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Our ‘About Cancer’ information pages receive 20 million visitors a year. Take our short survey and help us understand what our readers need so we can develop cancer information that’s accessible, engaging, and impactful.

Opportunity deadline: Wednesday 14th February 2018

Location: Online

Suitable for a beginner? Yes

Time commitment: 10 minutes

About the opportunity

Cancer Research UK’s ‘About Cancer’ webpages provide information about cancer, its treatments and clinical trials for anyone affected by the disease. The site has around 7,000 pages which cover more than 95% of the cancers diagnosed in the UK, including many rare cancers.

We want people affected by cancer to feel supported with information that they can trust, and our Patient Information team keep on top of the latest research to make sure the information is the best quality. For this information to be most useful to people affected by cancer, it’s also vital that we present it in an accessible and engaging way. To do this effectively we need to understand our audience’s needs.

Take our short survey and let us know how you like information to be presented. The responses we receive will help us develop more targeted, impactful and relevant information about cancer.

If you would like a paper copy of the survey please email or call us on 0203 469 8777. 

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