Patient Representative - Share your experience to advise researchers

Can you provide advice to researchers from a patient or carer perspective? Cardiologists at the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, university of Edinburgh are running a clinical trial in breast cancer patients. They're setting up a group of people affected by cancer who can give opinions and advise them on how best to share the results with the public.

Opportunity deadline: Sunday 30 April

Opportunity start date: First meeting May 2017

Location: Edinburgh

Payment and Expenses: Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

The improvement in breast cancer survival is in part down to chemotheray drugs called anthracyclines. This medication can cause the unwanted side effect of heart muscle injury. Breast cancer survivors have increased rates of heart problems including heart muscle failure.

In June, cardiologists at the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit will start a clinical trial to see whether a convenient blood test can detect those at risk of heart failure. The study will also confirm if medication used to treat heart failure (i.e. B-blockers and angiotensin receptor blockers) can prevent the decline in heart muscle function in those at risk of heart muscle injury related to chemotherapy.

Are you a breast cancer survivor who underwent anthracycline treatment? If so, you could contribute to the research by:

1. Providing comments on the documents that will be given to study participants

2. Providing feedback on their clinical trial website

3. Advising the team on how they can best share their results with breast cancer patients.

If you would like more information about joining the advisory group please email or telephone Morag on 0131 537 3846.

Please note - this is not an opportunity being run by the Cancer Research UK Patient Involvement Team. We're sharing it with you as we think it'll be of interest to you.

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