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16, found lumps in my breasts

9 Nov 2019 11:25

hi all, i know i'm probably worrying about nothing but yesterday i found a lump in each breast, much larger in my left, slightly smaller in my right. they're quite firm and don't really move around when pushed on, ive asked my mum to book a docs apt so we'll see what happens. i know it's silly to worry because i'm 16 but i thought maybe i'd find some comfort posting on here 


16, found lumps in my breasts

9 Nov 2019 19:38 in response to yellow.hat

Hey, I can see why youd be concerned and it's always worth checking any lumps/changes in your breasts.

It could be a number of things - my friend had a lump of fatty tissue (forgot the technical name for it) in hers and had a biopsy etc and it was nothing bad and it's just how her body is, similarly people can have cysts, as well as general changes in your body depending on where you're at in your cycle. 

Fingers crossed the doctors will do some tests and tell you it's nothing to be concerned about but to keep an eye, but cancer doesnt discriminate on age so dont feel silly for wanting a doctor to check for you. Try to check at the same point in your cycle so you get to know how they are and that hormone changes aren't affecting what you're feeling.

16, found lumps in my breasts

11 Nov 2019 16:40 in response to yellow.hat

Hello and thanks for your post

Breast lumps are very common in young girls and the majority of these are nothing to worry about. As your breasts are still developing, changes may develop and these are nearly always due to normal changes in the breast tissue. But, I appreciate it can still be worrying when you find differences in how your breasts look or feel.

The charity Breast Cancer Now has some information about what is normal at this link. They also have some more information for teenagers here. 

To put your mind at rest, it would be a good to make an appointment to see your GP (and you can ask to see a female doctor if you prefer).  They will examine you and will be able to advise you further. Many people tell us that they feel embarrassed about showing intimate parts of their body with their doctor. But doctors are used to dealing with situations like this and they will not think it is anything unusual. They will also try and make you feel at ease.

I hope you know more about your situation soon.Give us a ring if you want to talk anything through.The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,