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A little worried

3 Oct 2019 13:01 in response to Marlyn

Thanks  lovely , it's nice to have advice from yourself and other ladies who are fighting , I know what to expect now , roll on next Wednesday. . Hope your doing ok, I'll message after my appt , take care beaut xxx

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 08:58 in response to Marlyn

Hi Marlyn ,


Just wanted to check how your treatments going? Hope you have a good day today xxxxx

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 09:04 in response to Chriss

Hi Chrissie, 

Hope your good and everything is going well give you. Just re reading your post about your battle,  you ssus the 1st , 4 mammograms were fine , does that mean they missed what was going on hun ? I'm hoping all is well now and you through all the rubbish stuff xxxx 

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 09:39 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hello Hun, wed is just around the corner, be sure to let us know how it goes? I'm doing ok, a few side effects but I can handle them! Hope your keeping busy ....not long now xxx

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 09:54 in response to Marlyn

Heya hunni, 

Aww hope your getting plenty of rest and you're looked after well, yes not long now. Keep reading hard firm lumps are cancer, yet find contradictions too, dont suppose ill know till Wednesday. I hope its not long now till your treatment is finally done and dusted and you can have some normality. Yes very busy, kids dental appts, my toddlers 2 year check, packing and cleaning! Then working till 11pm the next two nights, lots of fun stuff ha,  luckily im not having much time to ponder, but still squeeze it in ! 

I read a post you'd put, saying you have to use all youre strength not to push people over , so funny, made me laugh ! 

Hope your side affects subside soon, have a great day hun Happy

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 10:38 in response to Mumtobeauts

Wow, you do sound busy! Phew.....

oh yes, I can be prone to being a drama queen now and again....I'm the warden of a residential home for the elderly and on my rounds this morning I did nothing but moan to them all on how I didn't sleep last night and my aching back, when I got back to my flat I realised I hadn't asked anyone how they were! Bet they were glad to see the back of me! Lol.

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 11:48 in response to Mumtobeauts

Not long now ... it's one of those sinarios ... you just need to know one way or the other ..

With me , I've always had good size boobs .. and I seemed about every 5 / 7 years to have a mamograme and get a call back ... so the 4 were spaced over about 17 years .. this last one, I knew was different .. I left it for ages .. but in the end I had a chest infection... and the breast lump showed up... it was near the surface and by then effecting nipple ... 

I was told a grade 3 .. that was in 2017 ...  had a masectomy ... which believe it or not was the least painful surgery I've ever had .. so now just hold on .. still got everything crossed for you ... so looks like your keeping busy ...  nearly there lass ...  Chrissie xx

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 15:58 in response to Marlyn

Are you, crikey and you say I'm busy. Well I'm sure your entitled hun considering your still working like a trooper, despite all your treatment and rubbish side effects. Literally just got home , having a cup of green tea n a big of choc , opps , before I crack on either tea then work,  the Joy's,  but grateful I dont time fof Google! 

Ha ha ,  I doubt it lovely,  hope you get some kip tonight . As fof me I'm a grumpy cow today,  anxiety building and so is ladies time , the Joy's xxx

A little worried

7 Oct 2019 16:10 in response to Chriss

Hello, Chrissie. 

It is thats the worst well at the moment obviously,  things could be worse,  I dunno . Getting stressed and only a day and a bit to go. Research says they take a long while to grow , but mine just seems to have appeared or I've never took any notice. Crikey hunni , I take my hat off to you too , sounds so hard what you've been through.  Your a super strong lady , hope your through the worst now ? You Chrissie and Marlyn are such an inspiration.  I feel more anxious the closer it gets,  also feel so silly if it's just something and nothing ,  refreshing to know your okay and you've battled so much.  Roll on Wednesday , I've just been to the clinic for my daughter,  she had mastitis so is due an appointment herself , picked up a leaflet ,  the boob clinic is probably a better read than Google's doom.  Hope you've had a lovely day today xxx

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 09:11 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hello lovelys ,

Hope your all okay . At the clinic now , Doc examined me and said its benign fibro something ? So good news . But sat here thinking how does he know that quick?

I've gotta have an ultrasound now,  then a biopsy , not sure which one .

Doc said , am I sure that I've never noticed it before , whilst looking at me suspiciously , I honestly haven't felt this lump ever and do check intermittently , hey hey he seems to be sure so think I have the all clear . Dat here waiting of course so have time to update xxx

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 09:40 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hay lovely lass ...

HIGH 5 my hunny ... that's great ... bet you can't believe it .. just hold the champers till the scan .. but I'm sure he wouldn't say it if he wasn't sure ... 

So so chuffed ... now I can uncross everything ...  keep in touch .. still thinking of your lass now .. then it'll be real celebrating.... woo hoo ...   ❤

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 12:55 in response to Chriss

Hello lovely ,

You were so right   they took a biopsie but said its definitely okay and limpoma , results in 3 weeks but they said do not go home and worry.  I feel so relieved dont know why I'm crying,  but it's that crazy lady time for me . Defo getting life insurance so that my babies and my hubby are always looked after , I could only think I've nothing to leave them . 

I feel like such a drama queen , I've had so many melt downs. And what warms my heart,  is people like you @Chriss ‍  and @Marlyn ‍ , have this awful battle to fight and you still have time for others , like lil ole me . I spoke to the nurses about my daughter,  they said they have never seen a child in there clinic before,  n should be paediatrics,  been on the phone  to the docs again,  it's like no one knows what to do because shes a kid, getting silly now , just want her sorted. 

I have such respect for u and the other ladies,  I dunno how you keep you stuff in order. I just want to thankyou from the bottom of my heart for getting me through this week , even though your dealing with the horrid C. You are a bloody inspiration to all women out there and faith in humanity is a nice thing. Please let me know how your getting on too. And I'm sending the biggest hug a s think your amazing , ❤❤xxxx lots of love to a fabulous ladies and lots of others keep boxing and put this ***** in its place xxxx

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 14:22 in response to Mumtobeauts

Oh my, I'm doing a happy dance in your honour!! And I'm making sure it's a really dramatic diva that's the best news, I wish we had more good news like that on here....

now, go cuddle the children, breathe a sigh of relief, keep calm and carry will never forget the whole episode and it will have changed you but in a positive way... 

to infinity and beyond!!!! Xxxx

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 15:32 in response to Marlyn

Aww thanks Marlyn  , honestly you've been so kind and lovely.  I've been fearing the worst and feel a bit silly now . I do wish the docs would just be a little calmer when referring to clinic but hey hoy. My daughter has finally an appt I  a weeks time so feel so much better when shes seen. 

Ha ha , and I thought I was the only diva!  Your such a great person and to take time away from your busy schedule of fighting and working and side effects your a bloody trooper! 

Yep big hugs from my lil man , playing with his dinosaurs and it make some more grateful than ever . Please let me know how you getting on and with a feisty diva like u,  crappy Cancer  dosent know what's hit it! Hope your getting better sleep and thankyou lovely for keeping me sane xxxx

A little worried

9 Oct 2019 18:08 in response to Mumtobeauts

Hay you ...

We all panicked while waiting ... I was a wreck .. me and Marlyn make a good duo ... lol .. 

But I want you to do me a favour now ...   

I want you to take life life by the short and curlies ... never forget that feeling you've had ... then you'll empathise with others going through it ...   take everyday as a bonus ... live love and most of all laugh .. every day watching your beauts (babies) grow ... know what a mirical that is .. don't be around miserable / moany people, they bring you down ... find something each day to make you smile .. 

Everything we go through, is a lesson ... it's up to us to IGNOR it or learn from it .. cancer gave me so much .. chatting to the most wonderfull amazing people on here , I'd have never known without cancer .. think I confuse cancer, coz it wants us angry and scared ..  well Marlyn and me, got cancer sussed ... 

Well keep on kicking it's ass along with the others here .. but oh my, things like your good result will keep others going when they read this thread ... so my hunny .. just want to hear about your little beaut ... so glad and proud to have chatted with you ...  sending you a vertual hug Chrissie ❤