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10cm ovarian cyst and raised CA-125

2 Jun 2019 13:13


I have a 10cm Overian cyst and blood tests show a raised CA-125.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow afternoon to get a better picture.  Am trying to stay positive but getting increasingly nervous! 

Has anyone else been in similar position? How soon were you seen by Dr after the ultrasound? 

Did you have an operation to remove the cyst? 


10cm ovarian cyst and raised CA-125

2 Jun 2019 14:02 in response to Bmj2013

Hi Bmj2013,

I’m currently in a similar position, with a 13cm abdominal mass & elevated CA125 levels.  I received my ultrasound results from my GP about 2 days after the ultrasound.  The next step for me was a CT scan as it wasn’t clear from the ultrasound what the mass is attached to (probably an ovary, but not certain).  My case is being discussed at an MDT meeting next week so I should hear my treatment plan in the next week or two.  Every case is different but hopefully you’ll receive your ultrasound results pretty quickly.  

Good luck, I hope all goes well for you.


10cm ovarian cyst and raised CA-125

2 Jun 2019 15:11 in response to saldo5

Thank you for the reply

I have had CT scan already and they were talking about my case a weekly meeting last Friday.

trying to stay positive Happy

Hope all goes well for you xx


10cm ovarian cyst and raised CA-125

9 Oct 2019 16:29 in response to Bmj2013


Did you hear anything/have the operation to remove? 

I'm awaiting my operation date for a 10cm ovarian cyst with raised CA-125. Having to wait a little longer due to having pneumonia. Nervous about the op as never had one before .

Hope you are all well xx