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No Support from my employer

8 Mar 2010 16:30

Hi, This is the first post i have ever made and would like to know other peoples opinion, (who are going through the same stress and worries as i am)

HISTORY - I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009 and underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction using my back muscle, I returned to work in mid Dec 2009, with them knowing that i would be requiring further surgery.

I work for a Large company, who class themselves as being a "People Company" On my return i recieved a letter from my works under there "company procedures", stating that my sickness was "Unacceptable" and further absent would "Result in the company taking further action", which for information may result in dismissal!

I am now off work again, due to having further surgery, so i am now worrying that i may not even have a job for long when i do return, this in turn i feel is slowing my healing progress as i am worried about everything,

Am i wrong to think this is a disgusting way to treat people. I think it is bullying and threatening, almost to the point that i would have to resign from my position or face disciplinary action! I am thinking of taking legal action and possibly exposing my so - called "People Company" to the press for what they really are!

I would be interested in anyone's opinion,

Best wishes to everyone.

Re: No Support from my employer

8 Mar 2010 17:00 in response to fruitbat

Hi there

As a cancer patient you are covered by the disability discrimation act 2005 - sorry I don't have any of the bumf to quote at you as I passed on all the info I had to my friend who had cancer after me.

I am sure someone will fill you in with the details or you could google it or something.

I am sorry about the lack of actual info I have been able to provide but thought I a quick reply could put your mind at ease somewhat .

The further surgery for reconstructon could be a thorny issue but all of the cancer related stuff should be covered - do you have a trade union where you work ? they could help you or you could seek the hep of your citizens advice bureau.

Any large employer will want to be seen to be doing their bit but the current economic climate has meant people are not getting the treatment they would have in the past(usually over and above their legal requirement). No-one wants bad publicity but you have to make sure all reasonable and fair discussions have been undertaken and no compromise can be reached before you start a press campaign or they will lynch you if you have not tried to discuss it with them. You have right on your side as far as I can tell from your post but don't do anything silly before exhausting all of the possible union and citizen advice chanels etc

Best wishes xx