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2 weeks post LLETTZ

18 Sep 2019 16:15

hi I had my procedure done 2 weeks ago and I’m still getting minor cramping. But also a yellow watery discharge like a lemon colour is this normal or should I contact a doctor about an infection? 

2 weeks post LLETTZ

20 Sep 2019 10:28 in response to Klewis0692

Hello and thanks for posting.

Try not to worry, it is not unusual for the healing process to take a good 6 weeks before the cervix returns to normal after the lletz procedure, so this possibly could be the reason for this. But sometimes there can be an infection that may need antibiotics. 

So do give the colposcopy clinic a ring today and tell them, or go and get it checked out by your GP very soon.

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes,