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Right now, our Precision Medicine team is looking to recruit a diverse group of people to help them to shape their precision medicine strategy and broader communications.

Opportunity deadline: 23rd October

Opportunity start date: 2nd February 2017

About this opportunity

We're recruiting people to join a Precision Medicine Communications Group. As a member you will have the opportunity to inform and influence our work at a variety of stages. You'll also support both specific projects such as the development of new information about precision medicine, as well as sharing your ideas to help us develop broader initiatives such as the charity's precision medicine strategy.

What is precision medicine?

It's based on our ability to understand the genetic make-up of a patient's tumour. Doctors can use the genetic 'instructions' held in DNA of a patient's tumour to guide treatment decisions for each individual patient. The more we learn about the genetic differences in a cancer, the more we are able to offer a treatment that specifically targets those differences. This means that patients are more likely to benefit from the treatment (also known as a targeted therapy).

As we understand more about how each cancer is unique, we need to adapt from designing clinical trials around a specific drug, to designing trials around specific groups of patients.

About the role

The role will involve meeting in London every 3 months, as well as giving your views over email when certain ad-hoc requests arise. We will provide you with training and ongoing support to ensure that you feel confident in the role. An honorarium of £80 for each face-to-face consultation will be offered in recognition of the time that you are giving to us, and we'll also cover all reasonable expenses.

If you have an interest in cutting edge research and helping us in how we communicate our it effectively to patients, please email for an application form and full role description.

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