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Abnormal findings cervix -advice/reassurance?

1 Aug 2020 11:39

I'm 23 years old went to the emergency gynaecologist service as I noticed pain when pressing inside my vagina but I've never had any bleeding before now, she did an examination and found that there was some calcification or something on my cervix, she said it did bleed a little when she pressed it. Took a swab and sent it away. 

They also found some blood/infection and proteins in my urine so I'm now absolutely terrified. It does burn when I pee occasionally but not all the time. She said I need to go back to my GP and request a cancer smear but I don't understand why she didn't do it there and then? I told her I was absolutely panicked over it thinking the worst, end stage cervical cancer and she couldn't really offer more than "it doesn't look too bad don't worry yourself yet unnecessarily" but that's what they have to say, right? Even if it was very bad she's not allowed to tell me? I know that cervical cancer affects the kidneys and so now I've just been left to stew it all over alone till Monday, absolutely thinking the worst.

I was at the hospital I'd be referred to if I do have cancer so I don't understand why she couldn't do something more for me there and then rather than have me go back to the GP and send a smear test away? Surely it's going to take longer that route especially when time is of the essence? I'm so scared. Looking back I feel like maybe there were just signs I missed or didn't think anything of, I don't know. I'm sick with worry

Abnormal findings cervix -advice/reassurance?

1 Aug 2020 15:35 in response to olivia123



I’m sure they would have done a smear or more if you had signs of cancer. It’s just routine to reassure you, so I’d try not to worry ( easier said than done I know!) 

I’ve just seen gynaecologist at hospital & they did examinations, two cytologies & a biopsy. That was my first appointment at hospital ! So now I’ve to wait for my results and it’s a looooong wait. 

I’m sure they all realise how agonising the wait is, but that doesn’t help! 

I’m 55 year old postmenapause showing all signs of cancer of the womb, but I’m trying to stay positive, until I get the results. 

Try rest assured they would have investigated further if you showed any symptoms. 

Hope it helps, slightly, to ease your worry x

Abnormal findings cervix -advice/reassurance?

2 Aug 2020 19:21 in response to olivia123

A smear is NOT a test for cervical cancer. It is to detect abnormal cells before they reach the stage of being cancer. If cancer were suspected, you would have different gynaecological investigations. So you haven’t seem a gynaecologist yet, just a nurse? If the nurse had seen anything of real concern, she would not have told you it doesn’t look too bad- you would have been referred to a gynaecologist. 


Despite the fact that I have actually had advanced cervical cancer, I get the impression you are not really prepared to accept what I’m saying. You are getting yourself in such a panic with your self diagnosis I think you really need to try and calm yourself and listen to people who’ve actually been through this. You do not have the symptoms of stage 4b cervical cancer..I’ve yet to meet a woman with this who didn’t have very bad bleeding, in fact pretty horrific bleeding,  but you say you haven’t had bleeding. Occasional burning when you wee is also not indicative of advanced cervical cancer. The pain and symptoms of advanced cervical cancer are awful and relentless, not occasional. I m speaking from experience. 


You need to see your gp in order to be referred to an appropriate specialist on the basis of your symptoms, IF the gp thinks such a referral is required. 

Abnormal findings cervix -advice/reassurance?

2 Aug 2020 19:49 in response to Minska

I saw a gynaecologist, she was a doctor at the hospital. I went because I felt an abnormality inside my vagina and it was burning. Other than that I've had pelvic/back pain and aching pain in my knees/legs for months but GP said it was because I'm overweight with vitamin D definciency, plus I've had IBS type symptoms and feeling full but not needed to go to the toilet which they also said was IBS and didn't do much more investigation.


I went to my GP again 3 weeks ago because of headaches, vision issues, tiredness, breathlessness, chest tightness and they said it was migraines and anxiety and sent me for blood tests / urine test but because of covid those are not until Wednesday. 

I'm worried because all of those things Ive been to my GP about over the months are symptoms of late stage cervical cancer, coupled with the bleeding ectropion on my cervix. I'm annoyed that the Gynecologist didn't send me for any more tests and just told me to go for a smear even though my urine test came back quite abnormal when she knows kidney issues are a problem of later stage CC. She just did a swab and sent me away with canisten. She didn't ask if I had any other symptoms such as back pain or pelvic pain, she just examined me and sent me away with little reassurance other than "go for a smear test ASAP" how could I not be worried??


I'm trying not to diagnose myself and I will be going for a smear tomorrow hopefully but of all the ladies I've spoken to who have/had stage 3-4 they've said they shared a lot of my symptoms and have told me that time is of the essence here.

it's hard not to be scared when you have 90% of them symptoms except for bleeding and discharge. I'm not trying to diminish yours (or anyone else's) struggles/experience I am simply a 23 year old woman who is absolutely petrified and feels lost because nobody is taking me seriously that's all x

Abnormal findings cervix -advice/reassurance?

2 Aug 2020 20:10 in response to olivia123

I understand your fear. Believe me. But you are assuming you have late stage cervical cancer without a confirmed diagnosis. Ectropion can bleed easily but isn’t cancer.. Did she look at your cervix? Tumours can be very visible to the naked eye and still not be stage 4a/b. I’ve never heard of a gynaecologist suspecting cervical cancer and recommending a smear, and I’ve been dealing with this disease for 18 months, speaking to dozens and dozens of other women who have this cancer. But you say you’ve spoken to ladies with advanced cervical cancer? I apologise if I have misunderstood, but you have also said in another post you believe you have late stage cervical cancer. You simply cannot assume or know what is wrong without a confirmed diagnosis.


it does seem your gp isn’t listening to what you’re saying about your many symptoms so I would definitely be concerned about that. I do not assume you are trying to diminish my experience-I know all too well what advanced cervical cancer feels like, so sincerely hope your tests don’t reveal you have this.