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Am I entitled to photographs of myself?

27 Oct 2020 16:29

Hey all, 


Well as the title says I'm looking for some advice. 


My mother died last year of breast cancer. Our "family" was very, very abusive and dysfunctional and I struggle every day with the mental and physical scars from that. 


Growing up we were very country people, we had many animals horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, a kestrel, peacocks, a hare, ferrets, fish........I could go on and on suffice it to say we had a fair menagerie. My sibling and I used to do alot of competing with our horses, lots of horse shows and gymkhanas and I was in The Pony Club. As you can imagine a lot of photography was involved in our competing and I know that there are many, many, many photos of myself and my first pony as well as subsequent horses and ponies over the years. 


My question is would I be entitled to those photos that are of me? I have no idea if the mother left a will (I don't care either) heck, I don't even know the exact date she died on or where she is interred. My sibling and I have what you would call a very solid "Hate Hate" towards each other. She hates me and I I hate her it's how it always has been and always will be. 


She has no use for photos of me so could I ask for them? 


Thank you for reading this far. And thanks for any advice. Happy

Am I entitled to photographs of myself?

27 Oct 2020 17:14 in response to Mimikyu-spirit

Hello there,

This is my second reply. My replies always get lost on this site!

Your experiences with the animals and the ponies are so valuable to you. I would urge to to continue to enjoy the memories that serve you!

And yes. If it were me I would be asking straight out for those pictures that are pertinent to me.

You are an adult now and you have a right to ask surely?

The legalities, I should think, would become clear once your family member who keeps the photographs has responded.

I should hate for you to be going through this all alone. I'm glad you came on here for support. We're a good bunch.

Sending you all best wishes