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22 and worried about ovarian cancer

20 Jun 2019 11:18


My name is ~Tam and i havent been feeling great recently. I have had alot more frequent visits to the loo to pee, up to 15 times a day. And have also been really bloated, to the point where i look 6 months pregnant. I have had weight gain over the past year too but no change to life style or eating habit. 

I have lost an auntie to ovarian cancer and my grandmother to Breast cancer. I have already had a cancer scare last year when the doctor found a lump in my breast. But it was just a cyst. 

Hopfully someone can help, Ps DR Google/NHS symptons brought me to think it was this. 


22 and worried about ovarian cancer

20 Jun 2019 11:53 in response to Tammy97

Hi Tam, I have been through the same thing and spent a week worrying and it turned out to be just a small benign cyst. Yes you could have a cyst but it is more likely to be a benign cyst. 9 times out of 10 cysts are benign.Even a very small cyst can press on the bladder. First thing is to see your Dr and they will probably send you for a scan and that will tell them if there is anything there. Bloating can be caused by many things such as IBS so please stop worrying.

Do not use Dr Google and make an appointment to see your Dr.

Let us know how you get on. God bless xx

22 and worried about ovarian cancer

20 Jun 2019 12:25 in response to Musiclover

Got an apointment for the 8th of july, soonest they had :L 


fingers crossed.. Hate going to my doctors always make me feel like i am  lying about whats wrong 

22 and worried about ovarian cancer

20 Jun 2019 15:53 in response to Tammy97

Hello Tam and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to hear about the unpleasant symptoms you have been having. As nurses we are unable to diagnose or tell anyone what the matter is. It is important if you haven't already done so to arrange an appointment to get checked out by your GP. They will also be able to arrange any necessary tests for you.

Symptoms can develop for lots of different reasons and for most people the cause won't be anything serious as cancer. You say you are particularly worried about ovarian cancer but this is rare in someone of your age and there probably is another explanation.  

When cancer is in the family, people often think that this increases their risk of developing it, but this isn't always the case. Although the genes that are passed down to us can increase our risk, this may not be by very much. No one is risk free and the risk of cancer increases for all of us as we get older. This is quite a complicated subject and it might be helpful if you read our section about genes and inherited cancer risk at this link.

Sometimes, the risk of cancer, can be increased with a family history, but this might not be by enough to warrant genetic testing or additional screening. This is something that your GP can advise you about so you can always talk this through with them when you have the chance.

Please do get back to us if you have any more questions or give us a call us on 0808 800 4040. We are here from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Take care,


22 and worried about ovarian cancer

20 Jun 2019 17:17 in response to CRUK Nurse Naomi

I have booked an appointment with my local gp and hopfuly ill get to the end of it 


thank you for taking the time to reply