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2 week referral (swollen lymph node)

9 Feb 2018 00:58

3 weeks ago today I noticed a small lump on the side of my neck under the jawline (rhs) whilst showering. 

I thought nothing of it at the time I know lymph nodes tend to swell when the body is fighting off an infection and with my Brother suffering from a cold at the time I assumed I was probably about to come down with one myself. 

About a week later I started to feel quite unwell, headache, chills, intermittent dizziness and just generally run down. I have some nights where I will wake up and my sheets are drenched in sweat and other nights nothing. I had noticed the lump on the side of my neck had got slightly bigger bust still thought nothing of it. 

Exactly 2 weeks after finding a lump and still feeling generally unwell and the lump growing in size I rang NHS’s 111 service and after explaining my symptoms they recommended I contact my GP within the next hour. I was seen my a doctor later that day where he examined me, checked my tempreture, checked my throat both of which he said were fine and along with the fact I didn’t have any common cold symptoms he sent me for some bloods and put me on the 2 week referral pathway. 

I went and got my blood test carried out on the Monday following the weekend and received my appointment at the ENT (ear nose and throat) clinic on the 15th February, next Thursday. 

I recieved a phone call from my GP receptionist stating that the doctor wanted to speak to me regarding the results of the blood tests however apparently like a physical appointment you have to book in a phone call with the doctor at which point I was told there’s nothing available until next Monday. My response was, “ok so nothing urgent then” to which here response was “no not that I can see he just wants to update you of the results”. 

Slight development today 3 weeks after finding the lump. It has got slightly bigger once more and I have had an uncomfortable feeling when swallowing since this morning no pain generally speaking in the throat just an uncomfortable sensation when swallowing. 

I just had a quick look in the mirror while opening my mouth and there is what looks like a growth at the back of my throat on the same side as the lump. 

Slightly worried by this and wondering whether or not to update my GP or just wait until the hospital appointment next week. 

Obviously im on google and getting worried the more I read I just hope it’s nothing serious. 

I will keep you updated. 


Re: 2 week referral (swollen lymph node)

9 Feb 2018 08:37 in response to Adam1993

Hi Adam1993. Welcome to the forum, and I'm sorry that you're having to go through this.

I should start out by saying that apart from the nurses, we're not medically qualified here. I am not a doctor.

There are a number of possible reasons for your symptoms, including a response to some infection. I would guess that the lump at the back of your throat is a swollen tonsil, which again might be due to an infection. 

The 111 call handler was just following the protocol and your GP is taking the right steps, but it is too early to know whether your symptoms are due to cancer or some more benign reason. The vast majority (9 out of 10) of referrals on the two week pathway turn out NOT to be cancer.  

I think you should stop using Google. Most of us here have found that Googling symptoms simply builds up the stress levels, without actually finding out any useful additional information. Instead, try to keep calm until your ENT appointment next week. You probably won't get a definitive answer there and then, but may be referred for more tests. Don't be too concerned if this happens.  Often, these tests are given more to rule cancer out than to confirm it. 

I know there's no point telling you to try not to worry, because you will. We've all been there and we all know how agonising this period is. Just try to keep calm, and stop using Google.  If you need to talk to us again then we're always here. Please let us know how you get on at your ENT appointment.