Patient Representative - Help us ensure that our new immunology research has real patient benefit

Advances in the field of immunology research have the potential to benefit those affected by cancer and also those affected by arthritis. We want to involve you in a new collaboration between Cancer Research UK and Arthritis Research UK to develop new research ideas!

Opportunity deadline: Friday 12 May

Opportunity start date: Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 July

Location: The Oxford Belfry, Oxford

Payment and Expenses: Accommodation will be pre-booked, and travel can booked in accordance with our policy. We will pay £240 honorarium for the three days the patient rep attends the workshop. All catering will be provided for the three days and an evening meal on the 17th July.

We're teaming up with Arthritis Research UK to run a 3 day workshop for a diverse range of researchers and people affected by cancer and arthritis. You can help us to develop new research ideas and also share your opinion to influence our funding decisions by coming along as a patient representative.

The workshop will focus on developing new research into the regulation of the immune system in cancer and arthritis. During the workshop all the attendees will have the chance to work together to develop new research ideas, and then to pitch for funding. Successful project teams are awarded up to £45,000 funding for 1-year pilot projects. We're collaborating with Arthritis Resarch UK to help forge new working relationships between arthritis and cancer researchers. We know that there is huge potential for them in sharing ideas that could speed up research progress or help us to identify new ways of thinking about research and increase their knowledge.

Why we need you

We are looking for a person affected by cancer to attend the full three days of the workshops as a patient representatve; you don't need scientific or research knowledge but should feel confident in taking part in small group discussions and have an interest in research. There'll also be a person affected by arthritis attending the workshop in the same capacity.

Your involvement will help researchers understand the experiences of someone affected by cancer. You'll also contribute by helping researchers think about how their research fits with the CRUK strategy, and what scope there is for patient benefit. This will culminate in you helping making the funding decisions as part of the fundingh panel. At the workshops you will be supported by both Cancer Research UK and Arthritis Research UK staff.

Get involved!

To find out more about the workshop and how you could get involved in it email and we'll send you a role description and more information about the workshop.

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