Workshop: Evaluating our research progress

Take part in our full day workshop to help us review the progress that we've made in our research over the past 2 years. 

Opportunity deadline: 31st October 2016

Opportunity start date: 11th January 2017 

Location: Birmingham

About the strategy review

Our research strategy was launched in April 2014 and a review of the strategy is now due.

It’s important that we evaluate our progress against the strategy to understand whether we're achieving our goals. As part of our review process, we want to include insight and constructive challenge from researchers and people affected by cancer. The review is also a great opportunity to identify any gaps in our strategy, understand how we can refine our approaches, and look at focusing on new areas of importance.

What will the role involve?

You’ll be invited to participate in a full day workshop with other people who have been affected by cancer. The workshop’s aim will be to evaluate and discuss the progress that we’ve made in research over the past 2 years. At the workshop, you’ll hear a summary of our major investments, our key research achievements, and where we still have more to do. We’ll then ask you to share your thoughts and opinions on our achievements to date.

Input from this workshop, and a second workshop with the research community, will be used to inform a report on progress against our strategy.

Expenses will be covered according to Cancer Research UK’s expenses policy. We’re also offering an honorarium. To get involved or find out more, contact us at


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