Patient Representative - Support GPs to prevent and diagnose cancer early

Interested in finding out how Cancer Research UK and the Royal College of General Practitioners are supporting GPs to prevent and diagnose cancer early? Right now, we're looking for two patient representatives to join our CRUK-RCGP joint steering group. Get involved and you can help shape the direction of our partnership over the next year.

Opportunity deadline: Monday 22 May

Opportunity start date: First meeting Wednesday 5th July

Location: London

Payments and expenses: All reasonable travel, accommodation, catering and participation costs will be met by Cancer Research UK as per our policy. In addition, an honorarium will be offered to cover preparation and attendance of meetings.

We've been working in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners since 2012. GPs can play a huge role in supporting their patients to reduce the risk of getting cancer, and in diagnosing cancer as early as possible. The partnership supports best practice in this important area.

We're looking for two people affected by cancer to join the group as patient/carer representatives. This is your opportunity to ensure that the perspectives of cancer patients and those close to them are represented in all of our joint activities, and to support our decision making. Your input will help shape the direction of the CRUK-RCGP parternship over the next five years.

The partnership between CRUK and the RCGP has enable us to achieve much more together than would have been possible separately. For example, our workshops aim to help GPs reduce their patients' risk of getting cancer, and be more alert to symptoms that will help to diagnose cancer earlier. GPs who have attended say that their knowledge and awareness increased by 72.5% on average.

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To find out more about the role and how you could get involved, email and we'll send you a role description, and more information.

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If you have any questions about this opportunity, please get in touch by calling 0203 469 8777 or email

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