Patient Representative - Help us to improve our work with patient data

Patient data helps us to understand the realities people affected by cancer and healthcare systems are facing. We're developing a new strategy, and would like two people affected by cancer to be part of the Working Group to ensure the interests of patients and those close to them are represented.

Opportunity deadline: Monday 17 July

Opportunity start date: Induction late August, first meeting September

Payment and Expenses: We will offer a £50 honoraria for each meeting and cover resonable travel expenses in accordance with our reward and recognition policy.

Location: London

Cancer data is vital in saving lives and helping us improve the experience of patients. For example, by collecting data from cancer patients, we learnt that in 2006-10, one in four cancer patients were diagnosed as emergencies. We wanted to understand why this was happening so we could reduce this number and support people to get a much earlier diagnosis. In 2012-13 this went down to one in five, but reducing this further is a huge priority to give patients the best chance of survival.

At Cancer Research UK, we have a team of people dedicated to gaining insight from patient data. We want to be more ambitious, so we can have an even greater impact. For this, it's essential we have robust, transparent processes that people affected by cancer are comfortable with.

We're developing a new Data Governance Strategy and want the voices of people affected by cancer to help shape out work in this area. As an expert in cancer experience, we'd like you to join our new Working Group alongside other experts to imrpove the quality of our work.

For more information on the role and the Working Group, please get in touch by emailing or calling 0203 469 8777.

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If you have any questions about this opportunity, please don't hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0203 469 8777 or by emailing

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