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19 Mar 2023 17:47

  My    dad  has  pancreatic   cancer  with  lung  mets   cancer  he  was  given   3  to   6  months    in May  2022  he  s  currently  in  a  pallatjve  ward  after  becoming   very  confused   and  suffering  a  hip  fracture     he  is  also  suffering  with delrium        we  have  been given  a  prognosis   of   6  weeks  its  so  hard  to  watch  him  suffer     he  s  also  lacking  capacity   but he  thinks  its  all  my  fault  and  he  s  very  angry  towards   all  family    its  so  hard  to  watch    him suffer  like  this   he s  begging  me  to get  him  home     how  do  I  deal  with  this 


20 Mar 2023 19:23 in response to Shelza70

Hi Shelza, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's prognosis and the difficulties you are all having. I don't really know how to help, but you will find excellent support from the Macmillan Support Line 0808 808 0000. They are open every day 8am to 8pm. I have used them myself several times and they have always been brilliant. Please call them. Wishing you well for the days and weeks ahead. Big hugs x