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3 Jan 2018 16:30

My mum has recently been diagnosed with mestatic breast cancer Sad It is showing on her lungs, liver and lymph nodes. I don’t even know what I’m looking for her, just maybe some positive stories would be great.

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3 Jan 2018 17:42 in response to Maggie2
Hi, Sorry to hear about your mum, I can't help with advice on your mums type of cancer, but as a carer for my husband who has terminal cancer (unknown primary, but in pancreas, liver and other places) I can advise you to seek all the help that you can get, family, friends, professionals. We are under oncologists, and also as outpatients at our local hospice. We have a palliative care (macmillan) nurse assigned to us, and she is brilliant. We also see the Hospice doctor who is fantastic. Take each day as it comes, there will be good and bad days.Best wishes and hugs xx

Re: Terrified!

4 Jan 2018 21:09 in response to jai

Hi Jai, 


thanks for your reply, at the moment we are trying to stay as positive as possible! Being that it is very hard Sad she has been referred to the Macmillan team so hoping it won’t be long to hear word..


Thank you, hope you and your husband are bearing up as best as possible x

Re: Terrified!

5 Jan 2018 10:27 in response to Maggie2
Hi Maggie, The first few weeks are the hardest, whilst everything is being sorted out. We spent the first few weeks in dispair, until the Hospice stepped in. We have had no complaints about our treatment, the oncologists have worked tirelessly to sort out treatment, and my husband starts palliative radiotherapy in a few weeks, and possibly chemo after this. Keep strong, best wishes on your journey xx