Together we will beat cancer



22 Jun 2008 14:42

In the day of modern technology many people are just coming to terms with computers.I think the idea of finally having a UK based forum board for people to ask question and get answers is a great idea.

Im 45 and was diagnosed with stage 3 Malignant Melanoma in June 1995.Following surgery ive been gret ever since.Other than having family and friends around i found a couple of forum sites/chatrooms which is a great way of finding out information about how people react on discovering that they have cancer.Not only that its not restricted to just those that have the disease.Often people in the caring profession,family ,friends and anyone with a genuine interest in the diagnosis and after care of cancer patients can input information.

Ive been involved with Cancer Research Uk for the past 7 years or so,initially with the sunsmart campaign ,but ive also do a radio advert on Classic FM radio,done radio interviews with both Lincs FM and Trent FM.I've also dont newspaper interviews,3 times with my local paper The Grantham Journal and Lincolnshire Echo.My last piece involved wearing full firekit and a pair of pink stilletto shoes....all done to raise money for the cancer research shop where i live.THE ONE AND ONLY TIME IVE EVER CROSS DRESSES...LOL

So if your old enough to work a computer,regardless of age or ability ,get involved with this new site.Its been done for people like us with cancer to ask and generally chew the fat.Moral of the story says if you dont ask questions,you dont get answers.Theres always someone that will have an answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,and keep smiling....its only cancer after all


23 Jun 2008 14:29 in response to SHAGGY

Totally agree with you, Shaggy. From the start I said to myself that I was not going to go down without a fight. The first thing I did was to get as much info as possible. I wanted to know what the worst scenario was going to be. To be prepared - and also to feel good if it was not going to be the worst scenario after all.

So I checked various websites and read, and read. The first one was Cancer Research UK. I had done the Race for Life every year for the past 6 or 7 years and was familiar with their work. I also found very good advice on and


24 Jun 2008 00:07 in response to SHAGGY

Wow! The power of positive thought! It's fantastic; just reading both your stories keeps a person on top of things. and that this ghastly disease will be beaten. October 2007, I had an upper left lobectomy due to adenocarcinoma of the left lung. Four months after the operation I was back at work, (I would have liked to have been back earlier, but my employer thought I needed a good rest!), in the clear and am now to have six monthly checks. Once getting over the shock and with the support of the medical team, family and friends, it was a question of acceptance and taking on board the situation. The way I managed the situation was to believe that all energy and resources had to go into recovering from the operation as soon as possible and that I was a busy "girl" and didn't have time for this! Shaggy is quite right regarding modern technology, which not only includes computers giving us these sites to help us but the technology also includes assisting in the amazing accomplishments of medical research, along with the incredible knowledge, skill and care of the consultants, surgeons, medicos and nurses, and the many other people involved with this disease to move things in the direction of taking the fear out of hearing the word cancer for the patient, family and friends. I recommend using The Cancer Research UK website which helped me immensely in finding information, learning more about the disease, gaining answers and helping me to remain calm. Cancer Backup , which is on line and also has on sites in many hospitals, has booklets that answer virtually every question, was also invaluable.The very caring nurses are there to talk you through any questions you have. I am thrilled to be able to post my story and hope that this will help someone. "Together we will beat cancer".


26 Jun 2008 17:39 in response to Sandgroper

That was good to read your response then sandroper i too had a tumour on the lung diagnosed in march 08 it was also the left one i had half the lung removed and also 3 parts of 3 ribs i am now a third of the way through the chemo tomorrow the second set is begining. They tell me they are doing it for safetly as all the tumour was taken away. I am not feeling so well but only have 6 weeks left , i have been quite negative the last week due to feeling so poorly, But its great to read this site with so many survivors and positive messages, i have been searchin for something like this as i have only found places where people are still sick or have the cancer come back and thats playing terrible on my mind. I need to be reading and hearing what you guys are saying on here thanks for the upliftment.....


29 Jun 2008 06:15 in response to cazje

You are brave. People call me brave too because I faced my rectal cancer without any fear and have finished 5th Cycle 15th day chemo. My last cycle will be through by last week of July. After that I will undergo radiation treatment. I am in Calcutta, India. For radiation I will be going to Bombay. I also had 1 tumour of 17mm size along with 10/13 nodes positive. All have been removed and am supposed to be free from desease. All the present treatment is about precaution.

However, I am troubled by neuropathy due to Oxaliplatin being part of my chemo. It is worsening day by day and am advising you to be aware of this side effect and keep your Doc informed should it develop in you too. It is tingling of hands and feet. It is a little irritating and a source of discomfort.

Best wishes to you, you seem to be doing well. I hope you recover to your chirpy self again.



3 Jul 2008 16:30 in response to SHAGGY

You have hit the nail on the head here.

Please do not be afraid and approach this illness head on.

I was diagnosed with Cancer in the Neck and both Lymph Glands on Nov 28th 2007. From day 1 I was determined not to be afraid of this illness and also to make sure opther people knew what was happening and were not afraid.

I started a blog and it has just had its 10,400 hit.

Chatting on some of the sites I found to be a bit hit and miss as sometimes people would question me about why I was stopping the feed tube so early etc. I came to the conclusion that Everybody is Different and we all respond differently to the cancer treatments.

On July 1st 2008 the consultant informed me that my MRI scan was now all clear and there was no sign of the cancer.

It can be beaten but you have to believe that.


3 Jul 2008 23:38 in response to SHAGGY

Hi everyone,

I decided when i found out that i had cancer that i was not going to mope around and feel sorry for myself, i knew i was going to lose my hair so got myself some trendy wigs in advance, i decided i wasn't going to wear bandanas as didn't want people to look at me and feel sorry for me as i had cancer, i also let my sister shave my hair off before it got too bad, but ended up with the bandanas as was going through chemo in the summer and was too hot to wear the wigs. I always tried to look on the positive side, as thought whether i moped around or was happy i still had cancer, so might as well have cancer and be happy. I have now been cancer free for 4 years and am still happy, at times i do think about when i had cancer and i know i have changed, but as the saying goes" what doesn't kill us makes us stronger" and i strongly believe that it does. I wish you all the best and know that we can all beat this awful disease if we stick together and support each other. With a site like this at least we know that we aren't going or have gone through this on our own.


4 Jul 2008 20:22 in response to kellie

kellie, i agree with everything you have said there! you sound like such a great and positive person. i wore a baker boy hat through my chemo,i didnt want to wear bandanas either. i got stared at all the time in chemo and radio, everyone was soooo much older than me. i feel i have come out the other end a more stronger,positive person too. 4 years clear for you? you go girl!!! (coming up 1 year for me) Silly