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12 weekly paclitaxel

26 Mar 2021 11:32

Well to carry on from my last post when I was having ep every three weeks I am now on the paclitaxel which is every week for 12 weeks. I was quite worried how will I cope every week, well it's not too bad honestly. I am at the hospital twice a week, once for bloods and COVID swabs and the next day for treatment. I didn't know what to expect, firstly cup of tea and a biscuit (result) then on with the steroid injection, a little perculiar sensation in your front bottom which just for a minute feels as though you have just sat naked on a bunch of nettles then it subsides, over and done with. The next is the bag of pacliataxel and bag of saline attached to my picc line.( Please get one done it is so worth it) and sit and chat with new faces for an hour. I am from Barnsley and we love to chat so it's great to find out tips and dos and don't from more experienced chemo patients. That's it done. I am on my second week and can tell you so far it's a lot better then the previous  ec chemo. I have lots more energy which must be down to the steroids and then when I do sleep it's for not as long through the day. I don't feel nauseas or have the brain freeze headache anymore. My only side effects are quick sharp stabbing pains all over particularly round my breast but they are quick and don't stop you in your tracks.and a flushing of the face. But all in all it ain't been too bad. My only tip this time is drink as much water as you can. I am still enjoying my boiled rhubarb sugar and fresh ginger in boiled water from the fridge added to lemonade in a gin glass. But must admit it's better with the gin but that's saved for in ten weeks time. Has anyone tried the non alchaholic one ? I must get some. Anyway anyone who is worried about this treatment don't be. It gets you out of the house for a couple of hours makes you put a bit of make up on and get out of the pjs and feel human again. Good luck everybody and keep positive. Xx


12 weekly paclitaxel

27 Mar 2021 22:32 in response to Isthishappening

Hello Isthishappening, 

Such wonderful positivity! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with Paclitaxel. I am so glad you haven't suffered significant side effects. Some brilliant tips there too for anyone who is currently about to start the same treatment. I am sure they will find reading your experience truly inspirational. Drinking water certainly is very important. And your boiled rhubard, sugar and fresh ginger added to lemonade sounds like a pretty good combo to me! 

Getting out and about, putting a bit of make up on certainly feels like a rare treat these days so I am glad you enjoyed that! And there's nothing like that cup of tea and biscuit someone else prepares for you Wink

Best of luck with the rest of your treatment. Keep us updated on how things go for you! 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator


12 weekly paclitaxel

30 Mar 2021 12:06 in response to Isthishappening


Thank you for sharing your expereince I am just about to start Paclitaxel after reoccurrence was not looking forward to this again but you have made feel so much betterabout it.I want to have a picc line fitted as my veins are rubbish now.  How long does it take to do.  By the way the Gordans non alcholic gin is the best outof all of them


Thank you again for your information and good luck to you.



12 weekly paclitaxel

30 Mar 2021 20:13 in response to Backhereagain

Hi, I think it took about 30 mins, they give you a little injection to numb it, put a sheet over you then they thread a tiny  line in while they are guided by a monitor. Once it's done they took me down for a quick X-ray just to make sure it was in the right place and that was it. Omg it's so easy when they take your blood and give you chemo, I have watched some women really struggle and it's heartbreaking when they can't get any blood out. I'm so sorry your back again. Having my third lot on Thursday so then 9 to go are you having the same. Thank you for the gin advice I'm sending my mother in law on the hunt for it. Lots and lots of luck to you. We'll get through this xxx

12 weekly paclitaxel

30 Mar 2021 21:10 in response to Isthishappening

Hi,  Yes  am having the same treatment start on the 8th April.  Gin from Sainsburys enjoy x


12 weekly paclitaxel

30 Mar 2021 21:24 in response to Backhereagain

Hi iam starting same treatment on 20th of April plus every three weeks trastuzumab , i was thinking how cold cup its working with paclitaxel ? X

12 weekly paclitaxel

31 Mar 2021 13:12 in response to Anna71

Hi I asked about it but they said they couldn't do it, I don't know if that was to do with the hospital or if it's the taxol. Then again I've read up on a few and the cap is uncomfortable and still thins your hair so personally I don't think I would have gone for it in the end. Just been for my bloods doing and it's the first time I've worn a tie scarf I felt rather hip and trendy with sunglasses on. usually it's been a woolly hat and wig underneath. Now I have braved it I'm going to buy lots more in every colour xxx 

12 weekly paclitaxel

31 Mar 2021 13:14 in response to Backhereagain

Good luck and cheers

12 weekly paclitaxel

31 Mar 2021 16:56 in response to Isthishappening

Hi , you sounds full of fun and happy lady , so lovely ... i will have telephone consultation with chemo nurse tomorrow so i will definitely ask about cold cup. I know it's uncomfortable and very cold for your head and giving headaches, but i will definitely try if i hve chance. At the moment iam stil far away from treatment and back to work , just enjoying myself. Wish you lovely day and share your experience with me . Xxx

12 weekly paclitaxel

31 Mar 2021 19:34 in response to Backhereagain

Good luck love xxx

12 weekly paclitaxel

31 Mar 2021 19:42 in response to Anna71

Thank you. I've decided there's no use in spending any more time worrying, it's not going to change anything, don't get me wrong had the panick attacks and the black thoughts but at the moment I am defiant and ignoring  my cancer, summer is coming blue skies and daffodils are out. We women are tough cookies and we will get through this. Good luck and positive thoughts to you x

12 weekly paclitaxel

1 Apr 2021 01:18 in response to Isthishappening

@Isthishappening ‍ 

Hi there,

My experience with Paclitaxel - well I'm a bit further down the line from you and just had Round 10 of 12 weekly sessions.
Previous to that I had 4 A/C sessions (every 3 weeks). I found that quite tough mainly the nausea and generally not feeling good. When I started Paclitaxel it did seem much easier but for me personally, the side effects are building up week by week. I also suffer from the facial flushing which appears the day after treatment and lasts just over 24hrs. Then as the flushing is going down I get a nice rash which lasts for 3 to 4 days although the last 2 weeks it hasnt been as bad. I still get some nausea but much milder than before and it doesn't affect my appetite, My main problem has been crazy itchiness on the backs of the hands which I think has developed into the Hand-Foot syndrome that I've read up about. The hands become bright red and are very sore and painful, they sometimes feel like they're on fire and the skin is peeling. I've tried several different creams and natural products which seem to ease it one day and not the next. My oncologist has given me anti-histamine tablets and a corticosteroid cream, which sometimes help and sometimes doesn't. Also my nails are lifting and discolouring. And I have 1 foot affected too.  I think its something that will not improve until I have finished the chemo.
I'm so glad I only have 2 sessions left!

Not everyone gets these side effects I'd like to add, it can affect people in different ways and some people are very lucky and get none.

i'm keeping my fingers crossed you are one of the lucky ones!

Wishing you all the very best and hoping you enjoy that gin in 10 weeks time!

I have a nice bottle of cava chilling for my celebration! Happy




12 weekly paclitaxel

1 Apr 2021 13:34 in response to MIr86

Thanks for that, yes so far so good for me, how awful that sounds I do hope I can avoid it but it's inevitable that I will be topping up each week. Thank you for the cream name I will ask for some prior so I can use it before it gets bad. Two bottles of NA gin now in the fridge excited at trying it tonight. Lots of luck to you and you will be ringing that bell soon ❤️