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Advice For Upcoming Ultrasound

24 May 2023 19:56

Good evening all, 


I wanted some advice for an ultrasound I have got a lump on the left side of my neck on Tuesday 30th May. 

I've had this lump now for around 6 months. I initially ignored it thinking it was a lymph node and it would go away (despite not being sick actually) but it hadn't and so I made an appt and went to the doctors. I've had 2 sets of blood tests which were all fine and one ultrasound about 6 weeks ago. The chap who did the ultrasound said he believed it was just swollen lymph nodes and if they hadn't disappeared within 6 weeks or there is a change then to come back. Excellent I thought. 

I then get a call from my GP surgery asking to go in to discuss the results however that wasn't until around 4 weeks after the scan. So I went back, knowing the doctor would tell me it was ok. The doctor examined my and whilst doing so, she goes "oh yeah, there it is" and I was like "umm no it's not, it's a tough lower than that" So the doctor said she'll put me through for an urgent ultrasound and so this is where my question is.

I should say the ordinal lump is sort near the bass of my neck, maybe about a thumb nails length long and half of that wide. It's quite squishy and sometimes a little tender. The new lump is right above that, hard and around the size of a pea. The original lump is noticeable, the new one isn't. 

I'm understandably concerned since a new lump has formed, but I'm worried that they will send me away again. If they don't suggest a biopsy, can I request it to be done? I'm a bit nervous about it so don't want to make an **** of myself  

Any advice, I would really appreciate x 

Advice For Upcoming Ultrasound

26 May 2023 11:01 in response to LunaMeowMeow

Welcome to Cancer Chat, LunaMeowMeow.

I'm sorry to hear about the new lump and the uncertainty surrounding your ultrasound results. 

It's important to communicate your worries and questions with your medical team during the follow-up appointment. Express your concerns about the new lump and any changes you've noticed since the previous ultrasound. They will have the best understanding of your specific situation and can provide appropriate guidance.

Hopefully, others who have been in a similar situation to offer more advice, until then if you feel like asking some questions to our team of nurses, they'd be happy to chat with you Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m on this freephone 0808 800 4040.

Wishing you the best in your upcoming ultrasound appointment, and I hope you receive the answers and support you need.

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

Advice For Upcoming Ultrasound

29 May 2023 07:30 in response to Moderator Renata

Thanks for the advice, I will speak to them about it tomorrow. As a side note, last night I found 2 lumps in my groin. I'm not sure if they're my lymph nodes or not, I presume they are. So I'll mention this to them too. 

I wasn't overly worried before but now I've found these further two lumps, I have to say I am pretty concerned.