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13 Dec 2012 15:10

Can anyone help im 21 years of age and have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer, would you be able to give me some advice as Im soo young and my head is sooo confused

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13 Dec 2012 15:42 in response to Bella2013

Hi Bella,

I'm 23! I was diagnosed at 22 and i'm relapsed! My cancer is ovary small cell carcinoma ...please feel free to say what you want...I could talk with you ( and more people here will want to talk)...I understand you when you said "i'm so young"'s terrible!

It will be a difficult time Bella, but i'm glad that you found that will help you. If I had find that chat earlier I woudn't suffer so much. My only advice is that you need to focus on you, be honest on you and allow yourself feel the things you feel. Do the things you want and express your feelings to others!

Having cancer is living on limit, it's a new and sacry world. And you will find many barriers and some people will dissapoint you, other people won't!

I would like that you read the book "The Girl with nine wigs" from Sophie Vander Stap! She had a rare and aggressive cancer at age 21 and she survive! I indentified me  a lot with her feelings and thougths.

It will be importat for you understand you and feel that you are a girl with 21, just with a problem...find your place to rest, your refugee...And we need to feel pretty because we are so young, so do everything to feel you as pretty girl, as always!'t know...

Well, another advice ...I don't know...if you explain me how you are feeling...I could imagine but it is important...Tell me, what is making you feel so confuse?

You need to know that...

Love, Sofia

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13 Dec 2012 18:25 in response to sofia

Heya Sofia ,

,My problems are that I dont just have cancer, I have Gorlins , High blood pressure of a height where I should be In hospital.. Im only 21 , I found it hard when I found out that I had it all I wanted to do was break down and cry.. I wouldnt say anything bad about you Im not that sort of person. When I found out I had cancer last Sept I told my mum first and then my dad , Not even realising that my dad would soon disown me ,, I see what you mean by I need to focus on being me , I am planning to get married next year , and times yeswill be difficult but I will overcome them like I have overcome any over obstical . I will give that book a read

Thanks Bella

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17 Dec 2012 09:15 in response to Bella2013


Thank you for your post. I was sorry to learn you have recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. I can imagine this must be a difficult time.

I was unsure what type of skin cancer you have, I might be wrong but I wondered if it was basal cell carcinoma . I see from your post to Sofia that you also have Gorlins.  One of the causes of basal cell carcinoma can be Gorlin syndrome. You may find it helpful to read our information about Gorlin syndrome. We also have information about having skin cancer treatment when you have Gorlin syndrome.

I was unsure of what advice you needed. If you would like to speak with one of our cancer information nurses. We are here between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday and the freephone number is 0808 800 4040

You may also find it helpful to contact The Gorlin Syndrome Group  who provide advice and support for people affected by Gorlin syndrome.

I hope this helps in some way.

Best wishes


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18 Dec 2012 16:26 in response to CRUK Nurse Jemma


I do have BCC's which is connected to my gorlins , I hate just being me at the moment... Gorlin Group hasnt really help. But thanks anyway