everything!


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28 Nov 2012 18:13 in response to woodworm

Brian, because our conversation  about chocolates I remembered of another quote and  I found that makes sense to share in here too:

"My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Forrest Gump

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28 Nov 2012 18:29 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Three great quotes in one day????? You really are a star. I have to say, I have to be perfectly honest and say I have never really taken much notice about quotes until you wrote the first one on this thread. But you have fired my interest in them and I have discovered some really amazing quotes in the past few days and all thanks to you. So thank you for that Sofia.

Take good care of youself, best wishes, Brian

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29 Nov 2012 00:16 in response to sofia

A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

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29 Nov 2012 10:55 in response to greeneyes

Hi everyone,

Here is my addition to this thread.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. 

Maya Angelou.

This quotation has made me stop and think of moments in my own life where things have happened that have taken my breath away.

Like when this wonderful woman I'm married to agreed to be my wife, the day my son was born, the first steps he took, when he first spoke and called me dad, dad, dad. Beautiful sunsets, looking at the colour of the leaves in late autum, seeing a babys smile, so many more, too many to list on here in fact.

These are momories that nothing can ever take away from me and that I will always treasure. It has also made me realize how lucky I am.

I hope that this quote will also remind others reading this, of treasured moments in their own lives that have taken their breath away too.

Best wishes to you all, kind regards Brian

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29 Nov 2012 11:30 in response to woodworm

Hi all,

I read this today and decided I really liked it,

"It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."


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29 Nov 2012 11:44 in response to woodworm

Hi Brain,

One more amazing quote!!!It makes so much sense and I really love your own explanation

I'm doing the same exercise, thinking the moments that take me breath!


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29 Nov 2012 11:50 in response to GARF

Hi Garf,

I really love that one too, tks for sharing

You remind me the day when I actually danced in the rain and was quite tasty! Is really a great metaphor because even in its literal  meaning it makes sense!

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29 Nov 2012 16:20 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

This ones just for you as I know you like this guys quotes.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Its by Walt Disney.

Sofia, I had never associated Walt Disney with quote's until you started this thread off. But I have since read several of his quotes and I can see why you like them

Hope you are keeping well and have made a start on that story of yours. It should be very good, like everything you do.

I have been writing stories for my three grandchildren for several years now and enjoy writing them. Some years ago I transferred one onto a CD and gave it to my granddaughter who is the oldest. A few nights later, late at night about 2.30, my son walked past her room and thought, I can hear the old man talking. (Cheeky devil, unlike you Sofia, he has no respect for his elders at all)   He went into her room and thought she had gone to sleep listening to me reading the story via the CD, so he went to switch it off and a little voice said, "You can leave that alone, I've another ten minutes left to go yet". She had already played it several times.

One last thing I would like to mention, on Amazon Kindle there is a free book you can download that tells you how to upload your own stories to Kindle and It looks like you get 35% of any sales that are generated. You tell them what price you want for your story. Hope this is helpful for the future.

Please take care for you are one special lady, Kind regards Brian

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30 Nov 2012 11:24 in response to sofia

Hi everyone,

The sun is shining brightly here in Sussex this morning although it is very cold with a sharp frost. But at least it's not raining and that makes a real change.

My quote for the day is by someone named Robert Brault.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.

When we lose someone we love, we realize all the little things that our loved ones used to do for us. Its often not until then, that we realize how many little things they did for us, that we took so much for granted at the time. I know from my own experience with losing my mother and my grandmother over the years, just how much I miss The Little Things they did for me.

Whenever I needed advice they were always there for me. If I felt down they always cheered me up. If I did wrong, they showed me where I was wrong and why. This quote has now made me realize that what I thought at the time were little things, I now realize now were big things, for they have helped shape my life and who I am. I may never amount to much, but I am a better person because of the Little Big Things they did for me.

I hope you all have a great day and weekend, kind regards Brian

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2 Dec 2012 09:22 in response to sofia

Hi everyone,

I came accross this quote and thought how true this is.

Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.

It's by Voltaire.

I look at this quote this way. When we or someone we love get cancer, it feels like we have been ship wrecked and it dramatically alters our lives.  But if we give in totally, we will drown in our own sorrow. But if on the other hand, we adopt the attitude there is always hope and fight the cancer and try and remain hopeful, we are much more likely to be rescued. That how I look at it anyway.

Best wishes to you all, Kind regards Brian

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2 Dec 2012 13:27 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Tks so much for that quote and for your advice Yes, maybe helps in the future...

And I'm glad that you are enjoying the quotes. is one more little thing to like in your life

oh, and you are not a old man, I don't see you like that. I see you like a sensitive man, a kind man who knows many things from life. And my father as almost your age (he has 65) and I  also don't see him like a old man

I loved that you have written stories for your grandsons!!! Such a great grandfather you are!!!

Sorry for not have replied before but on Thursday I went to Lisbon (which is far from my city) to shave my head and put my wig so I spent all afternoon to do this, and on Friday I returned to Lisbon to put my central catheter and was recovering me from that so I just return to this chat today!

It was one week of many changes!!!!

By the way,I'm loving my wigs!

Love, Sofia

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2 Dec 2012 15:20 in response to woodworm

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"


Re: amazing quotes

2 Dec 2012 16:16 in response to sofia

Ho Sofia,

Thank you yet again for your kind words. I am enjoying the quotes you write on here and searching out new ones that I think appropriate for this site, ones that I can add footnotes to as well.

You have no need to apologise Sofia for being absent for a couple of days. I feel so sorry that you have had to shave you head as you had such lovely long hair. Therefore I was so pleased to hear that you love your wigs. All the same it must have been very hard for you to lose your lovely hair. You have had so much dramatic change in your life in a short space of time and yet you always bounce back and that shows true strength of character and is a mark of the wonderful person you are. Thank you once again for the kind words and for starting off this thread of Amazing Quotes by an amazing young person.

Please take care, best wishes, Brian

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3 Dec 2012 08:40 in response to sofia

Good morning everyone,

Here is my quote for the day.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters are tiny matters to what lies within us".    

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

My own interpretation of this quote is simply this.  We know what has happened in our past but we don't know what lies in store for us in the future. But in another sense, until we or someone we love gets cancer, we don't truly know ourselves or as the quote says, what lies within us. Since joining this site I have met some realy remarkable people who if you passed them on the street, you would probably only just give them a cursory glance. But these same people while either dealing with cancer themselves or looking after someone they love who has cancer, still find time to come on here and offer help, comfort,support and advice to others.

Take care everyone, kind regards Brian.

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4 Dec 2012 11:13 in response to sofia

Good morning all,

Here is today's addition to this thread and its by Dennis P. Kimbro.

"Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it".

I find a lot of these quotes on here thought provoking and I often try and think what the person meant by them. Then I add my own interpretation of them. This is my own take on the above quote.

Sometimes things happen in life that deeply upset or annoy us and it is so easy to lose focus as a result. But often it can act as a catalyst that ends up making us more determined not to let what has happened change who we are. At other times it can also sometimes have the opposite affect and make us a better person. I think life is always setting us trials that test who we really are. At time we may fail these test but often we surprise ourselves and end up learning things about ourselves we didn't know ourselves capable of.

Its might seem a small thing I know but until Sofia started this thread, I hadn't appreciated the amount of amazing quotes out there and the meaning behind them. So I say a big thank you to Sofia and all the other people who have contributed to this thread, and I hope other people reading them have enjoyed them as much as I have.

Have a great day, kind regards Brian

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5 Dec 2012 11:15 in response to sofia

Hi everyone,

Today's quote is by Mae West.

"You only live life once, but if you do it right, once is enough".

Whilst I agree with the main gist of what she said, this quote has me thinking, (which is always a dangerous thing I know), with all the modern technology we have in our every day lives, wouldn't it be nice if we had a replay button we could press to go back and re-do certain things in our past. We could correct mistakes we have made, or undo hurt that we may have caused however inadvertently. For instance in my own life, when my grandparents were alive, I never told them I loved them and that is something I deeply regret and that is something I can never correct. There are also one or two other things I would change if I had the chance, nothing major, just little things really that given the chance, I would have done differently or even not done at all.

Since having had prostate cancer, these days before I do things, I tend to think things out more, whereas in the past I used to do things and not worry about the consequences of my actions.

Please take care everyone, kind regards Brian

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5 Dec 2012 12:56 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian,

Even though my Dad and I never said the words "I love you!" to eachother I am not too worried about it as I just somehow know that he loved me and was proud of me and I know he knew the same of me.  If I used a REPLAY BUTTON for that I think all it would do would make things awkward for a minute.  What I would love to do is go back and tell him that the set of oil paints and artist brushes he bought me for my 14th birthday was the best present he has ever given me.  I got so much more enjoyment out of those paints than I ever did from the bikes or radio controlled cars I got for Chritmas.  Unfortunately when he gave me that present I was initially dissapointed when I unwrapped it in front of him and I am sure it showed on my face.  I know children can be selfish and I was no different on occasion but the thought that Dad may have been dissapointed in me at that moment really hurts.

My quote for today?


Best to all,


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6 Dec 2012 13:55 in response to GARF

"We gain strength, and courage, and cofidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face...we must do that which we think we cannot"

Eleanor Roosevelt

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6 Dec 2012 14:48 in response to woodworm

Hi Brian, I really loved that quote and I and I was to reply on the day you posted but chemo catched me this time..and i became so tired...that I couldn't answer¿

Losing myself was a thing that scared me so much! But obviously we need to change, we change on every experience and cancer is so extreme that we really need to change some traits.  But sometimes it does not happen¿ In the book of Lance Armstrong, a doctor says that some great people have cancer and do not survive ...others  survive and become better and better person¿ others survive and remain and live their petty meanness as always ...

On the day you posted that I listened on tv an interview with young people who are unemployed because of crisis and live with parents, can't married etc...and they are regret them so much because don't have money for future and they are not living their dreams...and so what??? i just though they are so deceived, they are so happy because they think in future, they don't remember they could stay sick...they regret that he can't have baby without money...

I've no future (at least I do not think these things that any young person can thing...and should also be able!), I didn't want cancer, cancer change my dreams! My parents are feeding me and spend their money  with my cancer (the money that he saved for retirement and to help their sons to built life!).

This time I could not conclude my academic training ¿ I was the best student on my course, then nothing would predict that there would conclude my course ...

So my future was nothing of I dreamed¿I don¿t choosed cancer, but I have it. Cancer has robbed me so much but I don't regret anymore, because if I have time, I will do a new future. i just need time and i understand that we can be happy with little things and people are always regret and thinking that they are unhappy...

So I would agree so much! We are 90% the way how we react !!!

Sorry if my speech were a little bit confused but my brain is too lazy today...i'm empty of energy after  sleeping 18 hours

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6 Dec 2012 14:53 in response to woodworm

When my grandfather died I also regret never have told him how much I loved him ...

Re: amazing quotes

6 Dec 2012 15:25 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

Thank you for talking so openly about yourself. I am so sorry that cancer has dramatically changed your dreams for what you wanted from life and has robbed you of so much. But I loved the bit at the end where you said you will make a new future for yourself. A lot of people having the problems you have had, would have given up on life. Sure, you have the odd bad day like we all do from time to time but in your case Sophia, you always bounce back stronger than before if anything. You really are a remarkable young woman and I do greatly admire your attitude. As you say, so many people moan about the little problems in life which amount to nothing much at all. I didn't know you before you had cancer, but I would say that you are one of those people that the doctor referred too who are survivors and have become an even better person as a result. For even when you have the odd bad day you still find time to come on here and offer help and support to others. Your speech was not confused at all Sofia and I am sorry you could not complete your training for this must have come as a big disappointment to you. Keep up the good work.

Please take good care of yourself Sofia, best wishes Brian

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6 Dec 2012 15:40 in response to woodworm

Tks Brian...yes some days are worse than others...melancholia is a bad influence!