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27 & frightened - lung mass

18 May 2019 18:17

I'm 27 years old I've been poorly for about 8 months now and we've never been sure what it is my bloods have come back with high infection levels so I was seeing a hematologist. Two weeks ago I got a pain in my chest a bit like stitch I eventually ended up being rushed in for a chest x-ray and a CT scan and they found a mass in the top of my left lung. I've been told I'm going to have a PET scan on Monday and possibly a biopsy following that but I won't be told anything on the day and I'm just terrified. I've already research enough to know that most lumps in the lungs are cancer and that can usually mean it's elsewhere in the body. I also learned that only 5 percent survive. I honestly think they think it's cancer by how they spoke to me. They've even assigned me a lung cancer nurse. I have three year old twin girls and I'm not coping with this atall.  

27 & frightened - lung mass

19 May 2019 09:23 in response to Emilou6

Hi emilou trying to find out on Internet or books is the worst thing you can do mostly they have the worst scenario there is, it makes you a lot worse thinking about it, alot of people live with cancer a long time, if it is C you don't know yet, remember there's a lot of treatment nowadays, try to find something to concentrate on keeping yourself busy I now it's hard, we all have similar problems, best wishes.


27 & frightened - lung mass

20 May 2019 16:02 in response to Emilou6

Hi Emilou and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to learn that you are in the thick of it with waiting for tests/results and and fearing the worst. It must be a horrible time which I am sure a lore of people would be find hard to cope with. 

I think Billygoat is right in saying that it is best not to research online too much and wait to hear what the doctors think, it is all too easy to be misled by what you read. 

In most tough situations, one step at a time is a sound plan, and it is usually best not to anticipate what the doctors will say or want to do. General survival statistics include people who might not have been well enough for any treatment, and they vary a lot depending on what sort of sub-type of cancer someone has and other details so try not to dwell on them.

You may have been assigned a lung nurse to support you while they sort you out, so do get in touch with them and let them know you are struggling, and don't forget your GP. 

If you want to talk anything over please give us a call. Our number is 0808 800 4040 and we are around  from 9-5, Monday to Friday.

Take care,