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Colon Metastasis Experience??

3 Jan 2018 17:01


I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with colon mesastasis with the liver and lungs?

My Mum was diagnosed late last September and is currently undergoing FOLFOX treatment. We're still waiting on a scan to see the chemos effects but I'm nervous as to where the prognosis is going to lead to as I've absolutly no experience what could possibly be ahead as I am sure many are. I am aware it is quiet extreme so I'm just looking for some experience as to what I should expect.

If anyone could lend me their knowledge and put my racing mind somewhat at ease.

Re: Colon Metastasis Experience??

3 Jan 2018 18:39 in response to positivityiskey

Not a medic, but know that colon metastases to liver and lung are sometimes curable. With many cancers this is not the case. So there is definitely hope! My understanding, and remember that I am not a medic, is your Mum's possible cure depends on whether the chemo can shrink the tumours enough to allow surgery. Good luck. Harry

Re: Colon Metastasis Experience??

3 Jan 2018 19:35 in response to positivityiskey
Hi I had colon cancer in 2013 which I had surgery for which then mesastised to bladder which I had removed in2015 then diagnosed with cancer of lymph nodes in pelvis October 2017 Both bladder and bowel I had surgery on but no chemotherapy or radiotherapy They couldn't operate on pelvis as it was on femoral artery but I had chemo and radiotherapy which stabilised the cancer I am now having check ups every three months- I am telling you all this because it shows that cancer can be cured/ stabilised Although it depends on patient / stage of cancer etc- I assume your mums has been caught early as she has had colon cancer I am not from a medical background and am only telling you what my experience is I hope you're mum gets well xx

Re: Colon Metastasis Experience??

3 Jan 2018 23:25 in response to positivityiskey


So sorry to be reading this about your Mum. 

I'm not sure what the exact difference is but my Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in April 2015 and by the time he was diagnosed it had also spread to his lungs and liver. He was also put on folfox. They told him right from the beginning that he was incurable and any chemotherapy etc they give him wasn't to cure him but was only to try and manage the cancer and prolong his life. A doctor at the time told my mum that my Dad had two years to live. I was unaware of this until only 6 months ago. They couldn't operate on the liver or lungs because unfortunately for my Dad the cancer was all over both organs and was described as being like tiny grains of sand. Unfortunately my Dads cancer spread to his brain and his left eye in April last year and he passed away in August. Which was two years and 4 months after diagnosis. I don't know what they've told you about your mums cancer, but it may be treatable. Each case is different and different people respond to different treatment options. Feel free to private msg me if you have any questions. X 

Re: Colon Metastasis Experience??

4 Jan 2018 00:07 in response to positivityiskey
My 45 yr old son in law passed away last year after fighting colon cancer and spread to liver and lungs at diagnoses for 8 years. It wasn’t an easy journey with operations etc but he was here to see his daughter graduate high school and teach his son to drive . Don’t give up hope. Go9d luck