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Abnormality found in lung on X-Ray but I am only 27!

11 Jan 2019 08:37

I went for an X-ray on Wednesday and the doctor rang to say they have found ‘something’ in my left lung and have booked me in for an emergency CT scan. Apparently they looked back at an old X-ray from 9 years ago and can see the ‘something’ in that, but it was smaller. They say it has not grown very much but it has grown, and they say it is unlikely to be lung cancer at my age, but they can’t be sure. Does this sound familiar? I am going crazy thinking of all of the possibilities! I just wish they would give me a scan date now.  I have asthma, I used to (never again) smoke when I was younger, but apart from that I am very fit and healthy! 

Abnormality found in lung on X-Ray but I am only 27!

11 Jan 2019 10:31 in response to Bry1991


Welcome to the forum, we are not medically trained so can't advice on what it is, but I wanted to give you some data about how unlikely it is that you have cancer.

You can see Lung cancer incidence by age here. At your age, it would be extremately rare so don't worry too much and try to keep your mind busy until your doctors check everything.

Good luck and, whatever you need, here we are.


Abnormality found in lung on X-Ray but I am only 27!

11 Jan 2019 11:54 in response to Bry1991

Hi and thanks for your post,

This must have come as a bit of a shock and I can imagine your concern.

Unfortunately I can't say what they may have found, as you really do need to have the CT scan for more information.

However, as they say, lung cancer in someone of your age would be unlikely, although obviously it would need to be excluded. The fact that something was seen so long ago with no progression in symptoms over that time, should be reassuring. Sometimes, nodules are found in the lungs, liver or other organs that are totally benign (non cancerous) and would not normally be picked up other than by scans.

It's horrid waiting for scans and results but hopefully you will be sent an appointment soon. Try and not use google as it can really raise anxiety as well as it won't be able to tell you what is going on for you.

I wish you well and hope you hear soon