Little Star awards: what's involved

Find out how to nominate your child for a Little Star award, what they get in return and how your support helps.

How to nominate

There are two ways you can nominate children for a Little Star award:

Every child nominated for a Little Star will receive an award, as long as they:

  • Are under 18 on the date of nomination and live in the UK
  • Have been treated for cancer in the past five years at the date of nomination
  • Have not received the award before
  • haven't received the award before

All Little Stars will receive a Little Star trophy, a certificate signed by celebrities, a T-shirt and a £50 TK Maxx gift voucher. Their siblings will receive a certificate too.

How your support can help

After receiving the award, some families help us to raise awareness of childhood cancers and the award scheme. This can help highlight the importance of research and make our work relevant and compelling to the widest possible audience. Some families also play an important role in Cnacer Research UK's fundraising too.

There is absolutely no obligation to take part in publicity in order to receive the award.

If you are happy to be involved, you might appear in the media identified by your name, town and age, possibly being photographed or filmed too. You would also need to be willing to speak about your child's illness and treatment and we recommend that you speak to other family members about this to ensure that everyone is comfortable.

We would only pass on your contact details to individual journalists with your consent and we'll do our best to make sure that anything we write about you is factually correct and, where possible, approved by you.

However, we do not have control over what journalists may write and we also hope you appreciate that it can still be very difficult to predict if this activity will result in coverage.

It is unusual for newspapers or broadcast journalists to pay families for telling their story - however some magazines may offer payment. If you are offered money for sharing your story and choose to accept, this would be an agreement between you and the media title. Cancer Research UK cannot get involved with negotiations.

How we store your information

Any information you provide will be stored in confidence and in line with our privacy policy. If you are not the parent or guardian of the Little Star you are nominating, you must inform them of your intention and have their permission to proceed. The information that you provide will be used only to administer the Little Stars Award, unless you tell us that you are happy for your Little Star to help with publicity and consent to details of your experience and names/pictures to be used for this purpose.

Find out more

For more information please call the Little Stars team on 0113 203 2440 or email


Nominate a Little Star

Celebrate the courage of a child who's been diagnosed with cancer by nominating them for our Little Star awards, in partnership with TK Maxx.

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Help for families

Talk to other families with children who have been diagnosed with cancer on our Cancer Chat forum.

Support our work

To support our work into children's cancers, you can Text STAR to 70200 to give £3.

Texts charged at £3 plus a standard rate text. From this, Cancer Research UK will receive £2.93

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