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What difference does patient involvement make?

By working together with people affected by cancer, we’re increasing our understanding of cancer, keeping research grounded in the needs of patients and ensuring that all our work has a clear and significant benefit for patients.

We are already seeing the difference that people affected by cancer are making by taking part in involvement activities. They’ve been involved in developing a range of projects and campaigns in a number of fields from clinical and population research to the development of our cancer policy and patient information. 

Alfred's story

Alfred has traveled throughout the world and owns his own security consultancy company. He is also a five-year advanced metastatic prostate cancer survivor. He tells us why he thinks it's important for people to get involved.

Communicating with trial participants

9 people affected by cancer, all with different experiences of cancer clinical trials, attended a focus group to help shape how we communicate with future trial participants.

Michele's Story

Michele took part in our focus group for people who had experience of participating in a clinical trial. She tells us about her experience and why she feels it's so important for people affected by cancer to share their views.

Nick's story

As a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador, Nick has been engaging his local MP and community around Cancer Research UK's current campaigns - Don't Quit on Us and Junk Free TV.

Helen's story

As a member of Your Involvement Network, Helen has taken part in a range of things. She tells us about her role as a patient representative in our Grand Challenge.

Meet Sylvia

Over the years, Cancer Campaigns Ambassadors undertook various actions supporting our 'Setting the Standard' campaign - many of which were from the comfort of their own homes. Sylvia tells us about her experience.

Meet Alex

Alex is helping us beat cancer sooner in so many ways. She's one of our Media Volunteers, a Health Awareness volunteer, an office volunteer, and has recently started to get involved in shaping our work.

Meet Penny

Penny's not only a Your Involvement Network member and a Media Volunteer, but a Cancer Campaigns Ambassador too, who has been campaigning since 2010.

Meet Patrick

As a Campaign Ambassador, Patrick’s helping us beat cancer sooner in more ways than one. Read his story to find out what motivated him to act.

Meet Lorna

Lorna is making a make a difference to other patients and their families by helping to shape our work.  

Meet Pat

Pat is passionate about early prevention and detection.  As one of our new patient sounding board members, she tells us what getting involved has been like so far.

Debby's story

Alongside other patient representatives, Debby helped us review plans for patient involvement in funding applications this September. 

Paul's motivation for being involved

Paul, patient network member

Paul first got involved in our work after being treated for testicular cancer (primary and secondary) during 2011-12.  Read about his experience and why he feels it’s so important for patients to be involved.

How Sue got involved

We’re coordinating an audit looking at the contact people have with the NHS prior to being diagnosed with cancer. Sue, one of the patient representatives on the project’s steering group, tells us about her role and how she got involved.

What involvement means to Terry

Terry is a member of our Grand Challenge Patient Panel.  He tells us what it means to him be able to shape our work and how he feels patient contributions can make a difference. 


Meet Debbie

Debbie has used her professional skills as well as her experience of cancer to help influence our work through her role as a sounding board member. She tells us why, as a cancer patient, she feels patient involvement is so important.

Jim's first experience of getting involved

Jim atteneded a workshop run by CRUK and Macmillan Cancer Support this May. He tells us about why he got involved and how he found his first experience of getting involved to help shape our work.

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