Reviewing online information on nutrition

Do you have an interest in good quality public information? Help the British Nutrition Foundation review information about reducing the risk of cancer on their website.

Opportunity deadline: 30th September 2016

Opportunity start date: 7th September 2016

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is a charity that provides nutrition information to help people feel more informed and encourage them to make healthier choices.

There is a lot of nutrition information out there, but the quality varies enormously. So it's really important to the BNF that the information they produce on diet and reducing the risk of cancer is high quality, clear, balanced, evidence-based and user-led. The content on their website is certified by the Information Standard, an NHS quality mark which demonstrates a commitment to clear, accurate, impartial, evidence-based and up-to-date information. As part of this process the BNF ask the public and patient groups to review the content on their website.

About the role

The BNF are looking for people to help them review their ‘Tips for reducing the risk of cancer’ webpages which are currently being updated. You don’t have to be an expert or have any particular qualifications to do this, just an interest in good quality public information! If you’d like to be involved in reviewing this information, they will provide a link to a simple tool we have made for this purpose, or if you prefer you can email them directly with your feedback.

Your feedback will help the team updating the pages ensure that the content is relevant, interesting, useful, and at a suitable level. You’ll also be helping others to improve their knowledge of nutrition!


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