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Aching arm numb hands

13 Mar 2018 15:58

I’ve had loads of blood tests and full blood count due to backache, fatigue, arm pain and numbness in fingers. All came back clear just very low iron. Of course I’m googling and I’m seeing the arm pain and numbness could be connected to breast cancer, really worried. 

Re: Aching arm numb hands

14 Mar 2018 00:09 in response to Book

Hello Book.  It is time that Dr Google was struck off; he is the cause of more stress than anything else on this forum!  He casts his net so wide so that just about anything that could possibly be a symptom is always included and it is a wonder how any of us are still alive!  I have no medical knowledge (the people who post here generally have no medical training) but am pretty sure that your symptoms could be caused by other less serious things.  But you really need to see your GP - it sounds as though you have been having contact of late as you mention blood tests and I imagine that you are getting some iron supplements.  A real flesh and blood doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction and hopefully stop you worrying so much.  Best wishes.  Annie

Re: Aching arm numb hands

14 Mar 2018 18:32 in response to Book

Hi Book.

I can only echo Annie's sensible comments. We can't diagnose you here, and if you're worried then see your GP.