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Advice about housing during chemo

9 Jun 2021 11:28

Hi all.

A friend of mine is starting Chemo next week. His living situation is not great. Small unclean house shared with three other people, sharing a room with a teenage boy that has mold and damp in it. Druing the chemo there is a high risk of infections due to lowered immune system and living where he is not would be a high risk. 

Is there any help that he could get to find better housing? is he able to stay in hospital for the full six months of his chemo? dont really know hwere to start with this but any knowledge or help would be great. 

Advice about housing during chemo

9 Jun 2021 15:03 in response to Emilybear185

Hello Emilybear185,

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's housing situation. There is help out there. Macmillan have Welfare Rights Advisors you could speak to about his living arrangements and you can also find more information on possible finanical support here.

All the best to you and your friend and I hope this is useful,

Moderator Anastasia

Advice about housing during chemo

24 Jun 2021 10:40 in response to Emilybear185

Hi Emily,  


I wanted to reply to help on this. 

I was living in a 1 bed flat with 2 teenagers when I began my chemo journey last September.  I went to the council and I was moved up the list due to health reasons. 

I was on the list for about 3 months and they kept messing me about I wrote to the local councillor, this really helped and I was moved into a suitable property pretty much straight away. 

Your friend should mention this to their oncologist who can provide written evidence that their home isn't suitable.  

Also, contact shelter 

Best of luck with the journey. 


Jo x