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about yesterday

31 Jan 2013 22:52

Hi all,

Sorry for not saying nothing before but i've been very busy today.

Well, yesterday wasn't so bad. The surgeon didn't tell me nothing I didn't expect and even calm me down for some issues.

I really loved him, he is very sensitive person and looks like very confident and professional, and I feel that he really looked at me as a girl with 23 years old and feel the need to save me.

The doctors are very surprised with my progress and with my case on general, but they are always remind me that even with an operation, more chemo and probably radio I have good chances of relapse ( I hate this thought!!!!) because the aggressiveness of my cancer.

So, I'll be operated on 14th february ....My birthday will be few days after that.


Re: about yesterday

31 Jan 2013 23:52 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia

so glad you feel confident your surgeon sees you and wants to save you!! I think it is so important to feel that he will do his very best for you!! My goodness they are so dedicated what important work they do and how inadequate and fraustrated they must feel at times!! Anyway it's good you have confidence in him and sound like you have a good relationship!!

God it must be awful to be reminded of relapse!! I didn't realise until recently you have a very agressive cancer!! It must be he'll for you at times Sofia! When I was waiting for diagnosis in September I met a young girl and her mother who came and sat opposite me and my husband. I had just prayed and asked god to help my have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference as I had become quite nervous waiting!!

Anyway this young woman looked so very ill I could see she had chemo and lost her hair. She must have noticed I was nervous and asked me was I waiting to see if I had

cancer and we got talking she started to tell me about her cancer journey - double mastectomy chemo relapse more chemo etc etc ( I asked god had he put her there to

prepare me for my journey!!)

One of the things I remember she said was sometimes you think I just can't do this anymore but you do - you find what you need to continue!! The next thing she was called in for her appointment and I was still waiting when her and her mother appeared again

leaving the consultants room both crying saying I have the all clear!! She hugged me and

said you are my angel. It was as if I saw the whole cancer journey in a flash it was so


I know you must have really difficult days Sofia it's a good job you are a fighter and have courage and I pray you will have the 'all.clear' one day Hun!!

So u will have your operation on love day!! Since god is love I think he will definately be with you!!

Big Hugs!! Ann x

Re: about yesterday

1 Feb 2013 08:38 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia

So pleased to read that you like your surgeon and that gives you good confidence to continue your hard battle against the cancer. Go for it as you always do (you are a remarkable young lady who even finds time to help other people on this forum and you deserve the best of outcomes. So Valentines Day is op time. Will definitely be thinking about you and wishing you all the best (its also my daughters birthday!!) and keep dreaming of a future without relapses, concentrating on today and how good it is to be here now. Best wishes and we are here to listen as always.Jules

Re: about yesterday

1 Feb 2013 09:40 in response to sofia

Oh Sofia,

You have no need to apologise for you have had so much to deal with lately. I am glad the surgeon was able to calm your fears and so pleased to hear he inspires confidence in you. It make a lot of differnce. I am also very glad they were surprised with your progress which I hope continues. At least you don't have to wait that long for your operation which I hope goes well for you. I love the additional photo to your profile page. You are a very lovely young lady Sofia, both inside and out. Despite all your many problems, you still fine time to offer help and comfort to others on here and what you do is much appreciated by your many friends on here

Yesterday I slipped over on some mud and I have broke a pubic bone in my groin area which is extremly painful so I am not very mobile and will be staying upstairs for a day or so. I have been given some strong painkillers which can give haliucinations and make me very drowsy. I have decided that at 69, I'm a bit old to try and do the splits, but I did have a good try.

Anyway you take good care of yourself, Sofia and hope to talk again soon. Love Brian

Re: about yesterday

1 Feb 2013 11:07 in response to woodworm

Hi all. thank you for your comments.

Ann, I guess the girl you met are totally right, when we think that we don't have more will toe do any treatment  we find something that give us the will. I think this is called survival instinct! And sometimes, we found some angels that remimd us about that!

Hey Jules, yes it will be on Valentine's Day. I really hope that the scalpel fall in love with me and work straight! And I hope your daughter have a happy birthday!

Brian, ahaha don't feel like a old person these things also happen to young people! I wish you the improvements(? I don't know if this is the correct word)

Love, Sofia