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27 and scared after being referred to cancer clinic

22 Sep 2019 11:53


i noticed something wrong with my left breast (more dry skin relate which didn’t look right) and when I googled the symptoms, (as you do) I was shocked that it said it could be a symptom of breast cancer. One of my best friends, (same age as me) has recently been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and is half way through her chemotherapy so I thought I would get my left breast checked out to be safe. I went to my GP appointment on Saturday where the female doctor examined my breasts to be told that my left breast was fine, (the one that I was worried about) but my right breast felt ‘lumpier’ than normal. I’ve been referred under the 2 week referral, (although I was told it’ll only get sent off on Monday with my GP appointment being on a Saturday) and Since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. 

I came across this page page and thought I would see if anyone can advise as to what to expect at the appointment. My GP said not to worry but I think it’s easier said than done. She also said that more often than not those that are referred are usually told it isn’t cancer but I don’t know if she wasn’t just saying this to put me a text ease. Does it sound common/standard procedure to be told that? 

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you for listening. I’m sorry if this is too much for this sort of post I’m just scared and unsure what to expect x

27 and scared after being referred to cancer clinic

22 Sep 2019 14:26 in response to Anonymous91


Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of the reason why you are here but it’s definitely best to get checked out . Understandably it’s a worrying time for you but there are lots of lovely people on this forum that will come along and offer support.

So I’ll explain what happened to me when I was referred.

Your GP is correct in the majority of referrals do not end up with a cancer diagnosis. I think it’s something like 8 out of ten are not cancer. So try not to worry (easier said than done).

If you are in England you will have been referred under the two week referral system where you will be given an appointment within that time frame, so don’t worry if it comes through quickly. 

At the appointment you will probably be seen by a nurse who will ask you what the concern is and examine you. Then they may send you for a mammogram, and/or an ultrasound.  If there’s nothing to be concerned about they will discharge you. If they find something suspicious they may also do a biopsy, again this is to rule things out as a lot of lumps are non cancerous.  Unfortunately in my case it was cancer and they told me at the appointment that it was highly likely that it was cancer but I had to wait for the biopsy results to come back for a confirmed diagnosis. 

I would recommend that you take someone with you for support and to ask any questions if you can as your mind will be racing. I would also suggest keeping away from google, he isn’t helpful, is inaccurate and focussed on worst case scenarios. 

If you have any other questions please ask, let us know when you have your appointment and I hope for the best outcome for you.

take care


27 and scared after being referred to cancer clinic

22 Sep 2019 14:33 in response to Woollylamb

Thanks for replying. I think this forum is great for support. I’m sorry to hear that yours was a confirmed diagnosis. 

Can you recall how long it took for your to get your biopsy results? I’m hoping they give me an indication at the appointment as to whether it is or it isn’t so that it’s less time to wait but I appreciate like you say, the biopsy results will confirm if it is or it isn’t 

27 and scared after being referred to cancer clinic

22 Sep 2019 15:22 in response to Anonymous91


I got them the following week. However in my experience everything takes 2 weeks to come back. 

Thry have something called a MDT which is a multi disciplinary team meeting where all the specialists come together to discuss the best course of action , so they tend to feed them into that session if further action is required, therefore you may be given an appointment after they meet if you have a biopsy taken. Hope that makes sense.