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Am I the only one OK?

18 Nov 2019 08:41

I had/have HER2 positivie breast cancer.  Treatment:  Lymph nodes under arm removed (it never presented in my breast, odd but possible apparently), chemo and radiotherapy treatment finished and I was "clear" Summer of 2017.  Had a seizure in November 2017 caused by one tumour (about 3cm) - cause; brain metastases.  Had surgery to remove tumour, given "1-2 years" to live.  It's now November 2019 and every scan since has been clear.  I'm allowed off the medication I was prescribed for seizures (Lamactil) and feel I have dodged a bullet as can't see why it would come back now if it hasn't already.  Am I the only one who thinks they may have survived?  Other than a scar on my head, an arm that aches from the lymph node removal, I'm as well as the next person ...  (I'm female, aged 56 and active).

Am I the only one OK?

19 Nov 2019 15:20 in response to JoJo20

Excellent news, i am a male 55yrs had a nasty rare cancer but stiull living after 15 years, keep Going


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