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2 Dec 2017 21:21

Hi, I was diagnosed with breast cancer just two weeks ago, it's also in my lymph nodes, yesterday I had the results of my bone and CT scans and thankfully both were clear! I'm having my surgery next week. I just wanted to say how being completely open with friends and family has really helped, I'm hoping this chat area will prove equally as helpful.

Recently Diagnosed

3 Dec 2017 17:51 in response to Suzanne22

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with vaginal cancer which has spread to my lymph nodes in groin I start my chemo and radiotherapy on the 18 th December 

Recently Diagnosed

1 Jan 2018 22:44 in response to Clh48

Hi, I have just posted on the forum,I have been going through small cell vaginal cancer, which is very rare......I wish you well on your journey....I had dual treatment so chemo and radiotherapy at the same time, and then Brachy treatment, have you heard of this from your oncology team? or do you know if you will be having it? if I can help please ask, I have never found any leaflets, info etc on vaginal cancer at all. I was under a good team, but spent a long time as an in patient, I have wished to have just known someone with similar/same cancer. All the very best.x