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Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 22:15

I know I'm not alone in inadvertantly replying to posts put in the "Ask the nurses" forum. I just find that it's really confusing that it looks like any other forum, and I dare say I'm not alone in this confusion. I also notice that certain questions are posted in "Ask the nurses" that would be better posted in one of the other sections, because they can either be answered better by general members, or will simply get a faster response.

In fact, I think there is a lot of confusion with the sections more generally, particularly with new some members apparently posting their first question into any random section.

Finally, I would really like the option to delete my own posts, without having to bother a moderator. 

What do the rest of you think? 

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 22:23 in response to telemando

Hi there ... your not alone , l would answer someone , then find out later it was in ask the nurses ... so would have to go back and say sorry and blame my age .. ;  ))   getting used to checking first though still have occasional slip up .. but the nurses are really good an understanding , so don't worry too much ..

You can delete your posts or change some bits .. if you go back on there's a word next to the reply .. and click on that and you can change it ... also think some new members are not sure which post is relevant so just pick one ... hope that helps a little ... Chrissie 

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 22:36 in response to telemando

Me again ... the wording is  EDIT POSTS ... just seen one of your answers on ask the nurses ... and it was really informative ... I'm sure they won't mind ....

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 22:43 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss. Hope you're doing well.

So it's not just me!  I think part of the problem is that the words "Ask the nurses" aren't particularly prominent when you're typing, and it's too easy to post a reply without actually being warned and challenged by the system. 

I have to say that Edit Post is an old friend Happy but you can't actually edit a whole post away into nothing. I know because I've tried Sad

I suppose it's possible to edit a post so that it says "Please ignore" but that's not as elegant as being able to delete. I mean if Trump can delete a tweet then we should be able to delete a post Wink

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 23:20 in response to telemando

Even if we can't delete a whole post, it lets you change words or add words ... I've deleted occasionally nearly whole post and replaced it with a "Just sending a hug" good luck telemando and your replies are really good ... so don't over worry ... I'm sure any reply makes someone feel better ...

At least we don't make huge fopars like trump lol  ; ))  so you keep going .... Chrissie x

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 23:21 in response to Chriss

Just sending a hug Wink

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

6 Feb 2018 23:23 in response to telemando

Lol ... right back at ya ... 

Re: Confusion around "Ask the Nurses"

7 Feb 2018 12:16 in response to telemando

Hi telemando, 
Thank you very much for taking the time to let us know your thoughts! 
I understand what you mean about inadvertently posting a reply in Ask the nurses sometimes – I’ve been known to do it myself Happy The thing is, The Ask the nurses section IS part of the wider community and the nurses welcome other members popping in to respond to queries or join the conversation, too. 
The nurses receive an email notification when someone posts in their section, so we try not to jump in too quickly to move posts away from that area as it can cause greater confusion for them. We do read all the posts that go into that topic area though, and talk to the nurse team about which posts we think might benefit from being moved. 
We will certainly look at ways of making that section appear more prominently if and when we get the chance to develop the forum in the future, but don’t worry about replying in there. We can always pop in and move things around if you’d prefer that a post didn’t appear in that section after all. 
You’re right in terms of being able to edit a post, but not completely delete it. It’s quite common practice for moderators to do the deleting on forums as it can really disrupt a thread if people decide to remove their replies. 
Obviously, we are more than happy to remove individual posts on request though; we understand that things can change. We’re here 7 days a week to help keep the community ticking along smoothly so it’s never a problem. 
If you’ve got any further thoughts or questions, just let us know!
Cancer Chat moderator