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life with cancer

25 Jun 2008 08:27

Hi. I thought I might as well kick off this discussion.Not a lot of time this morning as hectic day ahead but here I go.I was leading a hectic life before cancer and it was a total shock to have to take in my diagnosis and then formulate a plan to help the Doctors and Specialists help me. I am self-employed and my husband was still working at the time (before retirement)but we are fairly low income. My husband was wonderful and we drew up a plan of campaign and treated the whole experience as fighting a war we were going to win.After my operation for breast cancer I was then given 12 chemos over 6 months and 23 doses of radiation or 'zapping' as we called it. I decided to withdraw totally from work and we existed on my husbands income which was difficult but it enabled me to concentrate on recovery. Every ounce of energy (when I had it) was used for having fun.I kept a diary of those long months so the weeks of treatment caused a pattern so I was able to keep track if there was a window of a day or 2 when I might just feel ok.I was totally bald so every day I would paint my face on and drape my head in a bandana and choose a pair of awfully tasteless ear-rings and got on with living with cancer. I could just about manage to stroll for about 15minutes a day so my horizons were limited but then we didn't have the money to do much anyway. Looking at the sea is free(which is 5 minutes away) and my garden became my haven.Our bedroom was made comfortable and cosy with fairy lights so as I spent alot of time resting there it wasa calmimg, pleasant place to just be. All through those times, we clung on to hope. The hope that one day I would be well again and able to live a long and happy life. Lots more I could add but as I to dash!

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25 Jun 2008 16:39 in response to hope&faithxx

hi hope&faith

you seem like such a lovely caring person, you take good care of yourself and i hope everything goes well for you. i like to keep myself busy with various things so i dont think about cancer and how it has had the affect it has had on me. ive returned back to work but only part time so i occupy myself with charity work when i can.

take care Love

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27 Jun 2008 01:39 in response to hope&faithxx

Hi there

Read your story and smiled at your resolve you seem to have got it taped.Seriously though I know it's not that easy.

It's whatever goes after that kind of diagnosis I think. My story is that I was diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer the 5% most aggressive form of the disease, I didn't realise this until I looked it up on the internet, not a good move I am assured however it told me that I had been very lucky to find it when I did, rather large lump of 8cm which I couldn't believe I hadn't spotted before, however the chemo, mastectomy and radio have hopefully seen it off and i sm trying to get on with life.

I have reduced my hours at work and am trying to take life easier. I am 48 yrs old and don't feel ready too throw in the towel.

Best Wishes Maria xxxxxx

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29 Jun 2008 00:39 in response to Anonymous

I too was found to have an 8 cm. lump plus 10 positive lymph nodes. It is extraordinary, I didn't feel the lump but my breast had become an odd shape & was hard. I thought it might be an infection - the thought of cancer was just not an option to my mind. I was in complete denial. Afterall I had a mammogram every three years - but then nothing is 100% accurate.

I make sure I eat atleast 5 aday fruit & veg, walk atleast for 1/2 an hour a day, don't smoke, & drink v little alcohol - perhaps 5 or 6 glasses a year. I'm feeling v well at the moment & perhaps that is all one can ask for.:grin:

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4 Jul 2008 18:51 in response to hope&faithxx

Hi Hope&faith,

You sound amazing and like you are really getting on with your life. I have just registered today and read a few of the posts and your profile - and you have already given me lots of hope about my mum and made me feel me better, so thank you. I'd like to learn more about the trials you took part in but I'm not sure what is appropriate to ask here so I'll go and research them on the internet I think. Well done for starting a discussion and being so open about your story - I think it's fantastic.

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8 Jul 2008 19:49 in response to Anonymous

Hi Bluebell,Just got in from a long day. What can I say? I am so sorry your Mum has cancer and as a daughter it is so very hard to know what to do to help. I once had the same experience with my Mother as her cancer was terminal with no treatment and I just wanted to protect and keep her with me as long as possible. I found my Mother protected me from her fears but I still insisted on being with her on trips to the Oncologist. In the end, my Mum and I settled on a sort of truce....that she accepted her time on Earth was limited and I accepted I had to let her go......BUT we had GREAT fun getting on with life together when she felt well enough. I would plot weekends away to hotels with pools as my frail on terra firma....could still swim with energy and strength and my heart would swell with happiness, seeing her enjoy herself. There are no guarentees in life, Bluebell but live life to the full with your Mum and have no regrets about what might have been. Your Mum sounds a wonderful, brave lady and by the sounds of it you are a daughter to be proud of. Cherish all the good times with your Mum and hold your head high. Don't lose sight of hope, that your Mum will have time to enjoy fun with you.Every case is different but rest assured your Mum will fight long and hard to stay with you and the others she loves and the Doctors will help you all to get the most out of the treatments. I send my love and support and wish you all the very best. Take care and God Bless, Dear. Sheila xx