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1st chemo for breast cancer

8 Dec 2021 16:46

Hi everyone, I just wanted to write an update on my experience so far. I had my 1st chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer on the 26th November so I'm 12 days in and iv been surprised so far at how ok iv been. The 1st 3 days I had steroids which I think gave me a boost I managed to get my Xmas shopping finished! After that I gradually became more tired maybe taking naps through the day an going to bed earlier. I kept on with my anti sickness tablets for maybe a week or so which have done the job an kept sickness at bay. Iv been able to do the school run each day aswell as get out to shops. Iv felt a lot better than I expected I just haven't been as full on busy iv made sure iv rested. So for anyone out there  that's about to start chemo an that is feeling as scared as I was I hope iv eased your mind slightly. Xx

1st chemo for breast cancer

8 Dec 2021 18:39 in response to Keeleyl1977

Hi Keely, my daughter is at this very minute having a mastectomy. I am traumatised, she will be having Chemo in January. Did you have a mastectomy?

1st chemo for breast cancer

8 Dec 2021 19:40 in response to Keeleyl1977

Hi penny, I had a lumpectomy and auxillary node clearance,  im 44 with 3 children,it was such a shock an so scarey but it was manageable with support from family an my partner. I had the op on 5th october and iv now got full movement an can lay on my side. Your daughter will get through this with your support an help. It hit my mum really hard the fact it was happening to me an that I'm having chemo, I hope she's relaxed a little now she knows I'm OK x

1st chemo for breast cancer

8 Dec 2021 20:14 in response to PennyA

Hi Penny, I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter and what you, she and the family must be going through. I had a mastectomy a week ago (with an immediate reconstruction). I'm recovering really well - I'm not in any pain and I'm already able to go for short walks. Like Keeley says, it hit my Mum hard. But I have found the support of friends, family, colleagues and church to be amazing. I didn't realise I was so loved so that has been a real bonus. Breast cancer is different for each person but it's always a journey - and it is so encouraging and just downright wonderful to have people who'll travel alongside - whether that's sending encouraging messages, making meals or coming round to hoover the house! Make sure you talk to someone if you need to - there is lots of support for families as well as people with cancer. Wishing your daughter the very best and may you both know joy and hope this Christmas x

1st chemo for breast cancer

8 Dec 2021 21:20 in response to elizab

Elizab, hey its great to hear your recovering well with love and support. You took the words out of my mouth that iv been saying all along, I didn't realise how much I am loved!!! It is the most heart warming wonderful feeling. Iv been so emotional knowing this and it's certainly made my journey a nicer one knowing this. Keep positive an get well soon, merry Christmas keeley x