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6 months after radiotherapy is it back?

21 Jul 2019 08:15

Hello I had stage 1 size 2cm hormone positive breast cancer. Removed last 6th November but the 4 and half weeks of radiotherapy was delayed because of xmas so didn't start that till 2nd Jan finished on 4th Feb... I feel the lump is back but bigger and lumpier I have an appointment for tomorrow at the same hospital as before n I am tired and having migraines i know in my heart it is back... should I be angry it is back so quickly? My 12 year old daughter didn't take it well the 1st time as a close school friend of her died last year of cancer do I tell her it is back? Should they have given chemo? They gave me 5 year tamoxifen but I couldnt carry on with it as it was making me mentally ill/suicidal and angry all the time.... so many questions and I'm terrified and tired I'm only 47 but feel like giving up ...

6 months after radiotherapy is it back?

21 Jul 2019 11:29 in response to Helouisha

Hold your horses, your imagination is galloping away with you. It is highly likely to be scar tissue, it does take a while to all settle down. If you absolutely had needed the rads sooner you would have done, they know what their doing. It's completely normal to doubt everything as you go along ( I too am guilty of this) 

im glad you have an appointment tomorrow, they will put your mind at rest...xx

6 months after radiotherapy is it back?

22 Jul 2019 03:29 in response to Helouisha


Hi Helouisha,

I am so sorry to hear that you think you have a recurrence of your cancer. I agree totally with Marlyn's wise words of wisdom. This may just be scar tissue. Your migraines could just be due to anxiety.

If your care team felt that you needed chemo at the time, I'm sure that they would have given it to you. With a grade 1 breast cancer it is not unusual just to be given radiotherapy. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a bad reaction to Tamoxifen, that you had to stop it.

I wouldn't say anything to your daughter until you know for sure, whether or not it's back. it must be particularly difficult for her to deal with hen she has already lost her school friend to cancer. You might find it useful to write down any questions you have for your consultant. That way you won't forget anything important.

I hope that your appointment tomorrow goes well and that they don't find any further cancer.

Please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx