Patient Sounding Board – Join an advisory panel to inform and shape our work

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As a Sounding Board member, you’ll inform and influence our work across a wide range of activity, making sure that what we do reflects the needs and priorities of people affected by cancer.

Opportunity deadline: Sunday 21st January 2018.

Location: Meetings will be held in Central London.

Payment and expenses: We’ll pay travel and accommodation expenses in line with Cancer Research UK’s payments policy. You’ll also be invited to claim an optional £50 honorarium in recognition of your contribution to meetings.

Any specific criteria? You do not need any specific experience to join, other than an experience of cancer as someone who has had a cancer diagnosis, or as a carer or family member of someone affected by cancer.

Time commitment: The Sounding Boards will meet every other month in London for a minimum of a year. The first meeting for the Policy Sounding Board will be w/c 28 February 2018 and for the Research and Strategy Sounding Board will be w/c 28 March 2018. 

About the opportunity

We want to ensure that our work is grounded in the experience of people affected by cancer. Our highly valued Patient Sounding Boards have played a huge part in helping our staff understand the needs and priorities of people affected by cancer and bring that insight into their work.  Sounding Board members share their experience of cancer to shape our research activity, patient information, policy priorities, media campaigns and much more.

‘By helping us make a difference, you’ve really made a difference to us.’

Mike Thorpe, Sounding Board member

To ensure we’re continually bringing in new perspectives we’re recruiting new members to join our Sounding Boards in 2018.  Each Sounding Board has a different area of focus. One focuses on our research activity.  The other focuses on our policy priorities, our work to influence Government and the NHS, and the information we produce about cancer.

It’s really important that we hear from a wide range of people affected by cancer, from different backgrounds, to ensure we hear a diverse range of cancer experiences. 

You can watch a video about our Sounding Boards to see what it’s like to be part of one. Or for an application form, click on the link below to get in touch.

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