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You'll find a variety of opportunities below to get involved and help us beat cancer sooner. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an opportunity that interests you. 

Survey – Help us improve our ‘Children’s Cancer’ information

Parents with a young girl who is wearing a hat and playing in the daffodils at a park.

Are you a parent? Answer our online survey to help us make sure our ‘Children’s cancers’ webpages are relevant and useful for the parents who’ll need to access them.

Online activity – Help review our ‘Get Involved’ webpages

A man and women carrying buckets to collect money, wearing Cancer Research UK t shirts.

Help improve the online experience for supporters who want to get involved with Cancer Research UK by taking our online exercise.

Workshop – Help us shape research to detect cancer earlier

6 people sitting around a table writing notes on flipchart paper

The early detection of cancer is an emerging area of research which could have a big impact. The earlier we can detect a cancer, the better the survival chances for patients.  If you’d like to inform our work in this area, this workshop in Cambridge may be for you.

Survey - What cancer science questions would you like answered?

Man with dark hair standing in front of a whiteboard covered with scientific formulas

Our experts are dedicated to bringing you the latest findings, from the lab bench to clinical trials. But do you have a burning question that we haven’t answered? In our new Science Surgery series, you can take our survey and submit the questions you'd like answered by our expert team.  

Patient Representative - Birmingham Trial Management Group for new phase II Colorectal Cancer Trial

Patient representative with short dark hair and glasses, sitting down, wearing a flowery print top

Share your experience of colorectal cancer to help us develop a new early-phase clinical trial. As a patient representative of the Trial Management Group, your experience and thoughts can help to develop a clinical trial that is relevant and impactful for future patients.

Online quiz – Help us improve how we display products in our online shop

Cancer Research UK notesbooks and pin badges for sale in shop

We’re reorganising how we display products on our online shop and would like to understand how people would logically group different items together. Help us list our products by completing this quick and fun online task.

Survey - Help shape our ‘About Cancer’ information

Man using laptop

Our ‘About Cancer’ information pages receive 20 million visitors a year. Take our short survey and help us understand what our readers need so we can develop cancer information that’s accessible, engaging, and impactful.