Workshop – Help us shape research to detect cancer earlier

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The early detection of cancer is an emerging area of research which could have a big impact. The earlier we can detect a cancer, the better the survival chances for patients.  If you’d like to inform our work in this area, this workshop in Cambridge may be for you.

Closing date for applications: Monday 26th February

Time commitment: One 3-hour workshop on 12th March

Location: University of Cambridge

Any specific criteria: At CRUK we listen to and work with people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups. At this event we’d like to hear from people who have cancer, have survived cancer, or have a high genetic risk of cancer (e.g. BRCA mutation carriers).  We also want to hear from members of the public who’ve not been directly affected by cancer but are interested in ‘early detection’ research. 

Expenses: We will cover expenses for your travel and refreshments. An optional £50 honorarium will be offered for your time.

About the opportunity

Early detection research is about detecting a cancer, or pre-cancerous state, at the earliest possible time at which an intervention might be made. To distinguish between detection and diagnosis, we think that detection is about finding a specific signal that identifies cancer earlier, and diagnosis is about implementing that signal in the health care pathway. Finding ways to detect cancers early could contribute to diagnosing more cancers early, and lead to more people surviving the disease.

We want to make sure that the early detection research we fund is focused on what matters to you. Join our workshop to learn more about early detection research and share your views about what you’d like the research to achieve.

If you’re interested in attending, please email and ask for a registration form. Registration forms will be reviewed and individuals selected to ensure a variety of backgrounds and experiences are represented at the event. 

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