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2 separate diagnosis unrelated

20 Jun 2019 09:30

I have an eye cancer(ocular melanoma) and breast cancer both diagnosed within 1 month of each other and unrelated. Has anyone else had these?


2 separate diagnosis unrelated

22 Jun 2019 15:50 in response to Jenniewren

Hi Jenniewren

Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear that you've recieved 2 unrelated cancer diagnosis within a month. That must have some as a shock. 

I've had a look through the forum and found @Kleftiwallah ‍ has had treatment for ocular melanoma. You can read his post on this thread here. One of our our members who has melanoma (not ocular) @AngieT ‍ has recommended this site in a reply on another post. 

We've lots of lovely ladies here on the forum who have dealt with breast cancer. I'm going to tag in @Chriss ‍ as I'm sure she'll pop along to say a big Hello! and offer some words of advice and support once she knows you're here. 

Best wishes, 
Cancer Chat moderator

2 separate diagnosis unrelated

22 Jun 2019 21:38 in response to Moderator Jenn

Hi Jenny ..

Welcome to our little chat room .. l was scared stiff, when I heard that dreaded word cancer .. and had a couple of days, locked away , totally loosing it .. but once I'd got it all out, I came out fighting .. I brought myself a vertual pink pair of boxing gloves .. got in the cancer ring , looked it in the eye ... and got ready to kick it's ass ..

Cancer wants us all to lay down and give up ... well it's got another thing comming.. there's some amazing people on here .. all sorts of cancers all different treatments.. but all just in that same ring .. and together wer get it on the ropes ... it's not about winning or loosing .. it's about taking it on .. you know the meaning of the word "brave" it's being scared witless but still doing what you have to anyway.. 

Coz wer all scared .. and yes cancer knocks us all down at times .. but that's o.k .. you just have to get back in the ring again .. cancers given you a double whammy... so you can still do this .. you just gotta hit it twice as hard .. wer all with you .. I had a grade 3 breast cancer with masectomy in 2017 .. 

Chrissie xx

2 separate diagnosis unrelated

23 Jun 2019 12:26 in response to Chriss

Thanks Chrissie,

I think the hardest thing for me is accepting the medication! I think I am rebelling against taking it due to thinking I was almost through the menopause and the fact that someone else has the power to put me back in it by telling me that it is to hopefully prevent the cancer popping up elsewhere. I know it's for my own good. 

I too generally am upbeat and people tell me I look well and think I am amazing coping as I do,they say they don't think they could. It is amazing how you find that fight and I think my stubbornness helps (thinking back I was a bit of a rebel at school!!)

Anyway where are those pink boxing gloves? Round two  

Best wishes


2 separate diagnosis unrelated

23 Jun 2019 13:31 in response to Jenniewren

Hi Jenny...

Well they are vertual boxing gloves and only those who are ready for fight wear them .. I've got a tea shirt that has a lass in the ring with pink vertual boxing gloves on, and the slogan is .. cancer touched my boobs so I kicked it's ass ... 

I've got a few family problems at the mo .. but will pop by every so often, to check ... but there's lots of us breast lasses on here... look on the thread "the good and bad" it's got lots of journeys on there .. @Sandra123 ‍  started it .. it's highs and lows and all in between .. and lots more apart from just cancer ..  

It's funny ..people no mater how they think they know or can imagine what it's like going through cancer .. don't.. they may come close .. but on here we know .. we know how scary waiting is .. or looking at our lives ahead as a question mark .. but in reality any one could loose life tomorrow... nothing is for sure .. no one knows what tomorrow will bring... so I live in the day and make the most of every day .. that's all any of us can do ..

So close your eyes and look imagine those gloves .. then imagine us all in that ring with you .. 

Chrissie xx

2 separate diagnosis unrelated

24 Jun 2019 17:16 in response to Chriss

Thanks for the reply,I hope your family problems aren't too difficult.

ive also had my share of that too this last year or so!

catch up soon.

Best wishes


2 separate diagnosis unrelated

24 Jun 2019 18:59 in response to Jenniewren

Hi Jenny..

Just health problems ... but with a large family there's always lots going on ..  so keep in touch .. how is it going ... this is a great place to get your feelings out ... or have a vent ...

Chrissie xx

2 separate diagnosis unrelated

25 Jun 2019 10:10 in response to Moderator Jenn

Good morning Jenniewren,

I am he! Kleftiwallah here.  I hear you would like to know what's going on?

I've been diagnosed with a Corroidal melanoma by my optician,  been up to Liverpool for the preparation operation to have tantalum markers stitched to the rear of my right (sadly, my better eye). 

Been for Proton beam therapy, no bother at all with the therapy, having been involved with the writing of Health and Safety and servicing reg's for a Linear Accelarator I found the set up very interesting. Tthe only grit in life's vaseline is when 'they' re-attached the muscles of my eye after attaching the markers get at the back I think they haven't attached the muscles quite as before and I'm having trouble focusing (one or two other bothersome things also).  I'm off back to Liverpool tomorrow and I'll bring these troubles up with the 'experts'.

 Anything you want to know, just drop a line and I'll be pleased to help.  After all, we are special,  only 5 or 6 get this type of cancer in a million!

Cheers,   Tony.

2 separate diagnosis unrelated

27 Jun 2019 08:57 in response to Kleftiwallah

Hi Tony,

hope the trip up to Liverpool was ok and you managed to get some answers. I had my treatment "plaque radiotherapy" also in Liverpool in March. Still have blurred vision but also a cataract on the same eye which can't be operated on until my follow up in Liverpool in August. Then another general anaesthetic! 

My eye tumour crossed 2 areas in my eye and found incidentally after an injury to my eye, so no signs of any problems before and not picked up by my optician.So quite a shock ,then 4 weeks after the radiotherapy had the breast surgery. Anyway onward and upward, I am looking forward to having a break from appointments. Hope you improve daily and yes we are quite unique given that not many get this type of cancer!!

Let me know how you get on.



2 separate diagnosis unrelated

28 Jun 2019 17:13 in response to Jenniewren

Good afternoon Jenniewren,

back from Liverpool and quite a lot to report.  In my last 'letter' I thought they hadn't stitched my eye back in quite as it was previously.  The sight through my right eye is 10 - 15% smaller, moved to the left and angled up at the left!  This is what made me think my eye was off squew, I could see T.V. sutitles doubled.  I used my small amount of computer knowledge to illustrate by drawings and plastic overlay what I was seeing.  I showed the specialist and he was over the moon with it saying no-one had had shown the results of Proton beam therapy quite so well(so brownie points there)!

It transpires that the Proton beam has aggrevated the eye (quite understandable and quite normal) and produced liquid behind the retina which had lifted slightly which was giving me the unusual outlook on the world.

Yesterday (Thursday) we had the in-depth chat and he said what he recommended was to have a steroid implant 'slipped' into my eye to take care of the excess liquid.  (There was talk of a possible futuire cataract).  The insertion of a sterioid implant was carried out this morning under local anesthetic drops,  I must say I swore 'cos it hurt but only for a second or two as it went in.  So now I have a (what appears to be)  a short length of black drinking straw taped to my forehead!  I can see it moving about with my eye movement . If you have ever seen a short piece of hawthorn twig caught in a spiders web dancing about in the breeze, well that's it.  

Nowt to worry about.,

Back to Liverpool in 3 months.  Cheers and hope this helps.   Tony.








2 separate diagnosis unrelated

10 Jul 2019 06:46 in response to Kleftiwallah

Hi Tony, good to hear the trip to Liverpool went well and you managed to show them what you meant.It is sometimes difficult to describe what you see as it can sound a little crazy! I did meet a lady there last time who said about the fluid and she returns I think yearly for an injection which seems to sort the fluid out.

Looking forward weirdly to my appointment in August as am anxious to know if the radiotherapy has worked and as my sight has deteriorated over this last week (cataract has grown) am keen to get that sorted.

Hope your twig is still attached and doing its thing

Best Wishes