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You'll find a variety of opportunities below to get involved and help us beat cancer sooner. Whether you've got lots of time to spare or only a little, and whatever your experience of cancer, we hope you'll find an opportunity that interests you. 

Survey – Help us develop a new treatment diary

Cancer Research UK and The UK Chemotherapy Board are collaborating to develop a treatment diary for chemotherapy and immunotherapy patients. Take our short survey and help ensure that the diary is relevant and useful for patients.

Free public event - The Future of Cancer Treatment: Advances in Surgical Cancer Care

White male surgeon wearing glasses and wearing green surgical scrubs

New technologies and a better understanding of our individual genetic make-up are leading to advances in surgical cancer care, ensuring that the best cancer treatments are provided for each patient.

Join us in Birmingham on 16th May to hear from surgeons, clinicians and patients who are delivering pioneering research to improve patient care.

Survey - What cancer science questions would you like answered?

Man with dark hair standing in front of a whiteboard covered with scientific formulas

Our experts are dedicated to bringing you the latest findings, from the lab bench to clinical trials. But do you have a burning question that we haven’t answered? In our new Science Surgery series, you can take our survey and submit the questions you'd like answered by our expert team.